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 Part of Balkan peninsula, extends into Mediterranean Sea.

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2  Part of Balkan peninsula, extends into Mediterranean Sea

3  Valleys and islands were settled and farmed  Created isolated city-states  Very independent- many wars

4  Sea was a vital link to outside world  Many safe harbors  Greeks were skilled sailors

5  Greek ships carried: olive oil, wine, marble  Returned with: grains, metal, ideas  Many colonies around Mediterranean

6  2 levels High city (on hilltop) acropolis Below, walled main city

7  Monarchy- ruled by king/ queen  Aristocracy- rules by landholding nobles  Oligarchy- small elite group usually business class

8  Military virtue and strong discipline

9  Government- brutal system of strict control 2 kings, council of elders, assembly of citizens 5 ephors- ran day-to-day affairs, real power

10  Healthy soldiers  Age 7- begin harsh training  Age 20- can marry, still live in barracks  Age 30- citizen, part of assembly

11  Produce healthy sons for army  Had to exercise and strength train  Could run family estate, inherit property

12  Looked down on other Greeks, trade, wealth, art, travel

13  Democracy- government by the people

14  Solon Wise and trusted leader more power to citizens, economic reforms  Cleisthenes Increase role of citizen council of 500, legislature (law making body) All male citizens over 30 could participate

15  No part of public life  Managed household, spun cloth, cared for children, prepared food  Poor women worked outside the home

16  Boys went to school, if they could afford it Read, write, music, poetry, public speaking, military training

17  Ionian city-states self governing under Persian empire  Athens help Ionia rebel against Persia  Persian emperor Darius I - punish Athens for helping Ionia  Athens victory

18  480 B.C. Xerxes (son of Darius) sent larger force to Greece  Greece united- Athens, Sparta, and other city-states  Themistocles- built lots of ships  Greece beat Persians on sea and then land

19  Alliance of Greek city-states  Athens most powerful  Athens used money from league to rebuild their city

20  Golden age for Athens  Ruler Pericles Good economy, more democratic government Direct democracy- citizens take part in affairs

21  Hired best architects and sculptors to rebuild Athens

22  Peloponnesian League set up to counter Delian League  Sparta (oligarchy)vs Athens (democracy)  Fight for 27 years  Athens overcrowded –plague kills 1/3 of population  Sparta and Persia capture Athens  Athens power fades, but remains cultural capital

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