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Yugoslavia and the Balkans The area Russia left behind.

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1 Yugoslavia and the Balkans The area Russia left behind

2 The Balkans 3 languages Serbo-Croat Slovenian Macedonia n 3 religions as well Serbian Orthodox Catholic Islam

3 Geography of the Balkans Very mountainous Today the Yugoslavia area of the Balkan region contains: Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia – Herzegovina, Serbia, Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro

4 Brief History of the Region Ruled a various times by the Ottomans, the Austro- Hungarians, and the Bulgarians Germany took it over in 1941 Resistance organized by Josip “Tito” Broz

5 The Communist Period Tito set up communist republic of Yugoslavia in 1945 Policy of Non- Alignment Never joined with Moscow or the United States

6 Death of Tito and the Aftermath Tito dies in 1980 Popular hero that united and suppressed various nationalities in the empire Federation begins to show signs of wear by the early 1990s

7 The Breakup Serbia is the chief state of Yugoslavia and the most powerful Slovenia secedes in 1992 Croatia and then Bosnia follow suit Serbia angry at loss of power in region and Europe…war breaks out

8 Chaos! Serbs (fight Croats and Bosnian – Muslims) Want to keep Bosnia and its Bosnian Serbs Ethnically cleansed Bosnian Muslims Croats (fights Serbs and Bosnian – Muslims) Want to expand into Bosnia and get Bosnian-Croats Bosnians (fight everyone) Bosnian Muslims want their own country

9 The UN Enters the Fray UN tries to pull everyone apart Dayton Accords (1995) Bosnia divided into two autonomous regions loosely tied together Bosnian-Serb Republic and Muslim-Croat Federation

10 Another War – Serbia and Kosovo Kosovo Region of Serbia Muslim population Supported by Albania 1998 – Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) lead open Rebellion against Serbia

11 International Opinion Pro-Serbian Fear new war Fear more BALKANIZATION- the process of fragmentation of a region into smaller regions that are often hostile or non- cooperative Pro-Kosovar Wanted ability for self- determination Reject oppression

12 Slobodan Milosovic encouraged to bring order to the land Accused of war crimes like Srebreniza and ethnic cleansing NATO sent in to restore peace and stop Milosovic

13 Today – Peace? Milosovic was apprehended and died during his trial at the Hague for War Crimes Tentative peace has returned to the country 17 February 2008 - Kosovo declares independence

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