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Former Yugoslavia: Genocide in the 1990’s 1945-1992.

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1 Former Yugoslavia: Genocide in the 1990’s 1945-1992

2 Eastern Europeans USSR fell E. Europeans had to build own stable gov’t Ethnic conflicts occurred in these countries

3 Yugoslavia = Diverse Broke into various republics Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, Macedonia, Slovenia, and Montenegro All spoke Serbo-Croatian


5 Major Religions

6 Claiming Independence 1991 1991- Slovenia, Croatia, Macedonia, and Bosnia- Herzegovina claimed independence Fighting broke out in Bosnia. Bosnian Serbs (minority) wanted to claim own region in Bosnia. UN/NATO AIR STRIKES

7 Civil War Slobodan MilosevicSlobodan Milosevic- President of Yugoslavia Ethnic cleansingEthnic cleansing- Serbs killed all people of different ethnicity Muslims used to control the Christians under Ottoman Empire (harsh rule)

8 Genocide Again … “Ethnic Cleansing” in Bosnia

9 U.N. & NATO STEP IN 1995- air strikes against Bosnian Serbs Fighting in Kosovo Ethnic Albanians (Muslim) lived in Kosovo (90%) Mass Graves Uncovered in Kosovo

10 Kosovo Milosevic ended the Muslim self-rule Ethnic cleansing against Albanians UN/NATO  air strikes again War Crimes

11 Since 2000 U.N. Peace Keepers : have prevented renewed genocide Have tried Milosevic (died before verdict in March 2006) for “crimes against humanity” Now going after Radovan Karadzic Arreseted 2008 – for crimes against humanity. UN trial is ongoing. Maladic

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