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New OHIM website Project Website team 24.04.2013.

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1 New OHIM website Project Website team 24.04.2013

2 2 Create a new website for OHIM that provides complete and simple solutions to engage OHIM stakeholders. New website shall provide a wide and integrated range of services addressing stakeholders needs. Key Initiative 12 Provision of full electronic experience to users covering 100% of OHIM processes including CTM/RCD related processes as well as support activities making electronic solutions the preferred route for users Key Initiative 20 Promote closer contact with stakeholders

3 A new OHIM online presence For users

4 Non IP professionals IP Professionals & Multiple profiles 2 areas to find solutions Public information area Private management area Unique and integrated solution For all users

5 A new set of online solutions for working with the OHIM Author, date

6 The users workplace at OHIM The user area The workplace for users with the OHIM multiple sections to manage all their files/transactions with the office all in the same place and connected. Manage files, receive and reply to communications, set alerts, create sub profiles, change account data…

7 The benefits of being registered Doing business online will require online registration or log in: improves security of transactions All set of solutions for online transactions (via user area) E-filings User area Advanced actions across the website

8 A unique tool to find New eSearch plus All current databases unified and search experience improved All resources searchable (CTM, RCD, Case Law, Owners,..) New search criteria No limitation to search Option to set up watch and monitoring alerts (registered users)

9 A new website accessible wherever you are!! Responsive design Fluid content available anywhere, any time and in any device


11 Alicante

12 City of Business 4th province of Spain /35.000 Million in 2011 /129.728 Companies With the 4th largest GDP /SMEs 96.1% /Exports 3.500 Million/year

13 City of OHIM OHIM – Agency of the EU /100 000 CTMs and 80 000 RCDs/year /The EU Observatory on Infringements of IP rights Employees from 27 EU Members States /1000 IP Professionals working … For you

14 Contributors Authors Approved by owner DRAFT / APPROVED Status Presentation Revision history DD/MM/YYYY0.1 DescriptionAuthorDate Version -- - - - - -- - - - - -- - - - DD/MM/YYYY0.1-- DD/MM/YYYY0.1-- -

15 Thank You (+ 34) 965 139 100 (switchboard) (+ 34) 965 139 400 (e-business technical incidents) (+ 34) 965 131 344 (main fax) twitter/oamitweets youtube/oamitubes CONTACT US :

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