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Cooperation Fund Progress report Plans Maintenance, ownership and change ALICANTE, 23/04/2013.

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1 Cooperation Fund Progress report Plans Maintenance, ownership and change ALICANTE, 23/04/2013

2 The CF is a major undertaking by any standards: - Total budget of 50 million. - 314 individuals working on the Fund. - Approximately 455 man years now planned across the lifetime of the Fund. - 324 national project implementations until 2015 at EU Offices. More expected. - 130 already completed. By end of 2013, expected 225 total. - The November go-live proves that the network…. works. We can do it. A MAJOR UNDERTAKING

3 Overview and brief description of CF Projects - 1 - 1.1.1 Search Image 1.1.2 TMview 1.1.3 TM Class 1.1.4 Seniority 1.2.5 Quality Standards 1.2.7 User Satisfaction Survey 1.2.8 Designview 1.2.9 Similarity 1.2.10 Cesto 2.13 XML Standards & Arch. 3.20 E-Learning - Approval of Project Brief in October 2010, - Kick-off in January 2011 Packet 1: PROJECTS OVERVIEW

4 Overview and brief description of CF Projects - 2 - - Approval of Project Brief in April 2011, - Kick-off in September 2011 Packet 2: 1.2.11 Common Gateway 1.2.6 Forecasting 2.14 Future Software Package 3.21 Call Centre Tool 4.22 Enforcement Database 4.23 Counterfeiting Tool PROJECTS OVERVIEW

5 Already live before November 2012 1.1.2 TMview 1.1.4 Seniority 1.1.3 TMclass Live since November 2012 1.1.1 Search Image 1.2.5 Quality Standards 1.2.8 Designview 1.2.9 Similarity 1.2.10 Cesto 3.20 E-Learning 1.2.11 Common Gateway 1.2.7 User Satisfaction Survey 2.14 FSP e-Filing TM Finland LAUNCH PLAN

6 * April or June 2013 LAUNCH PLAN Planned go live in 2013 1.2.6 Forecasting* 3.21 Call Centre Tool* 4.22 Enforcement Database* 4.23 Anti-Counterfeiting Tool* Planned go live in 2014 Planned go live in 2015 2.14 FSP E-Filing TM & DS 2.14 FSP Back Office 2.14 FSP e-Services 2.14 FSP Adoption

7 Action: Lesson learned: Core business work in Offices takes time. Planned go live in 2014 Planned go live in 2015 2.14 FSP E-Filing TM & DS LAUNCH PLAN 2.14 FSP Back Office TM 2.14 FSP e-Services 2.14 FSP Adoption 2.14 FSP Back Office Designs So: Work more intensively with pilots – multiple pilots Be clear from the outset on the workload Use workshops to be clear on needs Accelerate pilots to allow more time for others.

8 Action: Lesson learned: Implementation is not as expensive as we expected, but it can be complex. Planned go live in 2013 Content 128 Designview LAUNCH PLAN 111 Search Image 1210 CESTO 1211 Gateway So: Try to further improve the technology Extend the deployed project managers Do more work on Quality Intensify work with National Contact points on planning and reporting Better searches and technology, closer link to images Relative grounds; improvements in use of TMiew data Enhanced security for enforcement Deployed project managers Increase numbers; extend time 1212 Quality Best practice: link Convergence

9 = total intents (324) = total implementations (130) INTENTS TO IMPLEMENT VS. REAL IMPLEMENTATIONS

10 CF 1.1.1 Search Image BX, IT, PT, UK FICPI, MARQUES CF 1.2.10 CESTO BG, PL, PT, SK INTA CF 1.2.11 Common Gateway DK, ES, GR GGE, PL, RO, SE EFPIA CF 1.2.5 Quality Standards DK, ES, HU, PT ECTA, INTA CF 1.2.6 Forecasting DK, ES, HU, PL, PT, UK CF 1.2.7 Satisfaction Survey BG, DE, DK, ES, HU, GRUR, INTA CF 1.2.8 Designview CZ, DE, DK, ES, GR OBI, UK APRAM, ECTA CF 1.2.9 Similarity BG, DE, ES, GR GGE, HU, PL, PT, ECTA CF 2.14 FSP AT, FI, IE, MT, PL, LV, SK, UK CNIPA CF 3.20 E-Learning BG, ES, RO, SI, SK INTA, MARQUES CF 3.21 Call Centre CY, DE, DK, PL ECTA CF 4.22 Enforcement DB ES, HU, RO, UK, AIM, APRAM, BUSEUR, UNION CF 4.23 Counterfeiting Tool ES FR, IT, PT, UK ECTA, INTA PARTICIPATION 24 National Offices and 11 User Associations have participated in the CF Project Working Groups. OHIM subject matter experts are in all of them, not just as Project manager…. User Group National Associations: CNIPA, APRAM, IE, LV, MT, PL, SK, RO STILL WORKING COMPLETED

11 EE LV MT GR CY BG RO SI IE PL SK OVERVIEW CF DPMS (DEPLOYED PROJECT MANAGERS) So far, DPMs are present in 11 National Offices. Their cost until the end of 2012 amounted to roughly 1,2 million euros.

12 According to current estimates, a significant amount of man days have been foreseen for the whole lifespan of the Cooperation Fund. PROGRESS

13 CF Maintenance Model Outline

14 Background - principles CF MAINTENANCE SUPPORT MODEL The business responsibilities of National Offices should not be taken over by the OHIM. The OHIM will help create tools and jumpstart their adoption so that Offices can lead their own process of modernization and improvement. There will be a transition period to ensure that the tools can be put into operation and that National Offices have the capacity to use, operate and maintain them. Projects supported in two groups: Common tools Software package

15 Background – approach – Common tools CF MAINTENANCE SUPPORT MODEL Common tools: Search Image TMview Euroclass and TMC Quality Forecasting User Satisfaction Survey Designview Similarity Common Examiner Support Tool Gateway e-learning Contact Centre Database E-learning Enforcement Tools OHIM will take on the management and maintenance of the common tools built under the Cooperation Fund. The central index model worked well for TMview and will be used for Designview

16 Adaptation of FSP to Office needs A year of OHIM financial or expert support Creation of a problem-solving & knowledge sharing network Funding for one SNE (IT profile) for one year to the OHIM, maximising knowledge transfer and ensuring effective delivery. Plus one of: 1.A full-time consultant from OHIM´s providers for one year 2. 220 working days of a local contractor. OHIM will establish a contact network between the experts This includes information and communications via the Common Gateway and regular meetings OHIM will administer the platform and provide a secretariat Budget is 700.000 per NO that implements the whole package Supported by OHIM experts covering Architecture, Security, Operations. Overall management is assured by the PSO. New: Focused into one project (SP Adopt) separate from pilot developments. 123 Background – approach – Software Package CF MAINTENANCE SUPPORT MODEL

17 CF Maintenance Model Proposed outline

18 HAND-OVER - PROPOSAL FOR DATA AND SYSTEM OWNERS OF CF TOOLS - 2 - The Cooperation Fund is a programme built to deliver the projects: it is not a permanent structure Once a project becomes a product, the CF must ensure handover of maintenance and ownership to NOs and OHIM units, and step aside. Each project has experts from Operations, Operations Support or other relevant Services directly involved as working group members representing OHIMs views as an implementing office. This means that at the end of each project there needs to be a handover process to the new owner in the relevant business unit, and to the OHIM IT maintenance structure. A coordinating point remains in the Cooperation Programmes service. at the OHIM…

19 IT Support (OHIM or PO) OHIM contact point Acts as coordinating point for POs and OHIM business units, supporting the regular contact network Supports reporting to, and actions from, Liaison Meeting on Technical Cooperation Coordinates ranking and budgeting in Gateway, handles queries on outcome Shows availability of tools in Gateway Owns formal change management process to deliver changes into common IT tools Monitors and delivers through release calendar Maintains service levels Supports and advises on preparation of cards Proposes changes and fixes where necessary, especially in urgent or critical cases. 2 3 Who does what? CF MAINTENANCE SUPPORT MODEL Business area – OHIM or NO, or user association Proposes changes or fixes. If necessary with support from 1 or 2, completes card on explanation and urgency When advised, reviews changes submitted on the Gateway and ranks in terms of relative importance. Raises any substantive issues at LMTC or in bilateral communication with contact point. 1

20 ETMDN The Gateway

21 Change Management and ownership

22 CF CHANGE MANAGEMENT - HIGH LEVEL PROCESS Contact point Impact Assessment Liaison Meeting March, year N Liaison Meeting March, year N 2 3 4 Output: detailed assessment, plan with deliverables and costs POs and OHIM units POs and OHIM units Changes 1 Project execution, development and release Major change and improvement cycle Clarifies Ranks Outputs: - Formal approval - Team and workgroup established Outputs: - Formal approval - Team and workgroup established Liaison Meeting (year N+1?) Outputs: - Closure report - Acceptance Outputs: - Closure report - Acceptance 5 6

23 Thank You (+ 34) 965 139 100 (switchboard) (+ 34) 965 139 400 (e-business technical incidents) (+ 34) 965 131 344 (main fax) twitter/oamitweets youtube/oamitubes CONTACT US :

24 Contributors Authors Approved by owner DRAFT / APPROVED Status Presentation Revision history Initial version 21/01/20130.1 DescriptionAuthorDate Version LMTC slides_final.pptx CO Carlos Ortega Inclusion of section on change management 24/01/20130.2 CO Final amendments 18/02/20130.3 CO

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