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2 The Academy Strategic Plan Line of Action 4 Knowledge Management and Learning Key role in enhancing staff Knowledge and professionalism Ensure that intellectual power is harnessed Share knowledge between OHIM and its stakeholders Virtuous Circle= 1) to be a knowledge-based agency 2) To poject our knowledge to stakeholders Link between the 2 pillars of the Strategic Plan (1) Organizational excellence 2) International Cooperation) Now, will also support the activities of the Observatory on Infringements of IP

3 Academy Projects OHIM Academy Learning Portal (OALP)
Tutorials and eLearning content Digitalization of Content project Knowledge Repository Case Law Database Judges Forum This is to ensure that content is stored only in one place, even if it is accessed from elsewhere and will guarantee that an OHIM website user can find and access, for example, a specific Decision that a colleague has recently uploaded. Once this work is complete, we will concentrate our efforts, eliciting the assistance of various IT colleagues to increasing external access.

4 IP Seminars 2 Mini IP Seminars (2 days) from Alicante through webinars
2 IP Seminars (1 week for CTMs and 3 days for RCDs) in Alicante Regional IP Seminars (2 days) in French, English, Spanish, Italian and German IP Summer School (1 week) in Alicante

5 Academy training offers
Short IP tranings (2 hours) are offered through webinars broadcasted live from Alicante. Short IP tranings will be recorded on our platform as much as possible. OHIM-INTA Day will also be proposed as a webinar. Other trainings in Alicante: Train the Trainer, Mediation,…

6 OHIM Universities Network
Set up in 2008 in order to promote knowledge of Community trade marks and designs at European universities. Some 20 European universities are taking part in this programme Two students from each participating university are invited to write their Masters theses on topics on the CTM or CD system, proposed by OHIM.

7 Judges Seminars and Symposium
Every year, the Academy organises judges seminars Every two year, a judges symposium is also organised. The objectives behind the judges’ network are the promotion of the exchange of knowledge and information among the judges of the different member states and the facilitating of cooperation between different CTM and RCD courts. To achieve this goal, OHIM organises regular tailor made seminars focusing on comparative law approaches, allowing judges to meet in an informal, private, confidential and secure context. On this occasion, the event brought together around fifty participants from across the European Union, not only CTM & RCD Court judges, but also other judges from the national courts and the European courts in Luxembourg. Though it may never be possible to fully eliminate differences between the courts form across the European Union, the judges network and, in particular, the seminars and symposium organised by OHIM, offer a vital platform for harmonisation of practices and a better global understanding of the CTM and CD systems for judges.

8 Events for National Offices
FEBRUARY JULY 8 19-21 21 Webinar on IP rights Train the Trainer – essentials Webinar on Trade marks OHIM 1-5 2-4 IP Summer School MARCH SEPTEMBER 4-5 11-12 14-15 18 Train the Trainer on Cooperation Tools Webinar on CTMs (I) IP Webinar on Selected Groups of Opposition (Art. 8(1) (b) and 8 (5)) and Proof of Use Judges Seminar on Indemnification Webinar on CTMs (II) 9-11 10-11 19 18-20 23-24 23-25 Joint Seminar OHIM/EPO/DPMA: Manage your IP Office communication at public fairs. Regional Seminar in English OHIM INTA Day Mediation training Accreditation in Mediation Train the Trainer - essentials Munich TBC APRIL OCTOBER 15 25 30 Webinar on Designs Train the Trainer – advanced Train the Trainer- How to coach Webinar on Enforcement of IP rights 30th Sept- 4 7-8 22-23 24 OHIM IP Seminar on Trademarks Judges Symposium MAY NOVEMBER 16-17 Judges Criminal Seminar 13 – 15 28-29 Regional Seminar in German OHIM IP Seminar on Designs 2nd Judges Seminar on Internet issues JUNE DECEMBER 10 -11 13-14 Judges Seminar on Internet issues IP Webinar on Latest Developments on Absolute Grounds (Including PGIs) Industrial property Languages All facets of management IT Finance Soft Skills (Train the Trainer, Mediation) The continuous developement of the staff is both an end in itselft and a means to help the Office to acheive its strategic vision. Ect.= induction and orientation toolkit, interview skills, team building, customer orientation, meeting management, team working, time management, negociation, presentation skills, effective writting, train the trainer, mediation…

9 contact us: Thank You
(+ 34) (switchboard) (+ 34) (e-business technical incidents) (+ 34) (main fax) twitter/oamitweets youtube/oamitubes contact us: Thank You

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