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ELIBRARY CURRICULUM EDITION The ultimate K-12 curriculum and reference solution.

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2 ELIBRARY CURRICULUM EDITION The ultimate K-12 curriculum and reference solution

3 Why Schools Choose eLibrary CE Features the easy-to-use natural language and topic search of eLibrary Diverse media types from expanded sources Multiple search options Common Core!Easily find resources linked to state, national, provincial & international standards (including Common Core!) Complete full text for all titles Powerful, friendly interface built for K-12 environment

4 One of the largest collections of periodical and digital media content designed for K-12 schools Integrated standards, reading level/Lexile, and topic-searching capabilities Enables teachers to provide individualized instruction Why Schools Choose eLibrary CE

5 Why Educators Choose eLibrary CE English Language Arts and Social Studies support History Study Center ProQuest Learning: Literature Comprehensive current events coverage Powerful curriculum & standards-based support Special collections help students make the grade

6 Why Educators Choose eLibrary CE Built-in standards searching capabilities

7 High-quality, classroom-ready maps, pictures, video, more Why Schools Choose eLibrary CE

8 eLibrary Curriculum Edition Special CE Collections

9 eLibrary CE: Search Features Natural Boolean Topic Advanced Search –Searching Topic –Date –Title –Publication –Newspapers –Author –Reading Levels/Lexiles –State/National/Provincial Standards

10 eLibrary CE: Topic Search Search, browse, or query via keyword 22 main topics including Biographies, business, literature, science, social studies, science, technology, and more Thousands of sub-topics Includes 100,000+ editor-selected websites Reviewed for relevancy and appropriateness

11 eLibrary CE: More Search Features Reference Publication Highlight & Look-up Literature & History Search by Topic More

12 eLibrary Curriculum Edition View results within general (eLibrary), literature, or history Research Topic content Reference desk picks & related subjects Sort results by: Relevancy, date, size, reading level/lexile, title, publication, media type Marking: My List General Search Results: Features

13 eLibrary Curriculum Edition General (Default) eLibrary Literature ProQuest Learning: Literature History History Study Center View Other Result Types

14 Search: Related Queries & Research Topics

15 Results: Research Topics EditorCreated!EditorCreated!

16 Study Unit @ History Study Center

17 Literature Results @ PQLL

18 Author Page @ PQLL

19 Source Types Newspapers Magazines Books Maps Websites Pictures Audio/Video Radio/TV Transcripts Research Topics Literature & History 100+ Million Documents Documents

20 Search Methods Keyword Boolean Natural Language Publication Title Author …more

21 Results: Sorting, Lexiles, My List 100% Full Text 100%

22 Send Resources: Email Articles

23 Article Translation Tool

24 Browse Publications

25 Topics Tab

26 Topic Search Results

27 1/27/201427 Usage Statistics Schedule for email delivery or generate on the fly Available in multiple versions or Multiple formats, including HTML and CSV View individual school statistics on a district or regional account COUNTER compliant options

28 1/27/201428 Local Admin Options Establish multiple user profiles Block or enable access to specific publications or documents Customize user experience Update passwords

29 Notifications about… –Product updates –Features –Online trainings –Quizzes can be found on the Share This blog: 1/27/201429 Keep Current on eLibrary

30 1/27/201430 For further information on eLibrary Call your ProQuest representative at 1.800.521.0600

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