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ACADEMY INITIATIVES 2013 Juan SUAREZ 23-24/04/2103.

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1 ACADEMY INITIATIVES 2013 Juan SUAREZ 23-24/04/2103

2 The Academy Strategic Plan Line of Action 4 Knowledge Management and Learning –Key role in enhancing the professionalism and depth of expertise –Ensure that intellectual power is harnessed –Share knowledge with OHIM's stakeholders

3 IT Projects in the Academy area OHIM Academy Learning Portal (OALP) Tutorials and eLearning content Digitalization of Content project Knowledge Repository Case Law Database Judges Forum


5 IP Seminars in 2013 for national offices 2 Mini IP Seminars (2 days) from Alicante through webinars 2 IP Seminars (1 week for CTMs and 3 days for RCDs) in Alicante Regional IP Seminars (2 days) in French, English, Spanish, Italian and German IP Summer School (1 week) in Alicante

6 Trainings offered to national offices Short IP tranings (2 hours) are offered through webinars broadcasted in direct from Alicante or elsewhere. Short IP tranings will be filmed and posted on our platform as much as possible. OHIM-INTA Day will also be proposed as a webinar. Other trainings in Alicante: Train the Trainer, Mediation

7 OHIM Universities Network Set up in 2008 in order to promote a better knowledge of Community trade marks and designs at European universities. Some 20 European universities are taking part in this programme Two students from each participating university are invited to write their Masters theses on topics on the CTM or CD system, proposed by OHIM. These students come to present their (interim) results during research meetings, held at OHIM, where they have interchanges with senior OHIM staff acting as research advisers.

8 Judges Seminars and Symposium Every year, the Academy organises judges seminars Every two year, a judges symposium is also organised. as part of the OHIM sponsored European Judges Network initiative. The fundamental objectives behind the judges network are the promotion of the exchange of knowledge and information among the judges of the different member states and the facilitating of cooperation between different CTM and RCD courts, as well as the enhancing of personal and professional relationships between the judges themselves.

9 Events for National Offices FEBRUARY JULY Webinar on IP rights Train the Trainer – essentials Webinar on Trade marks OHIM IP Summer School Train the Trainer – essentials OHIM MARCHSEPTEMBER Train the Trainer on Cooperation Tools Webinar on CTMs (I) IP Webinar on Selected Groups of Opposition (Art. 8(1) (b) and 8 (5)) and Proof of Use Judges Seminar on Indemnification Webinar on CTMs (II) OHIM OHIM Regional Seminar in English OHIM INTA Day Mediation training Accreditation in Mediation Train the Trainer - essentials TBC OHIM APRILOCTOBER Webinar on Designs Train the Trainer – advanced Train the Trainer- How to coach Webinar on Enforcement of IP rights OHIM 30 th Sept OHIM IP Seminar on Trademarks Train the Trainer on Cooperation Tools Judges Symposium Train the Trainer – advanced Train the Trainer- How to coach OHIM MAYNOVEMBER Judges Criminal Seminar Regional Seminar in French OHIM TBC – Regional Seminar in German OHIM IP Seminar on Designs 2 nd Judges Seminar on Internet issues TBC OHIM JUNEDECEMBER Train the Trainer on Cooperation Tools Judges Seminar on Internet issues OHIM 4-5IP Webinar on Latest Developments on Absolute Grounds (Including PGIs) OHIM

10 Thank You (+ 34) (switchboard) (+ 34) (e-business technical incidents) (+ 34) (main fax) twitter/oamitweets youtube/oamitubes CONTACT US :

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