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The ePractice. Yesterday 1900s Word Processing about 30 words per minute.

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1 The ePractice

2 Yesterday 1900s Word Processing about 30 words per minute

3 Yesterday 1900s Copier about 4 pages per minute

4 Yesterday 1960s Selectric T/W correcting

5 Yesterday 1982 IBM PC XT 5.25 diskettes 128K RAM 10Mb Hard Drive $5,545.00

6 The Paperless Office

7 Today Networking Everyone connected inside their office…outside their office Servers, hubs, nic cards, switches, printers, backup devices


9 DataMonitor estimates that a legal worker can lose 150 – 300 hours per year looking for lost, misfiled or misplaced documents… State of the Industry

10 What is your time worth? Billing $100.00 per hour What if you cant account for 15 minutes each day –$25.00 x 5 days per week = $125.00 –$125.00 x 52 weeks per year = $6,500.00 –$6,500 per year over 20yr career = $130,000.00 What if you dont account for 30 minutes?...what if 20 people in your firm are experiencing this?

11 What we want... Create standard Ability to share and collaborate… Information Management from wherever we are….agility Reduce costs for file handling… Monitor and participate with clients Point and click access to all information Secure, ease of use, and scalable Create a sustainable digital environment...


13 Law Offices are moving to a collaborative, digital environment that is Matter-centric –under the matter heading all information is contained regarding related parties, documents, memos, status, calendar events and action items... State of the Industry

14 Six Basic Functions –Rolodex –Case/Matter Database –Calendaring –Case Journal –Document Generation/History –Paperless Delivery Practice Management

15 Rolodex –All pertinent information of key contacts…lawyers, judges, experts, etc. –Shared by entire team –Controlled position for updates Practice Management

16 Case/Matter Database –Open the case –Enter all info into one place –Assign team members Practice Management

17 Calendar –Outlook/Notes used in 70% of firms for calendar But only single date calendars…one by one –Calendar plans allow for full critical date processing with reminders, deadlines, etc. –Rules-based calendaring –Change of a date rebuilds whole calendar plan –Integrates with Outlook, etc. Practice Management

18 Case Journal –Memos to file –All notes regarding phone conversations, settlement offers, risk assessment, etc. –Center for case communications –Chronological order of case details Practice Management

19 Document Management –Automatically generate standard documents from case data…merged to Word, Excel, etc. –A complete searchable history of all documents is automatically created –External documents scanned to PDF –Sorted by date, document type, author, etc. Practice Management

20 Paperless Delivery –All information contained in an electronic file folder –Secure access from anywhere –Immediately available Practice Management

21 What is available... Case Management Systems Document Management Systems Litigation Support Systems Invoice Management Systems Discussion threads Collaboration Hosted Sites

22 Why do it…. Collaborative environment…with everyone on the team using the same tools, the same document filing conventions, the same master and sub calendars, the same master rolodexs, forms, task tracking, etc….the return here is that turnover is not catastrophic…everyone can find information in seconds…opens up mobility…the same tools used by everyone on a team…creates a positive, forward, unified firm direction

23 Why do it…. Information is able to be managed…if greater than 40% of the data being created never makes it to paper…we need a way to file, manage and maintain an electronic file folder that will include our …e mail…our e filings…our e research…and all the other traditional paper file folder contents…

24 Practice Management Software Demo

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