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Project Management with VIVA PPM Tool (Project Portfolio Management)

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1 Project Management with VIVA PPM Tool (Project Portfolio Management)

2 Contents Key challenges in today’s organizations
Pre-requisites for PPM PPM Project Management Features PPM Portfolio Management Features Benefits of PPM PPM Contact

3 Key challenges in today's organizations
Providing executive staff with project health & resource requirements Understanding the impact of new projects on the existing project queue Providing improved resource allocation management Collaboration and communication across and within project teams Addressing the organizational change that is required to meet the vision of moving to the next level of project management Integration of existing project details into a new tool Task management and monitoring progress & closures

4 Pre-requisites for PPM
Decide on a SDLC methodology Default SDLC methodology in PPM is IBM Rational Unified Process (RUP) based iterative Software Development Methodology since RUP can be applied to all types of projects universally. PPM is flexible enough to adapt to other methodologies such as Agile, Test Driven Development etc. Simplify data loading Import project plans from CSV file format after creating phases and iterations in PPM. VIVA team can help with manual data entry of project data. Plan and implement a viable resource utilization strategy PPM provides resource leveling options for multiple projects. However, all tasks of each project resource should be loaded in PPM, and resources should perform tasks only in PPM. Update task/deliverable progress for reliable reporting The heart of PPM reporting is task level update. PPM gives real-time reporting for status for each project at resource level and task level with built-in timesheet management. Resources have specified roles and need to perform task-level updates constantly for each project. 4

5 Project Management – Key Project Data
Resource mapping Project type selection Durations – Project/ Phases/ Iterations S/W engineering disciplines Project management functions Deliverables Task management Reporting

6 Project Management – Task management
Low level integration (with all project functions) Captures data for EVMS and other reporting requirements Built-in Security and date/ predecessor controls Integrates resources, duration and deliverables Allows real- time updates of task progress

7 Project Management – Status Reporting
Global project statistics Calendar Weekly view Monthly view Time reports Task reports By description By user By date Task overview report Non-assigned tasks Custom task reports User workload report Gantt charts Daily view Quality report Risk report Cost report Change report Traceability report

8 Portfolio Management – Dashboard
View high level status summary of full project portfolio Identify the overall status of portfolios Get real-time visibility of project performance for each project on one screen using various colour coded status Assess and communicate project status, select and prioritize initiatives, resources and assets across the project portfolio

9 Portfolio Management - Reports
Identify portfolio issues and risks Analyze business and resource capability View key project data such as overdue milestones or problem risks Set tolerance levels to reduce the amount of information shown View key resource supply and demand data for quick problem resource understanding in a project 9

10 Profile Management - Timesheet Entry
Updates time entry as the task assigned to a member is completed. Based on submission the time entries can be reviewed and approved by the Project Manager. 10

11 Document Management – Repositories
Uploads documents into repository and accomplishes hierarchical sign off Sets baseline version for the uploaded documents 11

12 Benefits of PPM Multiple project management
Bugs, issues, risk & approval management Project folder Full audit trail of changes User workload analysis Task assignment, mapping, alerts and reminders Project reports Timesheet & expense management Search Document management (Version control) Resource cost rates and billing history Financial summaries with key earned value indices and variances

13 Contact VIVA USA INC Algonquin Road, Suite 425, Rolling Meadows, IL (847) ext. 223        Mobile: (847)       Fax: (847) Thank you. 

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