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2 2 EuropeAid/134655/L/ACT/BY Non-State Actors and Local Authorities in Development (NSA&LA) 2013 DISCLAIMER This presentation is intended as useful information for applicants. The information included in this presentation can not and do not replace or overrule the information contained in the respective Guidelines for grant applicants that are published for the Call for proposals. They also do not substitute the provisions in the Practical Guide to Contract Procedures for EU External Actions. In case of discrepancy, the Guidelines for grant applicants are the only legally binding documents.

3 3 EuropeAid/134655/L/ACT/BY Lot 1 "Non-State Actors in Development" Lot 2 "Capacity building of NSAs" Lot 3 "Local Authorities in Development "

4 4 ACTORS Applicant (CfP) – Coordinator (contract)– main Beneficiary Co-Applicant(s) – Co-Beneficiary(ies) (if any) Affiliated Entity (ies) (if any)


6 6 PADOR Potential Applicant Data On-line Registration Organisations register themselves, upload their supporting documents and update regularly their data; This data concerns the organisation itself, it is not linked to a particular proposal; The data is used for checking the eligibility of the organisations, for evaluating the operational and financial capacity criteria.

7 7 PADOR Restricted Call for proposals –Full Application stage: obligatory registration for all Applicant, Co- Applicant(s), Affiliated Entity(ies).

8 8 FULL APPLICATION SUBMISSION IMPORTANT! The elements assessed on the basis of the concept note cannot be modified by the applicant in the full application form. Elements include: target groups, final beneficiaries, target regions, locations, specific objectives, key stakeholder groups. In exceptional cases, when it is indispensable to modify an element (such as adding or replacing Co-Applicant(s), associates or activities), this modification should be clearly stated in the Full Application form and due justification should be provided. Such justification will be taken into consideration during the evaluation of the Full Application. The EU contribution may not vary from the initial estimate by more than 20%, while the Applicant is free to adapt co-financing required within the minimum and maximum amount of co-financing, as laid down in these Guidelines under section 1.3.

9 9 QUESTIONS/ANSWERS When and where to send questions: 21 October 2013 at the latest E-mail: BELARUS-C& Fax: + 375 17 289 12 81 When and how to receive replies from EU: 31 October 2013 at the latest on the EuropeAid website !Indicate clearly the reference of the Call for Proposals! EuropeAid/134655/L/ACT/BY

10 10 FULL APPLICATION SUBMISSION 1.Full Application Form (Part B Annex A) The Checklist and the Declaration by the Applicant must be stapled separately 2. Budget (Annex B) 3. Logical Framework (Annex C) Keep strictly to the format! To be sent in 1 original and 2 copies! NO CD. Incomplete Full Applications may be rejected! No supplementary annexes!

11 11 FULL APPLICATION SUBMISSION Where? For the attention of the Head of Finance, Contracts and Audit Section Delegation of the European Union to Belarus 34A/2 Engels Street, 7th floor Minsk 220030, Belarus How? In a sealed envelope By registered mail By private courier service By hand-delivery × Do not send by fax × Do not send by e-mail × Do not send to the other addresses Please indicate reference number and the title of the call for proposals

12 12 FULL APPLICATION EVALUATION ADMINISTRATIVE CHECK: - The deadline has been respected; - The Full Application form satisfies the criteria specified in the Checklist (points 1-9). If any information is missing or incorrect, the Application may be rejected on that sole basis


14 14 FULL APPLICATION EVALUATION The selection criteria help to evaluate the Applicants' financial and operational capacity to ensure that they: - have stable and sufficient sources of finance; - have the management capacity, professional competencies and qualifications required to successfully. This also applies to any Affiliated Entity(ies) of the Applicants.


16 16 FULL APPLICATION EVALUATION The award criteria help to: - evaluate the quality of the applications in relation to the objectives and priorities; - award grants to projects which maximise the overall effectiveness of the Call for Proposals; - select applications which the Contracting Authority can be confident will comply with its objectives and priorities; - identify the relevance of the action, its consistency with the objectives of the Call for Proposals, quality, expected impact, sustainability and cost-effectiveness.


18 18 BUDGET FOR THE ACTION Important! Strictly follow the template; Prepare in EUR, not in BYR; Fill in the budget for 'All Years' and also for 'Year 1'; Budget must cover all activities planned - in line with the proposed Action; Budget must be realistic and cost-effective; Only eligible costs are included in the Budget; Provide a narrative clarification of each budget item - necessity of the costs and how they relate to the action (e.g. through references to the activities in the Description of the Action); Provide a justification of the calculation of the estimated costs. Note that the estimation should be based on real costs.

19 19 ELIGIBILITY OF COSTS Eligible costs are actual costs incurred during the implementation of the Action; ONLY eligible costs are covered by a grant; The budget is both a cost estimate and a ceiling for eligible costs; They must be reasonable, justified and comply with the requirements of sound financial management, in particular regarding economy and efficiency.

20 20 ELIGIBLE DIRECT COSTS Costs of staff assigned to the Action, corresponding to actual gross salaries; Travel and subsistence costs for staff and other persons taking part in the Action; Purchase of equipment and supplies specifically for the purposes of the Action; Costs of consumables; Costs of contracts awarded by the Beneficiary(ies); Costs deriving from the Grant Contract (ex. dissemination of information, evaluation specific to the Action, audits, translation, reproduction); Duties, taxes and charges paid and non recoverable (Annex J).

21 21 SIMPLIFIED COST OPTIONS Total amount of simplified costs for any of the applicants cannot exceed EUR 60 000 unit costs: covering all or certain specific categories of eligible costs which are clearly identified in advance by reference to an amount per unit (ex. working month, small local transport); lump sums: covering in global terms all or certain specific categories of eligible costs which are clearly identified in advance (ex. events, videos); flat-rate financing: covering specific categories of eligible costs which are clearly identified in advance by applying a percentage fixed ex ante (ex. local office costs).

22 22 BUDGET: 1 Human resources Only staff recruited by the Beneficiary(ies) with an employment contract (i.e. salaries included in the organisation's payroll) can be included in Item 1. Beneficiary(ies)'s recruitment procedures apply; Salaries and costs must not exceed those normally borne by the Beneficiary(ies), as the case may be, unless it is justified by showing that it is essential to carry out the action; If staff are not working full time on the Action, the percentage should be indicated alongside the description of the item and reflected in the number of units (not the unit value); Experts/Consultants recruited with a service contract (and related invoices) is to be considered as "contractors". Procurement rules set out in the draft contract then apply. They should be included in budget Item 5 (Other costs); Per diem are considered as eligible costs provided they do not exceed those normally borne by the Beneficiary(ies) nor the rates published by the European Commission at the time of such mission.

23 23 BUDGET: 2 Travel Travel costs for staff and other persons taking part in the Action; Indicate the place of departure and the destination. If information is not available, enter a global amount; Clarify modalities for local transport.

24 24 BUDGET: 3 Equipment and supplies Only if deemed necessary for the Action; Where the Beneficiary(ies) do not have its headquarters in Belarus, all equipment, vehicles and supplies must be transferred to any local Beneficiary(ies) and/or to any local affiliated entity(ies) and/or to the final beneficiaries of the Action, at the latest when submitting the final report. Copies of the proofs of transfers of equipments and vehicles, the purchase cost of which was more than EUR 5,000 per item, must be attached to the final report. Such proofs must be kept for control in all other cases. Please note that the rule of origin is fully applicable for all services / supplies to be procured in accordance with Annex IV to the contract, irrespective of the amount of the related costs.

25 25 BUDGET: 4 Local office No need to set-up a specific office for a project, unless duly justified; Costs for using Beneficiary(s) office(s) for project purposes are normally considered to be included in the Indirect costs (Item 10); However, in cases where administrative and running costs can be accurately identified and accounted for in the budget as direct eligible costs and backed up with documents that prove that those costs are related to the proposed action only, the Applicant may choose to budget such costs as eligible direct costs instead of asking for the overheads percentage.

26 26 BUDGET: 5 Other costs, services Procurement of services must follow the rules set in Annex IV to the contract (contract award procedures) Publications (Only indicate here when fully subcontracted); Studies, research (Only indicate here when fully subcontracted); Expenditure verification/Audit; Evaluation costs; Translation, interpreters; Financial services (ex. bank transfer costs) NB: no bank guarantee will be required thus no bank guarantee charges shall be included in the budget; Costs of conferences/seminars (Only indicate here when fully subcontracted); Visibility actions (Communication and visibility activities should be properly planned and budgeted at each stage of the project implementation).

27 27 BUDGET: 6 Other Please give details on these "other" costs If the amounts indicated in Item 6 are related to other Items in the budget, then move these "other" costs to these other Items

28 28 BUDGET: 8 Contingency Reserve A reserve for contingencies and/or Possible fluctuations in exchange rates; Max. 5% of eligible direct costs; Necessary adjustments due to unforeseeable changes on the ground; Duly justified request; Prior written authorisation needed.

29 29 BUDGET: 10 Eligible Indirect Costs May not be identified as specific costs directly linked to the Action and therefore May not be booked directly to the Action, however They are Incurred by the Beneficiary(ies) in connection with the eligible direct costs; Indirect costs are eligible provided that they do not include costs assigned to another heading of the Budget; Max. 7% of total eligible direct costs; The applicant may be asked to justify the requested percentage before contracting.

30 30 IN KIND CONTRIBUTIONS Provision of goods or services to the Beneficiary(ies) or AE free of charge; May not be treated as co-financing; Do not represent actual expenditure; Not eligible costs; If the Description of the Action as proposed includes contributions in kind, the contributions have to be made.

31 31 NON-ELIGIBLE COSTS Debts and debt service charges (interest); Provisions for losses or potential future liabilities; Costs declared by the Beneficiary(ies) and financed by another action or work programme receiving a Union (including through EDF) grant; Purchases of land or buildings, except where necessary for the direct implementation of the action, in which case ownership must be transferred to the final beneficiaries and/or local Beneficiary(ies), at the latest at the end of the action; Currency exchange losses; Credit to third parties.

32 32 TAXES Duties, taxes and charges paid and non recoverable (Annex J) are eligible; Where the beneficiary can show it cannot reclaim, taxes should be included in each relevant heading of the budget. Taxes that can be reclaimed are not considered as eligible costs.

33 33 FULL APPLICATION EVALUATION RESULTS SELECTION CRITERIA - Financial and Operational Capacity. If there is one No, the Application will be eliminated. AWARD CRITERIA - RANKING, table listing the Applications ranked by score and within the available budget will be established, as well as a reserve list. INFORMATION – The rejected and the provisionally selected Applicants will subsequently be informed of the results.

34 34 ELIGIBILITY VERIFICATION Performed only for the provisionally selected Applications; Any rejected Application will be replaced by the next best placed Application in the reserve list that falls within the available financial envelope; Supporting documents provided through PADOR or originals or copies (English language); Legal entity file (LEF) and Financial identification form (FIF) always in original!!!

35 35 CONTRACTING AUTHORITYS DECISION The Applicants will be informed in writing of the Contracting Authoritys decision concerning their Application and, if rejected, the reasons for the negative decision.

36 36 THANK YOU!


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