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1 Reference of the Call: EuropeAid/133760/L/SV/GH Supporting participation of national civil society organisations and national private sector federations/entities.

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1 1 Reference of the Call: EuropeAid/133760/L/SV/GH Supporting participation of national civil society organisations and national private sector federations/entities in FLEGT VPA -related activities - Ghana component INFORMATION SESSION On administrative and financial regulations Monday 14 January 2013 EU Delegation to GHANA

2 2 CONTENTS 1. 1. Context of the Call 2. 2. Selection process 3. 3. Questions ?

3 3 I. CONTEXT Ghana: first country to sign a VPA in November 2009 Ghana: first country to sign a VPA in November 2009 Civil society: active role in the VPA process and on issues relating to forest governance (i.e. Forest Watch Ghana) Need to ensure the legality of Ghanaian timber exports with the new EU Timber Regulation (March 2013) Current formulation of the national wood tracking system => Need to support Government, private sector and civil society to fulfil their respective roles in relation to the Legality Assurance System Commitment of GoG to work with civil society on areas to be improved for greater transparency i.e outreach and communication

4 4 OBJECTIVES Gen: Support to key stakeholder groups to undertake awareness raising and capacity building S.O: Effective implementation of the Legality Assurance System (LAS) and private sector preparedness for the EUTR; Recognition and strengthening of community rights; Reduction of illegal timber supplying the domestic market FLEGT actions under this call for proposals should complement ongoing efforts. Indicators: Number of companies that have Social Responsibilities Agreements (SRA) Number of companies trained on their requirements for full compliance with Ghanas legality definition as set out in Annex II of the Ghana VPA. Percentage of lumber on the domestic market from verified legal sources.

5 5 SIZE OF THE GRANTS TOTAL: EUR 1,200,000 Grants: Min amount: EUR 200,000 Max amount: EUR 400,000 Condition: Any grant requested under this Call for Proposals must not exceed 90% of the total estimated eligible costs of the action

6 6 ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA GRANT BENEFICIARY be legal persons and all types of non-profit making non-state actors who are nationals of Ghana Eligible candidates: non-governmental organisations, traditional authorities, private sector trade associations/Federations PARTNERS Same criteria than grant beneficiary. In addition to the categories referred to in section 2.1.1, the following are however also eligible: – –Be international organisations which have representation in Ghana. – –Be established as legal entities within a Member State of the EU or an ACP country – –Partners have regular activities in the field of forest governance, timber trade or VPA support to in Ghana or in other VPA countries. Associates, Contractors, Sub-grantees are not partners and do not sign the partnership statement:

7 7 TYPE OF ACTIVITIES Duration: not be lower than 12 months nor exceed 36 months Activities: – –(i) Capacity building and outreach – – (ii) Monitoring and information availability – – (iii) Safeguards The above list is only indicative. Only actions whose immediate objective is non-commercial are eligible

8 8 II. SELECTION PROCESS Prior registration in PADOR is obligatory. Phase 1, concept note: Registration in PADOR is obligatory for all applicants. Phase 2, full proposal: Registration in PADOR is obligatory for all pre-selected applicants and all their partners All questions related to PADOR registration should be addressed to the PADOR help desk: Selection: two step process: Submission of Concept Note: Friday 15 February 2013 at 2:00 pm Deadline for the submission of full proposal will be indicated in the letter sent to the applicants whose application has been preselected

9 9 4. SUSTAINABLE GROWTH: Sustainable agriculture and renewable energy **: Dates subject to further written confirmation

10 10 Concept Notes Clarifications by EM : and DELEGATION-GHANA- FCS@eeas.europa.euherve.delsol@eeas.europa.euDELEGATION-GHANA- EU has no obligation to provide further clarifications after 4 February 2013. In the interest of equal treatment of applicants, the EU cannot give a prior opinion on the eligibility of an applicant, a partner, an action or specific activities. It is highly recommended to regularly consult the below listed websites in order to be informed of the questions and answers published. At the EuropeAid web site: services/index.cfm?do=publi.welcome services/index.cfm?do=publi.welcome Or At the EU Delegation web site:

11 11 FULL PROPOSAL (only for entities invited to tender) The elements of the concept note cannot be modified in the full application form. Applications must be submitted in one original and two copies in A4 size, each bound Applicants must verify that their application is complete using the checklist (Section 6 of Part B of the grant application form).

12 12 SELECTION STEP 1: evaluation of concept notes Opening and administrative checks Evaluation of the Concept Note: scoring and ranking ( see table page 17 of the guidelines) – –minimum of 30 points for pre-selection. – –The list of Concept Notes will be reduced to 2,400,000 EUR. STEP 2: evaluation of full proposal Evaluation of the full proposal: scoring and ranking (see table pages 18-19 of the guidelines) Criteria: Stable and sufficient sources of finance; Management capacities Set objectives and priorities which maximise the overall effectiveness of the Call for Proposals.

13 13 LIST OF ANNEXES Documents to be completed – –Annex A: Grant Application Form (Word format) – –Annex B: Budget (Excel format) – –Annex C: Logical Framework (Excel format) – –Annex D: Legal Entity Sheet – –Annex E: Financial identification form – –ANNEX F: PADOR OFF-LINE FORM Documents for information – –Annex G: Standard Grant Contract – –Annex II: General conditions applicable to European Union-financed grant contracts for external actions – –Annex IV: contract award procedures – –Annex V: standard request for payment – –Annex VI: model narrative and financial report – –Annex VII: model report of factual findings and terms of reference for an expenditure verification of an EU financed grant contract for external actions – –Annex VII: model financial guarantee – –Annex IX: standard template for transfer of ownership of assets – –Annex H: Daily allowance rates (Per diem), available at the following address: – –ANNEX J: Information on the tax regime applicable to grant contracts signed under the call. – –Project Cycle Management Guidelines – –List of FLEGT projects implemented in Ghana

14 14 QUESTIONS ????????????

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