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EuropeAid/126417 - SMILING Call for Proposals. The SMILING Programme Capacity building by PRIP Trust (€ 2.4 million) 3 Calls for Proposals Cluster-wise.

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1 EuropeAid/126417 - SMILING Call for Proposals

2 The SMILING Programme Capacity building by PRIP Trust (€ 2.4 million) 3 Calls for Proposals Cluster-wise (€ 2 million + € 2 million + € 3 million) Duration 5 years – January 2007 to December 2011 Implemented in 3 Clusters along Jamuna, Ganges rivers’ basins

3 Key Documents Guidelines for Applicants - Containing Rules on the Call and list of Annexes i.e. documents to fill + documents for info Grant application form (Annex A of Guidelines) Please read carefully and follow instructions Please follow strictly the format


5 Guidelines for Applicants 1.2 Objectives Improve quality of life of most disadvantaged through: 1) Institutional Capacity Building of NGOs; 2) Supporting small scale initiatives

6 Guidelines for Applicants 1.3 Financial allocations Lot 1 – Priority A (Reduce vulnerability related to natural disaster) € 650 000 Lot 2 – Priority B (Enhance access of disadvantaged communities to Local services) € 700 000 Lot 3 – Priority C (Improve health and hygiene conditions of disadvantaged communities) € 650 000

7 Guidelines for Applicants 1.3 Size of the grants Amount - Minimum: € 80 000 - Maximum: € 150 000 Percentage of total - Minimum 50% - Maximum 95%

8 Guidelines for Applicants 2.1.1 Who can apply Non-profit-making legal entity (1 year registration with NGOAB and directly responsible of the action Local organization (HQs in Cluster 1 or 2) with: - at least 25 villages and 4000 beneficiaries - at least 20 full time staff - at least € 50 000 yearly operating budget Not in situation described in Practical Guide Section 2.3.3 Can apply individually or in consortia with partners (same eligibility criteria as Applicants except NGOAB reg.)

9 Guidelines for Applicants 2.1.3 Eligible/Ineligible actions ELIGIBLEINELIGIBLE Duration between 12-36 months In 1 OF 3 priorities Location in 1 st OR 2 nd or both Clusters Attention to rights of children, women, disabled, indigenous people as cross cutting issues One single action (seminar, scholarship, training, studies, academic research etc.) support to political parties purchase of buildings, offices, vehicles equipment not related to project

10 Guidelines for Applicants; 2.1.4 Eligible/Ineligible costs ELIGIBLEINELIGIBLE Salaries, travel and subsistence allowances not exceeding those normally borne by the Beneficiaries or its Partners Purchase/rental of equipment/supplies, consumables at market rate Contingency of maximum 5% of direct cost (used only after prior authorization) Indirect cost (overheads) maximum 7% of direct cost Debts, interest owed, currency exchange losses, credits to third parties Items already financed by other actions Purchases of land, building (except where necessary BUT to be transferred to final beneficiaries) Taxes, including VAT Any cost outside the implementation period ONLY REAL COSTS based on supporting documents (except overheads cost) as in General Conditions of ANNEX F

11 Guidelines for Applicants 2.2.1 How to apply and following procedures A complete application in ENGLISH - Annex A: Application Form - Annex B: Budget Hard + Electronic - Annex C: Logical Framework Submission in 1 original and 2 copies Incomplete, hand-written, containing errors regarding points in Checklist WILL BE REJECTED Only documents mentioned in the Guidelines will be ASSESSED

12 Guidelines for Applicants; 2.2.2 Where and how to send Address Head of Contract and Finance Section Delegation of the European Commission to Bangladesh Plot # 7, Road # 84 1212 Gulshan 2 – Dhaka SEALED ENVELOPE, Registered/courrier/hand-delivery mail A) Checklist (Section V part B of application form) and b) Declaration (Section VI part B of application form) enclosed BUT separate The envelope must contain: - Ref. number, title of call, title + number of lot - name + address of applicant - Written: “NOT TO BE OPENED BEFORE THE OPENING SESSION” and

13 Guidelines for Applicants 2.2.3 Deadline for submission 4 May 2008 at 16:00 local time as evidenced by signed and dated receipt/postal registration APPLICATIONS SUBMITTED AFTER THE DEADLINE WILL BE AUTOMATICALLY REJECTED

14 Guidelines for Applicants; 2.3 Evaluation and selection Step 1: Opening Session and administrative check Step 2: Evaluation of Concept Notes Step 3: Evaluation of Full Application Step 4: Verification of Eligibility

15 Guidelines for Applicants 2.3 Evaluation and selection STEP 1 ADMINISTRATIVE CHECK Deadline respected Application Form according to Checklist EC will communicate the result of the administrative check to applicants If requested information missing or incorrect the proposal may be rejected ON THAT SOLE BASIS

16 Guidelines for Applicants 2.3 Evaluation and selection STEP 2 Evaluation of Concept Notes Evaluation criteria: Relevance Effectiveness Sustainability Overall score: 50 Minimum requested: Overall 30 and 12 in Relevance List of Proposals will be reduced to an amount corresponding to three times the available budget

17 Guidelines for Applicants 2.3 Evaluation and selection STEP 3 Evaluation of Full Application Selection criteria - Applicants has sufficient source of finance and management capacity Award criteria - Quality of proposal: 1) Financial/operational capacity 2) Relevance 3) Methodology 4) Sustainability 5) Budget and cost-effectiveness

18 Guidelines for Applicants 2.3 Evaluation and selection STEP 4 VERIFICATION OF ELIGIBILITY Cross-check with Section VI of part B and 2.11, 2.1.2 and 2.1.3 ONLY PERFORMED IF PROVISIONALLY SELECTED ACCORDING TO SCORE

19 Guidelines for Applicants 2.4 Supporting documents Provisional selected applicants requested to submit a list of documents i.e.: -Statutes, articles of association, proofs of registration -Latest accounts -Information about Executive Board - Legal Entity/Financial Identification Forms IN ENGLISH OR OFFICIALLY TRANSLATED + Submission by 15 calendar days

20 Guidelines for Applicants 2.5.2 Indicative timetable DATETIME Information meeting 24-25 February 2008 Deadline for request for clarifications by EC 13 April 20084:00 PM Last date on which clarifications are issued by the EC 23 April 2008 Deadlines for submission of Application Form 4 May 20084:00 PM Information to applicants on opening and administrative check 16 May 2008 Information to applicants on evaluation of Concept Notes 25 May 2008 Information to applicants on evaluation of Full Application Form 11 June 2008 Notification of award 6 July 2008 Contract signature 16 August 2008


22 Grant Application Form Part A:Concept Note Part B: Full Application Form

23 Grant Application Form Part A. Concept Note There is no specific template for Concept Note ONLY GUIDANCE NOTES Make it clear in order to be assessed according to: RELEVANCE, EFFECTIVENESS, SUSTAINABILITY

24 Grant Application Form Part B: Full Application Form I. THE ACTION Description of the action + LOGFRAME Budget for the action ANNEX B Expected sources of funding Experience of similar action FOLLOW ATTENTIVELY THE INDICATIONS

25 Grant Application Form Part B: Full Application Form II. THE APPLICANT 1.IDENTITY For legal identification 2.PROFILE Type of organization/sector of action 3.CAPACITY TO MANAGE ACTIONS Years of experience / # of projects / financial infos 4.MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE Also as supporting documents + statement

26 Grant Application Form Part B: Full Application Form III (IV). PARTNERS/associate of APPLICANT 1.DESCRIPTION OF PARTNERS Legal information/experience/partnership etc. 2. PARTNERSHIP STATEMENT TO BE SIGNED BY THE PARTNER ORGANIZATION

27 Grant Application Form Part B: Full Application Form V. Checklist Fill + final check before submitting VI. Declaration To be signed by the applicant VII. Assessment grid Tool for the EC but useful to go through

28 Annex B: Budget (Sheet 1) 1. Human resources 1.1 Salaries 1.2 Salaries expat staff 1.3 Per diem 2. Travel 3. Equipment, supplies 4. Local office 5. Other costs, services 6. Other 7. Subtotal direct costs (1-6) 8. Contingency (max 5% of 7) 9. Total direct costs (7+8) 10. Administrative costs (max 7% of 9.) TOTAL eligible cost (9+10)

29 Annex B: Budget (Sheet 2) EXPECTED SOURCES OF FUNDING Amount (EUR) Percentage of total % Applicant’s financial contribution (to be inserted if allowed by the guidelines: in kind contribution) Commission contribution sought in this application Contribution's) from other European Institutions or EU Member States (Name/Conditions) Contribution from other organisations (Name/Conditions) TOTAL CONTRIBUTIONS Direct revenue from the Action OVERALL TOTAL

30 ANNEX C: Logical Framework Intervention logicObjectively verifiable indicators of achievement Source and means of verification Assumptions Overall objectives What are the overall broader objectives to which the action will contribute? What are the key indicators related to the overall objectives? What are the sources of information for these indicators? Specific objectives What specific objective is the action intended to achieve to contribute to the overall objectives? Which indicators clearly show that the objective of the action has been achieved? What are the sources of information that exist of an be collected? What are the methods required to get this information? Which factors and conditions outside the Beneficiary’s responsibility are necessary to achieve that objective? (external conditions) Which risks should be taken into consideration? Expected results The results are the outputs envisaged to achieve the specific objective. What are the expected results? (enumerate them What are the indicators to measure whether and to what extend the action achieves the expected results? What are the sources of information for these indicators? What external conditions must be met to obtain the expected results on schedule? Activities What are the key activities to be carried out and in what sequence in order to produce the expected results? (group the activities by result) MEANS: What are the means required to implement these activities, e.g. personnel, equipment, training, studies, supplies, operational facilities, etc. What are the sources of information about action progress? COSTS What are the action costs? How are they classified? (breakdown in the Budget for the Action) What pre-conditions are required before the action starts? What conditions outside the Beneficiary's direct control have to be met for the implementation of the planned activities?

31 Thank you, Good Work and Luck!

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