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EUROPEAN COMMISSION Directorate-General Enlargement TASK FORCE

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1 EUROPEAN COMMISSION Directorate-General Enlargement TASK FORCE Turkish Cypriot Community Rural Development Sector Programme Community Development through Village Initiatives (Third Call for Proposals – CD3) Guidelines for Grant Applicants June 2013

2 Table of contents: Background Objectives Financial allocation Eligibility criteria The actors The actions The costs Procedure to apply Evaluation procedure

3 Rural Development Sector Programme
Background: EU Aid Programme to encourage the economic development of the Turkish Cypriot community (TCc) Rural Development Sector Programme Previous Calls for Proposals for Community Development LEADER Approach and 3 Local Development Strategies North West Area Eastern Mesarya Area Karpas/Karpaz Area

4 The Global Objective of the CfP is:
Objectives: The Global Objective of the CfP is: "To improve the living conditions of the people living in rural areas in the northern part of Cyprus" The Specific Objectives of the CfP are: To enhance the natural heritage and the intangible cultural heritage assets in rural areas To improve basic community services in rural areas To reinforce the social cohesion and local governance in rural areas

5 Financial allocation:
Overall indicative amount available is € 3M in 3 lots € 1M allocated to the North West Area € 1M allocated to the Eastern Mesarya Area € 1M allocated to Karpas/Karpaz Area Size of grants: Minimum € Maximum € EU Contribution per grant: Minimum 50% - Maximum 85%

6 Eligibility criteria – The actors:
Requirements: Be legal persons, be non-profit making, be established in the northern part of Cyprus, be responsible for the action, and Be a local community, or Be a Civil Society Organisation: NGO, Association, Chamber, Union or Foundation

7 Eligibility criteria – The actors:
Co-applicants (PARTNERSHIPS) Compulsory in all cases Minimum 2 (1 Applicant + 1 co-applicant) for projects up to € Any 2 partners Minimum 3 (1 Applicant + 2 co-applicants) for projects equal or greater than € In this case, at least 1 local community and 1 CSO must be part of the partnership Memorandum of Understanding will be required Financial support to 3rd parties (sub-granting) is an option up to €

8 Eligibility criteria – The actions:
Duration: Minimum 12 months – Maximum 36 months Sectors: Natural heritage and intangible cultural heritage Community services Social cohesion and governance

9 Eligibility criteria – The actions:
Types of actions – Quality: Contribution to the specific objectives of the call Problem analysis and response strategy Logical framework Oriented to achievement of results As opposed to oriented to activity implementation SMART indicators and targets Monitoring mechanisms and resources Realistic budget estimates and time planning Sustainability strategy

10 Eligibility criteria – The actions:
Ineligible actions: Individual activities Infrastructure-oriented projects (budget limit of 50% for Works and Supplies) Human Resources-oriented projects (budget limit of 35% for Human Resources) Duplication of other EU funded programmes Projects in sectors in which local communities do not have the main responsibilities Restoration, conservation or protection of historical sites and monuments Road / pavement works, except street works

11 Eligibility criteria – The costs:
Ineligible costs: Debts and debt service charges (interest); provisions for losses or potential future liabilities; costs declared by the Beneficiary(ies) and financed by another grant; purchases of land or buildings; currency exchange losses; credit to third parties; interests owed; rent of land, buildings and offices works, infrastructures and renovation/refurbishment of buildings where property rights of natural and legal persons have not been respected

12 Procedure to apply: Restricted procedure = Two phases Phase one = Concept Note (5 pages) Phase two = Full Application Form Registration in PADOR is obligatory Phase one = only applicant Phase two = all partners Both, Concept Note and FAF in English Deadline for Concept Note: 15 JULY :00h local time Notification for phase two: August 2013 Deadline for FAF: Mid October 2013

13 Evaluation procedure:
Concept Notes will be evaluated according to relevance and design of the action Minimum 30/50 points to continue to phase two + inside financial threshold (double the allocation per lot) Only successful applicants are invited to submit FAF FAF evaluated according to: Financial and operational capacity Effectiveness and feasibility Sustainability of the action Budget and cost-effectiveness Relevance and design score comes from CN Applications ranked and granted according to score Eligibility verification is final step prior to signature of contracts.

14 Further information: Guidelines document available at:
EuropeAid and RDSP websites Information sessions + Training on LEADER approach 03 June in Morfou/Güzelyurt 04 June in Chatoz/Serdarlı 05 June in Gialousa/Yenierenköy Trainings on PCM + LFA + Procedures (3 day training) Mid June in the 3 locations Questions can be sent until 24th June 2013 to They will be replied in writing and published as Q+A document by 4th July 2013

15 Thank you very much Teşekkur ederiz Ευχαριστώ Questions are welcome

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