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Holly Springs Elementary STEM Academy 3 rd Grade 2015-2016.

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1 Holly Springs Elementary STEM Academy 3 rd Grade 2015-2016

2 Agendas Email Graded Work Homework PARENT CONNECT: ASPEN-see Cathy Townsend in the office for password to set-up account! Progress Reports and Report Cards Parent/Teacher Conferences Class Website-Newsletters & Important Dates mberly_forrester/site/default.aspx mberly_forrester/site/default.aspx

3 Written in EVERY day Homework & Classwork listed-also upcoming tests & quizzes listed Complete Transportation Calendars EVERY day Behavior Cards are in the back & should be signed EVERY weekend. Checked each Monday by teacher!

4 Send in an excuse letter. I will forward this to the office where they will mark absence excused. Make-up work will be sent home when the student returns to school. Remember, excessive tardies have a negative impact on student achievement. Our school has implemented a Truancy Committee.

5 Schedule

6 Specials Mondays, Tuesdays, & Wednesdays- PE Thursdays- Art Fridays- Music Character Education lessons taught once a month

7 Library Every other Wednesday Look for more info in weekly newsletters so books can be returned on time

8 4 Houses: Sapienter, Teneo, Extollo, and Munio 4 colors: green, blue, red, & yellow (arm bands)  Students earn points for their house for excellent behavior throughout the school.  Rewards are given to the students in the House with the most points at the end of each quarter.

9 o Fountas and Pinnell– Initial placement assessment Helps determine individual reading level Benchmark Assessments given twice a year: Next assessment given before the end of 1 st semester In-depth to identify accuracy and comprehension Approximately 30 min. per student to administer

10 Reading Instruction Comprehension skills will be taught whole group. Novel Studies-whole group Literature Circles, Independent Reading, Research, & Special Projects will be assigned independently or in small groups.

11 o Guided Reading Daily Literacy/Language center rotations o Meet with the Teacher o Work on Writing o Read to Self/Partner o Word Work o Technology

12 Storia will be used for Reading instruction both at school and home (if available). Access to e-books (assigned based on reading level) Grades will be based on scores from the “Reading Challenges” (quizzes taken at the end of the book). Counts as 25% of Reading grade

13 o Fountas & Pinnell Assessment 25% of grade o Storia 25% of grade o Comprehension & Vocabulary 25% of grade o Classwork 25% of grade

14 o Write paragraphs using complete sentences and have correct capitalization and punctuation. Remember 7-Up sentences (7 words or more in a sentence)! o WRITING PROCESS-  Rough draft, Editing, and Publishing o Use details that “paint a picture” with their writing.  Interactive Student Notebooks

15 Spelling Tests given every 2 weeks Spelling words will be written or stapled into agendas Always on weekly newsletter

16 Ancient Greece U.S. Government Economics Map Skills Famous Americans Character Traits  Interactive Student Notebooks

17 Reference and Review

18 1.Read every night (20 minutes is ideal) Partner read Ask questions as you read 2.Study SPELLING Spelling Choice Board-due day of test- 3 activities must be completed before returned 3.Check agendas and Homework Folder for Study Guides prior to upcoming tests 4.Designate a place to work.

19 STEM TEAMWORK- Creative Thinking- Problem Solving  Each week we will visit Lego Robotics, Computer Lab, Math & Science Lab.

20 ITBS- October/November Georgia Milestones-April

21 Thank you for your constant support and involvement in your child’s education.

22 At this time, proceed down the hall to the 3 rd Grade STEM lab where Mrs. Daniel will discuss Math and Science.

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