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Mrs. Blaine’s First Grade John Adams Academy 2014-2015.

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1 Mrs. Blaine’s First Grade John Adams Academy 2014-2015

2 -I have been a teacher for over 13 years. The last seven have been serving in the Western Placer Unified School District in Lincoln. Prior to that I taught in Southern California -I have taught every K-6 grade except 4 th grade! -I earned both of my teaching credentials from Chico State University

3 High Expectations for Academic Excellence with an emphasis on our 10 Core Values First Grade will focus on learning our National Symbols, Ancient Civilizations and the impact on our country. We will be using the Writing and Spelling Road to Reading and Thinking using the Riggs Institute for our Language Arts Curriculum and Saxon Math for math instruction and we will follow the Core Knowledge Sequence. Stay tuned for field trips. All volunteers must have TB and Livescan if they are driving: as well as the driver packet on file 10 days prior to trip

4 Agendas that will be filled out daily. Please check them and sign them each day and return them the following day. Email update from me weekly. Please make sure I have your correct email address. Homework folder will have notes and forms as well as nightly homework Grades will be entered on Aeries. You should have received an ABI number so you can monitor progress. Progress Reports will be sent home each quarter Parent/Teacher Conferences are scheduled for the last week in October and March. Check out our Class Website regularly on the JAA website. Parent Volunteers use Sign Up Genius for scheduling your class hours with me. All volunteer hours are to be logged on JAA website by you!

5 Written in EVERY day Homework & Classwork listed Important Reminders Signed EVERY Night and returned to school each day

6 Each student will have an assigned week: Scholars will bring home a poster to fill out neatly and with pride on Friday. Poster needs to be at school the following Monday. Scholars can bring in 3 additional items to display for the week and they will get a chance to share them with the class. This is the only sharing that will take place in our class. Your scholar will bring home a completed class book with letters from other scholars.

7 Each scholar will have a weekly punch card. If they go a whole week without a punch they will earn a patriot prize coupon for helping build a culture of greatness. 5 cards without any punches will receive a special reward. If a scholar receives a punch you will be notified and must sign the form and return. If a scholar receives 5 punches they will be sent to the Dean. There are several consequences depending on the infractions. Scholars who have difficulty following the class and school rules on a consistent basis will be sent to the Dean of Scholars and an action plan will be put in place. They will be monitored daily and your support will be critical in helping to turn their choices around. We are a very academic environment and scholars are expected to behave so everyone can have the best opportunity to excel!

8 Progress Reports sent home quarterly & report cards by trimester Effort Grades based on our 10 Core Values Grades will be posted on Aeries under the following categories: Writing, Math, Social Studies/Science, P.E. and Reading Assignments that are incorrect or incomplete will be sent home for correction and completion It is your scholar’s responsibility to follow directions in class and complete classwork on time Not all papers are graded but are used to drive instruction

9 Homework is to be completed each night and returned the following day: Written in agenda DAILY (please sign agendas nightly). Monday – Thursday ….Math, Spelling and Reading Every Night. Students who do not turn in homework will see it reflected in their grades. Spelling will begin in a few weeks after we master many of the phonograms. Students will have approx. 6 words and then they will build up to a list of 30 words. Several spelling assessments will be given throughout each quarter. Reading at home each and everyday for 20 minutes.

10 It is your responsibility to let the school know when your child will be absent, if you plan on being absent over 3 days a travel study request must be made two weeks in advance with a valid reason: Make-up work will be sent up to the office in the afternoon if you call or email and request it or when your scholar returns it will be sent home in their folder. All incomplete work that is sent home needs to be returned ASAP. Call the office and let them know the reason why your scholar is absent. You will receive notice of your child’s absence. Send in an excuse letter for me to send to the office whenever your scholar has been absent. School begins at promptly 7:50 any scholar entering campus after that time is marked tardy. After 8:00 your scholar must be walked into the office to be signed in and receive a tardy slip. You must walk your child in and sign them in if after 8:00. After multiple absences/tardies a letter is sent home from the school/county.

11 Snacks need to be healthy and labeled with scholars name on it when possible. We are often in need of the following supplies; Band-aids, baby wipes, tissue, magic eraser, and Clorox wipes. Remember to send a change of pants, socks and undergarments if you are concerned about accidents.

12 I look forward to working with you and your scholar this year. It is going to be a wonderful year filled with exciting learning opportunities! I can be reached @ amber.blaine@johnadamsacademy.c om Please make sure I have your contact information

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