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Welcome to Curriculum Night: 2 nd Grade Agenda: Arizona College and Career Ready Standards Grading Curriculum Homework.

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1 Welcome to Curriculum Night: 2 nd Grade Agenda: Arizona College and Career Ready Standards Grading Curriculum Homework

2 Curriculum Arizona College and Career Ready Standards Quarterly curriculum maps available online at Our comprehensive curriculum includes:  Reading  Writing  Math  Science  Social Studies  Music, Art, and PE

3 Curriculum Maps Online Visit our website to find your student’s curriculum maps by grade level and content area.

4 District Grading Practices Higley teachers will teach the Arizona academic standards and assess how students are progressing. When teachers report student progress they will follow these guidelines: 1.Scores are related to achievement of the standards 2.Variety of assessments used to gather evidence of achievement 3.Assessment procedures support student learning

5 Report Card Indicators The K-5 Grade Reports to Parents include the following levels of performance: 4 = Above benchmark / Exceeds current grade level expectations 3 = Meets benchmark / At grade level expectations 2 = Approaching benchmark / Improving but not consistent 1 = Below grade level / Needs more time and support Blank = Not yet introduced GOAL

6 K-5 Assessment and Grading Handbook Online Visit our website for frequently asked questions!

7 Homework The purpose of homework is to practice concepts and skills that are taught. It may be used to review previous concepts and skills or to prepare for upcoming concepts and skills that will be taught. A homework packet will be sent home each Monday (Tuesday if there is no school Monday.) The packet will consist of a reading comprehension activity and math practice. Students need to complete two activities from the spelling menu each week. Spelling lists will be sent home on Monday after the pretest. Students read for twenty minutes each night. Reading aloud to parents or other family members and discussing the book is highly recommended. Students practice math facts on the xtramath website (or practice math facts with flash cards if a computer is not available.) Occasionally, additional assignments may be sent home. There will also be several book reports throughout the year.

8 Reading & Language Arts 2 nd grade Literature Anthology Leveled Readers Vocabulary Readers Phonics Comprehension Strategies Nonfiction focus Spelling Words Vocabulary Words Phonics Skills Language Skills Writing Applications

9 Reading Strategies Guided reading Independent reading Partner Reading Fluency Practice Teacher Read-alouds Reading nightly AR Reading (Accelerated Reader)

10 Writing 6 Traits of Writing 1.Ideas and content 2.Word choice 3.Voice 4.Organization 5.Sentence fluency 6.Conventions Writing Process Prewriting Drafting Revising Editing Publishing Write from the Beginning Creative stories, paragraphs, poetry, letters, journaling, summaries, nonfiction reports……..

11 Explain how problems are solved Numbers – Skip counting by 2’s, 5’s, 10’s, 3’s 4’s, and 6s, counting to 1000. Addition and subtraction with regrouping (2 & 3 digit) Comparing 3 digit numbers Graphing, patterns, place value Word problems, Money Telling time to 5 minutes Fractions Geometry- solid figures, polygons, area Measurement-length (U.S Customary and Metric) Introduction to multiplication/division

12 Math Facts Memorize basic addition and subtraction facts Timed tests- to promote memorization Flash cards at home!

13 Maps, continents & oceans Communities/citizenship Economics- goods & services American Indians/Pilgrims Ancient Civilizations Famous Americans in history Character Counts American symbols History- Revolutionary War, Early civilizations, Westward expansion

14 Mammals & habitats Human body Inventions & inventors Weather- clouds Matter- Solids, liquids and gases Life cycles of insects- butterflies

15 SPECIALS Music Art Computers Library P.E.

16 ParentVue Go to HUSD website. Use activation key directions. ParentVue is typically updated weekly. If you didn’t receive activation directions, please add your name to the list.

17 Classroom Information ~ Healthy snacks (no candy) and water bottles – we have a long afternoon. Some classrooms are nut free. Lunch is at 11:30am. ~ Agendas – Need to be Signed Nightly ~Please check your child’s homework folder nightly for flyers and other important information

18 Thank you for coming! If you have any questions relating to your child specifically, please fill out the “Questions and Concerns” form and your child’s teacher will follow up with you in the next week.

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