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Mrs. LaManque 5 th grade. Chesapeake Bay Experience September 30 $5.00 JLAB January 7 Washington, DC Date TBD Field Trips.

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1 Mrs. LaManque 5 th grade

2 Chesapeake Bay Experience September 30 $5.00 JLAB January 7 Washington, DC Date TBD Field Trips

3 Reading - reading as a class, in a group, and independently throughout the day Writing – start the day with writing Word Study – different groups that can be dynamic Language Arts

4 Independent reading daily in class Read 20 minutes each night A variety of genres Blog A student in the 20 th percentile reads books for.7 minutes per day. This adds up to 21,000 word read per year. A student in the 80% percentile reads books for 14.2 minutes per day. This adds up to 1,146,000 words per year. A student in the 90 th percentile reads for 21.1 minutes per day. This adds up to 1,823,000 words per year. A student in the 98% percentile reads for 65 minutes per day. This adds up to 4,358,000 words per year! 40 Book Challenge

5 Alternative developmental approach to traditional spelling instruction Instruction is differentiated for different levels of word knowledge Provides students with an understanding of how words work so they can transfer what they learn to new words Word Study

6 Students sort words into groups under the headers and explain the spelling generalization. Blind Sort/Blind Written Sort: Place the headers on a table. Parent calls out words without the student seeing them. Student points to group the word belongs in and places it there if they choose the correct group. Word Study

7 More ways to help Written Sort (pretest): Student writes the headers on paper. Parent calls out each word. Student writes the word in the correct group. After every assignment: The student should read each word in a group and tell why the words are in the group. Word Study

8 Reading: 40% Tests 35% Quizzes/Book Talks 25% Classwork English: 40% Writing 30% Classwork 20% Word Study tests 10% Homework Grading

9 Math homework assigned Monday – Thursday Weekly quizzes Tests given after each chapter or unit Quarterly Assessments given, grade counts Math checked for completion Math

10 40% Tests 30% Quizzes 20% Classwork & Problem Solving 10% Homework Grading

11 6 Units: Oceans, Earth, Matter, Sound, Light and Living Things Practice using Scientific Method throughout year & design experiments Interactive Notebooks Hands-on Science Activities – need volunteers. See sign up sheet. Field trip to Jefferson Lab, January 7th Science

12 Total of 3 Units: Geography (mapping skills) Global Community Family Origins and Customs Government in Action Cultural Environment Research - Making Global Connections Heifer Project Social studies interactive notebooks Please review with your child (especially for tests/quizzes) Practice activities linked to website Mainly a project based course World Geography

13 40% Tests 30% Quizzes & Projects 20 % Classwork & Labs 10% Homework Grading

14 Consequences for no homework 0 for the grade or bring it in late for 50% Consequences for behavior 1) Redirection from the teacher. (Eye contact or tap on desk) 2) Verbal redirection from the teacher. 3) Note in behavior folder (written by teacher with date) *EATS* 4) If I need to update the behavior folder more than once in a day, a wake-up call will be sent home. If I have to update the folder more than one time in a week, a call home will be made. Consequences

15 Homework Policy – 45 minutes or less each day. Check Aspen for review activities, projects, quizzes, and tests Contact us if your child is having difficulty with homework Help your child learn to be responsible for homework. Set a time and place for homework to be completed each day. Homework

16 Attendance notes should be sent in the day after an absence. Dismissal/bus - send note in a.m. for any change to normal schedule. No dismissal changes after 3:00. (add lgray to any emailed dismissal notes) All tardy students need to be checked in by a parent on arrival. All visitors (lunch, classroom, etc.) must REGISTER in the office and get a sticker to wear in the building. All volunteers must CHECK OUT when leaving the building. Reminders

17 Please activate your Aspen account! Aspen will have the most current grade information Receive important email communication through Aspen Link to the newsletter for the latest information and dates! Aspen

18 Stanford 10 testing: September 21-23 Interim reports issued October 15 Conference Day, TBD “Sign up Genius” Report Cards issued November 19 SOLs  Science - May 20  Math – May 23 and 24  Reading – May 26 and 27 Important Dates

19 Important Info Class website: School phone number: 757-898-0480 Email:


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