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Welcome to Rankin Elementary -- 4 th Grade Mrs. Vicari Room 30.

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1 Welcome to Rankin Elementary -- 4 th Grade Mrs. Vicari Room 30

2 Everyday Math We generally complete one lesson per day in the math journal. Unfinished classwork should be completed at home on a daily basis. Students may bring home their Student Reference Book, which has definitions and examples. My website has valuable resources for each unit. Students are expected to know their multiplication facts. Please review these and practice them with your child. Flash cards and can help, as Help on the Web:

3 Word Study & Spelling Spelling lists (sorts) to study go home in the communication folder every Thursday. They are also available on my webpage. The test over some of these words will be on the following Thursday. (We do not test every week, but please be prepared as if we do. Tests are not announced.) For each unit, some words from previous lists may also appear on the weekly test. In class, we work on word sorting activities each week. If your child does not finish these assignments by Tuesday, they should be completed at home and turned in on Wednesday morning. Your child is expected to learn the rule or pattern that we study in class and apply it to similar words.

4 Students will receive six words each Thursday in the communication folder. Your child is expected to know the meaning of the words by the following Thursday. They are in flash card form for practice. There are also links on my word study page for online “Jeopardy” practice. Please try to use these words with your child in conversation throughout the week. We will test every 4 weeks. Vocabulary

5 Reader’s & Writer’s Workshop Students are introduced to a variety of strategies and genres in both reading and writing. They have the opportunity to develop their skills through whole group, small group and individualized instruction and practice. Mini-lessons revolve around read-aloud mentor texts. Students conference with their peers and their teacher and set goals to show improvement throughout the year.

6 Accelerated Reader Students are to earn a MINIMUM of 3 A.R. (Accelerated Reader) points per month, depending on students’ individualized goals. Students must pass tests IN CLASS on books within their reading level to earn points. Please be sure that your child is reading at an appropriate level for at least 20 minutes per night at home. Students are expected to read approximately 2 – 4 chapter books per month, depending on the length.

7 Book Reports Book reports may be assigned (1 per marking period). Book reports are to be completed AT HOME, and turned in by the due date. All reports are explained before they are sent home, and books must be approved by the teacher. Reports are to be in complete sentences, written neatly, and with thoughtful responses. Include a lot of detail, especially for the plot (10 – 15 sentences that describe the main events of the story) & attach extra paper. Use creativity and originality. Reports may require an oral presentation.

8 Progress Reports Progress reports go home each Thursday. If you do not receive one, please call me! This will list your child’s current grades and any missing work. Please sign the sheet, return it in the communication folder on Friday morning, and help your child complete and return any missing work by Monday. If you would like to keep the progress report as a reference, please just send a note in the communication folder stating that you have reviewed the progress report. Many assignments may be corrected or redone to earn a better grade. Any unfinished class work becomes homework for that evening.

9 For Your Information School newsletters come home every other Friday. Tests: Students receive review sheets for their tests. If your child does not earn 60% or better on a test, he or she will be asked to make the corrections or demonstrate understanding and return with a parent signature to improve the test grade. Please visit the Carman-Ainsworth website: Select Rankin, then Teachers, then Megan Vicari. My website has valuable information. This includes spelling lists and assignments for your convenience in case of a forgotten or lost paper. You will also find links to educational sites and resources used in class. is the direct link to my homepage. Put it in your favorites. If your child is unable to attend school, please call the main office at (810) 591-4605.

10 Thanks for your time and support. Please send an email to me when you get home (if you have not already) so I can add you to my contact list. Also, go to or add the Bloomz app to your phone or tablet and join Mrs. Vicari’s class for quick and easy communication. The class code is GZ5D82. I’m looking forward to a great year! Please contact me at or call me at (810) 591-6790. (The best time to reach me is from 10:05 – 11:00 when your child is at specials.) Megan Vicari

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