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Skeletal System Diseases & Disorders. Osteoporosis.

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1 Skeletal System Diseases & Disorders

2 Osteoporosis

3 Osteoporosis bone mass reduced; hormone-related; need calcium and Vitamin D when young; leads to spontaneous fractures; curvature of spine

4 Osteomalacia “soft bones”; bones are inadequately mineralized; bone pain; aka Rickets in children; need for sunlight - Vit. D; calcium needs to be absorbed

5 Paget’s Disease

6  age >40  excessive bone formation and breakdown  usually spine, pelvis, femur, skull  virus?

7 Osteomyelitis -bacterial infection -area is tender and swells -need for antibiotics

8 Scoliosis “twisted disease”; abnormal lateral curvature in thoracic vertebrae; treat with surgery or body braces

9 Scoliosis

10 Kyphosis “hunchback”; exaggerated curvature of thoracic vertebrae; common in osteoporosis, rickets, osteomalacia

11 Lordosis “swayback”; accentuated curvature of lumbar vertebrae common in spinal tuberculosis, osteomalacia, men with potbellies or pregnant women

12 Cleft Palate congenital right and left halves of palate fail to fuse interferes with sucking & inhalation surgery at 6 months & speech therapy

13 Bursitis

14 Bursitis inflammation of a bursa from blow or friction “student’s elbow” anti-inflammatory drugs or removal of fluid

15 Osteoarthritis AKA degenerative joint disease (DJD) MOST COMMON CHRONIC ARTHRITIS articular cartilage deteriorates leads to stiffness no known cause more common in women joint replacement

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