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Skeletal Disorders May Occur with Bone, Cartilage, Ligaments, Joints.

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1 Skeletal Disorders May Occur with Bone, Cartilage, Ligaments, Joints

2 Tumors & Cancers Osteosarcoma –Common –Fatal

3 Tumors & Cancers Chondrosarcoma –Skeletal Cartilage Cancer

4 Tumors & Cancers Fibrosarcoma –Malignant –Bone Marrow –Excessive Connective Tissue Production

5 Osteoporosis Most Common & Serious –“Condition of bone pores”

6 Osteoporosis Excessive loss of calcium & collagen fibers –Decrease in bone volume / Holes

7 Osteoporosis Bones are brittle & easily broken –Spontaneous Fractures –Femur & Vertebrae

8 Osteoporosis Most frequently in white elderly women –Decreasing sex hormones reduces bone growth and bone mass maintenance –Kyphosis most notable outward sign Shrink

9 Osteomalacia Decrease in Hard Minerals –Bone volume remains the same Demineralization Vitamin D deficiency –Required to absorb Ca and P

10 In children, it is called Rickets Bone Deformities Ca imbalance can lead to death

11 Paget Disease Also called Osteitis deformans Affects Older Adults Characterized by abnormal bone remodeling

12 Normal Spongy Bone replaced by disorganized new bone –Thickens entire bone

13 Osteomyelitis Bacterial infections of bone and marrow tissue Staphylococcus most common Difficult to treat due to bone density and slow healing

14 Bone Fractures Open Fractures –The bone pierces the skin –Compound Closed Fractures –The bone does not pierce the skin –Simple Complete –Displacement Incomplete –No Displacement

15 Fracture Types Greenstick –Bone is broken only on one side Comminuted –Break that produces many fragments Impacted –Bone fragments are driven into each other Transverse –Fracture is at a right angle to the bone’s long axis Oblique –Fracture is diagonal to the bone’s long axis

16 Name that Fracture







23 Joint Disorders Non-inflammatory & Inflammatory

24 Noninflammatory Joint Disease Does NOT inflame the Synovial Membrane

25 Osteoarthritis Also known as degenerative joint disease Most Common Degeneration of the articular cartilage Advanced Age, Joint Damage, Joint Stress


27 Dislocation When the articular surfaces of bones are no longer in proper contact Bone stays OUT of the joint SUBLUXATION –Reduces on its own

28 Sprain An acute injury to the ligaments around a joint Tear of the Ligament

29 Inflammatory Joint Disease Arthritis Inflammed Synovial Membrane Many causes –Infection –Genetics –Autoimmunity

30 Rheumatoid Arthritis Autoimmune Disorder Chromic inflammation of connective tissues –Begins in the synovial membrane –Spreads to cartilage & other tissues Crippling Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis –More Severe –More Common in Girls

31 Gouty Arthritis Gout Metabolic Condition Increase in Uric Acid in Blood –Alcohol, Sweet, Fat –Sodium Urate Crystals deposited in Distal Joints –Trigger Chronic Inflammation

32 Infectious Arthritis Pathogens cause synovial infection Joint Deterioration Most Common Bacterial Other Signs & Symptoms Lyme Disease –Ticks

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