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Weather & Climate --chapter 3--

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1 Weather & Climate --chapter 3--

2 I. Factors Affecting Climate
Weather? Climate?

3 What happens to the sun’s energy when it reaches Earth?
Solar energy & Heat energy?

4 The Greenhouse Effect

5 Global Warming Causes?


7 Air/Atmospheric Pressure
What happens when you climb in elevation? High vs. Low? Warm vs. Cold?


9 Air Pressure Zones Purpose? What drives them?

10 Global Wind Belts Wind always flows from pressure to
Global Energy Balance? Prevailing Winds? Doldrums? Westerlies? Front? Jet Streams?

11 Ocean Currents Oceans affect climate? Global Energy Exchange?
Warm vs. Cool currents?

12 II. Weather Factors Precipitation? Evaporation? Humidity?

13 Elevation & Mountain Effects
Temp. drops 3.5° / 1,000 feet of elevation. Orographic Effect?

14 Land & Sea Breezes Wind = HIGH TO LOW PRESSURE!

15 Storms

16 III. Climate & Vegetation Patterns
Factors that affect climate: Temperature Precipitation Elevation Continental or Maritime location Latitude

17 Tropical Humid Climate
Temps. & Precip.? Why? 65 to over 450 inches/year


19 Tropical Wet & Dry Climate
Just north & south of Trop. Humid Distinct rainy & dry seasons More seasonal changes than Trop. Humid Supports savannas: grasslands w/scattered trees & shrubs Monsoon influence

20 Tropical Wet and Dry Climate



23 Arid Climate Latitude? Pressure Zone? Precip = <10 inches/yr.
Largest Dry Desert = Sahara


25 Semiarid Climate (Steppe)
Transition zone betw. Arid & Humid Short grass vegetation Trees are rare…only found along river banks Poor farming practices & overgrazing turn some steppes into deserts


27 Mid-Latitude Climates (Temperate)
1. Mediterranean Climate Between 30° - 40° North & South Western/Southern coastal areas of Europe West coast of continents w/cool currents Avg. Winter temps = 50s


29 2. Humid Subtropical Climate
Eastern side of continents w/warm ocean currents Hot/humid summers w/mild winters Large temperate forests (deciduous & coniferous)


31 3. Marine West Coast climate
Heavily influenced by oceans Found on west coast of continents in upper middle latitudes Mild temps all year round


33 Marine West Coast Climate

34 4. Humid Continental climate
Found in areas that receive both warm & cold air Hot, humid summers w/cold winters Interiors & east coasts of upper-middle latitude continents 4 distinct seasons


36 High Latitude Climates
1. Subarctic: Found in high latitudes of Europe, Asia & N. America Long, dark, cold winters Temps below freezing for 6 months Short summers can have warm temps Greatest temp. range Supports large boreal (evergreen) forests


38 2. Tundra climate: Long, cold winters
Temps only above freezing during short summers Supports tundra vegetation—mosses, herbs, low shrubs Water & soil below surface remains frozen all year --> permafrost


40 Tundra Climate

41 3. Ice Cap climate Cold temps & snow all year round
Found in polar regions Precip = <10 inches!

42 Ice Cap Climate

43 4. Highland climate Temp changes w/increased elevation
Temp drops 3.5 degrees every 1,000 ft.

44 Highland Climate

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