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Climate and Vegetation Patterns

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1 Climate and Vegetation Patterns
Chapter 3.3 Notes Pg. 50

2 Tropical Climates World’s climates support a variety of ecosystems.
Ecosystem is a variety of plants and animals in an area. The worlds most diverse ecosystems are found in the tropical climate regions.

3 Tropical Humid Climate
Found in areas close to the equator. Warm temperatures and plentiful rainfall, never cold. Air is always rising. Unstable and storms daily. In some areas rainfall comes in one wet season. Monsoon is a wind system in which winds completely reverse direction and cause seasons of wet and dry weather.

4 Tropical Wet and Dry climates
Just to the north and south of the tropical humid climate is the tropical wet and dry climate. Sometimes called tropical savannah climate. Climate results from seasonal changes in the way the Sun’s rays strike areas just north and south of the equator. Savannas are tropical grasslands, scattered trees, and shrubs.

5 Climate Map

6 Dry Climates Arid means dry. All dry climate regions have low annual rainfall.

7 Arid Climate Most are found about 30 degrees north and south of the equator. This area has stable, sinking, dry air all year. Little rain falls there. Also found in the rain shadow of some mountains. Areas can experience temperature extremes.

8 Semiarid Climate The Semiarid climate is a transition zone between the arid climate and the more humid climates. Receive more moisture than the deserts but less than the more humid areas.

9 Middle – Latitude Climates
Temperate climates. Do not experience the extremes of the other climates.

10 Mediterranean climate
The Mediterranean climate exists mainly in two kinds of areas. Along the coastal areas of southern Europe. West coasts of continents with cool ocean currents.

11 Humid Subtropical Climate
More widespread than the Mediterranean climate. Easter side of continents where there are warm ocean currents. Summers are hot and humid. Winters are mild. Hurricanes can be a danger. Deciduous forests – trees lose their leaves during part of the year. Coniferous – remain green.

12 Marine West Coast Climate
Influenced by oceans. Found on the west coasts of continents in the upper middle latitudes. Mild all year. Widespread in northwestern Europe.

13 Humid Continental Climate
Found in the interiors and east coasts of upper middle latitude continents. Invasions of cold and warm air regularly affect these areas. Most changeable weather conditions. 4 distinct seasons.

14 High Latitude and Highland Climates
Subarctic Climate – long winters, temperatures stay below freezing half the year. Tundra – long winter, almost never above freezing. Ice Cap – always covered by huge flat masses of ice and snow. Highland – change with elevation

15 Highland Climates

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