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For your pleasure and enjoyment on this Friday night date, we (whoever you want to blame) bring you QUIZ time. You have heard of IQ; well, this test measures.

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Presentation on theme: "For your pleasure and enjoyment on this Friday night date, we (whoever you want to blame) bring you QUIZ time. You have heard of IQ; well, this test measures."— Presentation transcript:

1 For your pleasure and enjoyment on this Friday night date, we (whoever you want to blame) bring you QUIZ time. You have heard of IQ; well, this test measures MKQ – Modesto Knowledge Quotient. You will be tested on your familiarity with Modesto landmarks and people who have lived in Modesto. Take the test seriously as you will be graded and rewarded or punished accordingly. MKQ WELCOME Wonders of Modesto

2 Perhaps Modesto's most famous native son and 2005 AFI Lifetime Achievement recipient, George Lucas, was born in Modesto on May 14, 1944 and attended John Muir Elementary School, Roosevelt Junior High School and Thomas Downey High School and MJC. He is, of course, best known for the "Star Wars" films and his special effects house, Industrial Light and Magic.2005 AFI Lifetime Achievement recipient, What is the Modesto connection?

3 What is this famous Modesto landmark? The McHenry Mansion is a restored historic residence built in the Victorian- Italianate style and located in the historic downtown of Modesto, California. Robert McHenry (July 23, 1827 – June 24, 1890) who built the home at the expense of $10,000 in 1882-83, was a prominent local rancher and banker. The luxurious mansion was converted to apartments from 1923 to 1972. [2] The Gallo Brothers, Julio and Ernest, saved the house from demolition and donated it to the City of Modesto on April 14, 1976. The house has been restored to look like it did at the turn of the century. Admittance is free of charge and tour guides are present.Victorian Italianatehistoric downtownModesto, California Robert McHenry [2]

4 Who is this and what is her Modesto connection? Carol Elaine Channing (born January 31, 1921) is an American singer, actress, and comedienne. She is the recipient of three Tony Awards (including one for lifetime achievement), a Golden Globe and an Oscar nomination. Channing is best remembered for originating, on Broadway, the musical-comedy roles of bombshell Lorelei Lee in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, and matchmaking widow Dolly Gallagher Levi in Hello, Dolly! On May 10, 2003, she married Harry Kullijian (December 27, 1919 – December 26, 2011), her junior high school sweetheart, who reunited with her after she mentioned him fondly in her memoir. She and Kullijian were active in promoting arts education in California schools through their Dr. Carol Channing and Harry Kullijian Foundation. The couple resided in Modesto, California. Kullijian died on December 26, 2011, the eve of his 92nd birthday.singeractress comedienneTony AwardsGolden GlobeOscarBroadwayGentlemen Prefer BlondesHello, Dolly!Modesto

5 Mark Spitz was born the first of three children in Modesto, California to parents Arnold and Lenore Spitz. At age two, his family moved to Hawaii. Mark Spitz is remembered for his astonishing win of seven gold medals at the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich. Who is this and what is his Modesto connection? He is better known as the second cousin of a MAPS committee member.

6 What is this famous Modesto landmark and where is it located? Lions at the Gate Here's a photo of one of the four lions that guards the Lion's Gate Bridge (7th Street Bridge) in Modesto, CA

7 Bette Belle Smith was known to many as "Mrs. Modesto" for a lifetime of contributions to her hometown in California. When Bette Belle Smith died at 88 in November, 2009, Modesto no doubt lost its greatest booster, humanitarian and most tireless advocate. Who was Mrs. Modesto?

8 Modesto is famous for its production of fruit, wine and ______?

9 Cyrus J. "Cy" Young, Jr. Height: 6'5" (195 cm) Weight: 205 lbs (93 kg) Born: July 23, 1928 in Modesto Young competed in the javelin throw for the U.S. at the 1952 Summer Olympic Games in Helsinki, Finland where he won the gold medal; no other American male athlete had ever won the Olympic javelin event. Cy Young set an Olympic record in 1952, breaking the long dominance by Finland in that event. Who is this?

10 Jeremy Lee Renner, son of Valerie and Lee, was born in Modesto, California. Renner graduated from Beyer High School and attended Modesto Junior College. He explored several areas of study, including computer science, criminology, and psychology, before the theater department, with its freedom of emotional expression, drew him in. Known for his starring roles in The Hurt Locker (2008), which garnered him an Academy Award nomination for Best Actor, Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol (2011), Marvel's The Avengers (2012), and The Bourne Legacy (2012). He turned out a much-praised performance in The Town (2010), for which he received an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor.The Hurt LockerAcademy AwardBest ActorMission: Impossible – Ghost ProtocolMarvel's The AvengersThe Bourne LegacyThe Town Best Supporting Actor Who is this?

11 What is the most famous bowling place in Modesto? a.McHenry Bowl b.Yosemite Lanes c.None of the above c.(dont hiss too loud) None of the above. The answer is Mancini Bowl in Graceada Park

12 Suzanne ("Suzy") Powell-Roos (born September 3, 1976 in Modesto, California and attended Downey High) is a female discus thrower from the United States., who represented her native country in the women's discus throw event at three Summer Olympics, 1996 (Atlanta, Georgia), 2000 (Sydney, Australia) and 2008 (Beijing, China). She is the current American record holder in the Discus Throw, that record of 222 ft 0 in / 67.67 m was set March 14, 2007 in Wailuku, Maui, Hawaii at the "Big Wind" Discus Challenge.Modesto, Californiadiscus throwerUnited StatesSummer Olympics1996 (Atlanta, Georgia)2000 (Sydney, Australia)2008 (Beijing, China)Wailuku MauiHawaii Who is this?

13 What are the two downtown centers for entertainment and culture in Modesto?

14 Timothy David Olyphant (born in Hawaii on May 20, 1968, raised in Modesto and graduated from Beyer High) is an American actor whose notable roles in television drama series include Deadwood as Seth Bullock, Justified as Raylan Givens, and Damages as Wes Krulik. He has also starred in the films Scream 2, Gone in 60 Seconds, Dreamcatcher, Live Free or Die Hard, A Perfect Getaway, The Crazies and Hitman. Who is this?

15 What is the name of the most original Modesto festival? AMERICAN GRAFFITI FESTIVAL

16 Colin Rand Kaepernick is an American football quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers of the National Football League. He played college football for the University of Nevada Wolf Pack. He was a three-sport star at John H. Pitman High School in Turlock. Probably the most famous person currently in Stanislaus County.

17 A contest was run in 1911 to determine the slogan that would be placed on the Modesto arch. What was the winning slogan? NOBODYS GOT MODESTOS GOAT.

18 For reasons that you can decide, the winning slogan was not chosen and the second place winner was selected. What was the slogan that placed second?

19 Floyd Zaiger leads a weekly tour for farmers at his Zaiger Genetics nursery in Modesto, Calif. on Wednesday, May 18, 2011. As one of the nation's top fruit geneticists for the past several decades, Zaiger and his team has cross-bred varieties of stone fruits, to come up with the pluot, aprium, white peach, and many others. Who is the plant geneticist responsible for developing many wonderful new types of fruits such as pluots?

20 Dorothy-Marie "Dot" Jones is an athlete and actress who portrays football a coach on the TV series Glee. She attended Modesto Junior College and California State University, Fresno, where she set records for shot put. Jones is also a 15-time world arm wrestling champion.Glee Who is this?

21 William Scott "Jack" Elam (November 13, 1920[1] – October 20, 2003) Jack Elam (1919-2003). No matter how tenuous his link to Modesto, Jack Elam was first, and foremost, the perfect bad guy in many western films and television shows. Elam, the cockeyed cowboy character actor once attended Modesto Junior College and had a brother who taught there for many years. In movies and television, Jack often played a gun-slinging villain. But he also had roles as a lovable comic. His most distinguishing physical quality was that his left eye iris was skewed to the outside, making him look unnaturally "wide eyed" (the opposite of cross eyed). The actor's trademark cockeye was the result of a childhood fight in Phoenix after a fellow Boy Scout stabbed him in the left eye with a pencil during a scrape at a troop meeting. Who is this character?

22 Tisha Venturini- Hoch is a former American soccer player and current National Spokesperson for Produce for Better Health. She was a gold medalist in 1996 Atlanta Olympics, and a world champion in 1999 FIFA Women's World Cup held in the U.S. Scored the U.S.'s first goals in both the 1995 Women's World Cup and the 1996 Olympics. U.S. National Team: The second-highest scoring midfielder in U.S. team history, she also has the sixth highest point total in U.S. history. Attended Grace Davis High School in Modesto, Calif., where she was a four-year starter at center-midfield and a 1990 NSCAA All-America selection... Led Davis to a four-year conference record of 54-0-2, scoring 107 goals and adding 37 assists. Who is this?

23 What and where is the building nearing completion in Modesto that will attract families with many offerings of educational experiences and join the Gallo Center for the Arts as one of the hot spots in town? The MJC Science Center is on the West Campus and will house not only an exciting new Great Valley Museum but many interactive features including a first class planetarium, observatory, science sphere, Foucault pendulum, an outoor education facility and an interactive periodic table.

24 AND THESE ARE? Still loading. Please be patient! The images might contain many pixels and the images could be worth the wait. OIC! These are images of the Modesto zoo and art museum!!!!!!

25 But do not fret because Modesto is near what famous landmarks pictured below? Yosemite Golden Gate Bridge Sequoia tree S.F. cable car Newest U.S. National Park (1/10/13) Pinnacles Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe Calif. Coast near Big Sur

26 What is the most colorful thing about Modesto? Fall colors in Modesto.

27 What direction does traffic go on G Street? a.Both directions b.North c.East d.South e.West f.Northeast g.Northwest h.Southeast i.Southwest j.None of the above If you picked South, you will run over Elvis at the A&W. If you picked Southwest, you will crash and get a ticket. Traffic on G St. goes one way to the Northeast.

28 Which one of these people is currently the mayor of Modesto? Clint Eastwood, Carol Whiteside, Jim Ridenour, Carmen Sabatino former mayor of Carmel all are former mayors of Modesto Calif. Senator Jason Alexander in movie Diane Feinstein For Better or Worse said he X had a degree in art history Garrard MarshJerry Brown From MJC current mayor of Modesto Governor of Calif.

29 Have you ever taken a test that you considered to be absolutely fair? In keeping with a goal of unfairness on this test, the next two questions are science related. What are the three most abundant gases in Modesto air (not counting water which varies from 0 to 4% and is often number 3)? #3 = ABCDEFGHIJKLM NOPQSTUVWXYZ Hopefully you noticed that #3 is not the alphabet as it is missing an R or the R is gone thus #3 is argon. Many of you probably placed carbon dioxide in the top 3 but it is actually a distant 4 th. You would have to count 10,000 air molecules to find 4 CO 2 s. Because CO 2 is so low, combustion of fossil fuels has increased the atmospheric CO 2 concentration by almost 40% (from 0.028% to 0.039%). More on next slide

30 As indicated and you can see below, the carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere is increasing rapidly. The graph also shows a strong correlation exists between carbon dioxide concentration and global temperatures. 97% of scientists consider this to be a part of the extremely strong evidence supporting the serious threat of human caused global warming. For a directory of climate change resources, please visit:

31 SPRING 2013 Feb. 22 Dinosaurs of Calif. Professor Richard Hilton is Professor of Earth Science at Sierra College. He will discuss recent discoveries of dinosaurs (and other Mesozoic reptiles) right here in California. March 29 The Search for Life on Mars Dr. Carol Stoker from NASA Ames Research Center will review how NASAs Mars program is searching for life on Mars and what approach future missions might take. April 19 Discovery of the Higgs Boson Particle Dr. Jim Hetrick, Professor and Chair of Physics at University of the Pacific, will discuss the recent discovery of the Higgs- Boson particle, hailed as a major scientific achievement. What is Modestos best attended regularly scheduled lecture series (and it is free!)? MAPS Modesto Area Partners in Science

32 GREAT VALLEY MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY Stoddard and College Oakland, CA California Academy of Sciences In Lodi Name at least five more science centers or museums that are within 100 miles of Modesto. Fresno Sacramento

33 MKQ Test scores Missed%Conclusions 0100You probably cheated by talking to others. If so, deduct 5% for each question discussed. If you scored 100% on your own, you are a Modesto expert but this means you might need to get a life. 1-389-97Like those at Lake Wobegon, you are above average but still need improvement. You must visit the McHenry Museum, Mansion and Great Valley Museum. 4-678-86This is an average score that requires serious work. In addition to the above, you must visit 5 of the regional science museums. 7-967-75No more TV or video games for you until you increase your score. >9<65You are to be deported to Stockton.

34 Thank you participating in this quiz. We hope you enjoyed the experience. It is important to note that grading is only a secondary goal of testing. A good test results in learning and that has been the primary goal of this pre-show. Some more information will follow in the next few slides and then the main event will finally begin.

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