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University of California UC Davis By: Cinthia Valencia, Giovanni Velasco.

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1 University of California UC Davis By: Cinthia Valencia, Giovanni Velasco

2 Demographics Student population- 20,796 (20,796 urban / N/A rural) Campus acreage: 5,300 Pop. African American722 Pop. Asian391 Pop. Pacific Islander7 Pop. American Indian / Alaskan Native103 Pop. White (Hispanic)19,638 Pop. Other274

3 Location, Social Economic Davis is located approximately 12 miles from Sacramento and within 90 minutes of San Francisco and the Bay Area. UC Davis offers the best of both worlds: the resources of a world renowned university and the safety and quaintness of a college town. Additionally, the convenience and excitement of our neighboring large metropolitan areas provides for ease transportation and premiere entertainment and cultural opportunities.

4 Campus housing Student Housing provides a home to over 5,000 UC Davis undergraduate and graduate students On-campus housing costs $26,428 Off-campus housing costs $23,103 Commute costs $20,079

5 mascot Gunrock is the official mascot of the University of California, Davis. He is named after Gun Rock, who was born in 1914. University of California, Davis Was the offspring of English Triple Crown winner Rock Sand and race mare Gunfire.English Triple CrownRock Sand Lift up your voices, Now's the time to sing. This is the day The victory bell will ring, Loyal Aggie, all for one Never stopping 'til we've won, Because the Mustang will show Our team the way to fight, Charging the enemy With all his might, Let's go, Let's win, Today's the day The Aggie will Fight, Fight, Fight

6 Degrees Offered For bachelors degree Biology 20% its known for information that other schools aren't known for Social science 19% Psychology 10% Agriculture 8% Engineering 8% Visual and performing arts 5%

7 Terms UC Davis runs on the quarter system The quarter system at a major university is very challenging compared to a 15 or 18 week semester system. Because each quarter is comprised of just ten weeks, you must have strong time management and study skills to complete your assignments and study for exams.

8 Athletic program

9 Level of difficulty to get accepted Percent of applicants accepted :53% A-G requirements

10 Common student profile In state students 97% Out of state 3% Women 58% Men 42% White 34% Black 3% Hispanics 15% Other 47%

11 Campus life

12 Average costs Tuition and Fees $32,033 Room & Board (on campus)$12,361

13 Art Program The UC Davis ART Program opened in March 1990 after a new University Surgery Center and state-of-the- art IVF laboratory was constructed in Sacramento.

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