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Home of the Phantoms Proud to Be! Morgan Fitzgerald Middle School.

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1 Home of the Phantoms Proud to Be! Morgan Fitzgerald Middle School

2 Administration Mrs. Teresa Anderson, Principal

3 6 th Grade House Mrs. McCoy, Assistant Principal 6 th Grade Mrs. Mells, School Counselor 6 th Grade

4 7 th Grade House Mrs. Mitchell, Assistant Principal 7 th Grade Ms. Brown, School Counselor 7 th Grade

5 8 th Grade House Mrs. Petersen, Assistant Principal 8 th Grade Ms. Hagan, School Counselor 8 th Grade

6 ACADEMIC CLASSES Required core Classes

7 Language Arts 1 – regular Language Arts 1 – Advanced Language Arts 1– Gifted* Language Arts 1 - ELL Language Arts

8 Mathematics 1 – Regular Mathematics 1 – Advanced Mathematics 1 – Gifted* Mathematics

9 Comprehensive Science 1 – Regular Comprehensive Science 1 – Advanced Comprehensive Science 1 – Gifted* Science

10 World History World History – Gifted* Social Studies

11 Every 6 th grade student is required to take a reading class. Reading

12 The 2008 Legislature passed Senate Bill 610 which requires the equivalent of one class period per day of physical education and a component of health for a minimum of one semester each year for students in grades 6 – 8 beginning in the school year. Physical Education


14 GIFTED MAGNET Center for Gifted Students

15 Advanced 7 th grade Language Arts Advanced Mathematics 1 or 2* Advanced Comprehensive Science Advanced Academics – Literature Research – Independent Study PE/Health^ World History Advanced Courses for Gifted Magnet Students

16 Must have a current EP Must have submitted an application prior to the deadline Requirements for Magnet Program

17 Application process begins January 9, 2013 and ends January 23, 2013 Acceptance period begins February 13, 2013 Application time period

18 Once you have been accepted you must click on the acceptance button Then you will be mailed a new subject selection form to complete and mail back to the school Acceptance process…

19 ELECTIVES Classes that are not the core

20 Art Band 1 Chorus 1 Orchestra 1 Visual and Performing Arts





25 Orchestra

26 Computer 1 Exploration Technology Technology and Career Exploration

27 Computers

28 Exploring Technology

29 Whos eligible for AVID? –If you are the first in your family to attend college/university –If you are historically under- represented in four year colleges –If you have low-income –If you have special circumstances Advanced Via Individual Determination (AVID)

30 What is AVID? Academic Elective used to help increase grades in ALL core classes. Students work in small tutorial groups twice a week Team Building…..Speeches….Study Skills…Organization Skills….much more


32 A dvancement V ia I ndividual D etermination *Open to any current 6 th or 7 th grader *See Mr. Caris for an application *Application period is open from Jan 22 – Feb 18

33 August 7 th - Daytime August 8th - Evening Whats it like to be in middle school Camp Fitz

34 INSTRUCTIONS Fill out your form

35 Print your name at the top of the paper Please mark the electives that you would like to have in the order that you would like to have them 1=1 st choice; 2=2 nd choice, etc It is not guaranteed that you will receive your first choice so make sure that you pick something that you want as there will be no schedule changes in electives. Subject Selection Sheets

36 Subject Selection cont… Have your current teachers make the appropriate recommendations for Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies. Schedules will not be complete until teacher recommendations have been received from the Elementary schools. Sit with your parents to review and select appropriate electives and make sure to have your parents sign the bottom portion; along with your signature and date. Return completed sheet with all appropriate signatures to your teacher.

37 Your Subject Selection sheets must be turn in by February 27, 2013, with all the appropriate signatures or your classes will be chosen for you and there will be… NO SCHEDULE CHANGES!!

38 EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES After school programs



41 Basketball Track and Field Cheerleading Sports

42 FITZ After school activities

43 Clubs at Fitzgerald Lego League Spanish Math Team Chess Winged writers 5K NJHS

44 THE WEB CLUB The students of the Fitzgerald Middle School Web Club work every Friday morning to organize and publish The Fitzgerald Web site.

45 Science Olympiads Science Olympiad competitions are like academic track meets, consisting of a series of 23 team events in each division

46 JOOI J.O.O.I. Club (Junior Optimist Octagon International) is a youth club sponsored by an adult Optimist Club

47 Fuel Up to Play 60 Fuel Up to Play 60 is a fun, interactive program that motivates students, educators and community members to eat healthy, get healthy and make a difference.


49 Student Council Future City Model UN French Geography Bee History Bee Quiz Bowl Keyboarding Clubs continued…


51 We look forward to seeing you next year!

52 Phantoms PROUD TO BE!!

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