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Kinds of Sports. Famous Sportsmen of Ukraine and Hlukhiv.

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1 Kinds of Sports. Famous Sportsmen of Ukraine and Hlukhiv

2 A sound mind in a sound body -Why do many people go in for sport?

3 Objectives: to develop students' listening, reading, speaking and grammar skills; to revise and enrich students' vocabulary on the topic; to practise group work; to motivate students to communicate with each other.


5 Find the odd word Football, basketball, volleyball, tennis skiing, skating, volleyball, sledging to jump, to read, to ski, to play Athletics, baseball, skiing, chess

6 Date of birth: 29 September 1976 (Dvirkivshchyna, Kyiv region, Ukraine). a Ukrainian footballer who plays for Dynamo Kyiv and the Ukraine national team as a striker. the third – highest scorer in the history of European club competition with 63 goals. Awards: the Golden Ball and the UEFA Champions League in 2003 with AC Milan. -

7 Date of birth: Volodymyr – 25 March 1976 (Semypalatynsk, Kazakh SSR), Vitalii – 19 July 1971 (Belovodsk, Kyrgyz SSR) in family of Ukrainians. Vilatii is the current WBC world heavyweight champion. -great politician In Germany Four main belts Common debut in 1996 in Germany -social projects

8 -Date of birth: 15 August 1978 (Donetsk, Ukraine). -She is the 1996 Olympic all – around champion. -one of the best gymnasts in the history. -the proud owner of 45 gold, 21 silver and 14 bronze medals. -in 1995 in Japan -1996(Europe) -1996(Atlanta)

9 - Date of birth:7 August 1982(Simferopol,Crimea, Ukraine). -the greatest swimmer -in 1998 –senior debut -5 Olympic medals --10 titles, 19 European championship titles --Master of Sports of World Class - 2004 –the World Female Swimmer of the Year -Unmarried, one son

10 -the strongest man -Date of birth: 22 April 1974 (Ivano – Frankivsk, Ukraine). -1984-2000 -got married -2007 got married the second – two sons -in the finals of the World's Strongest Man contest in 2003 (3-rd place) and 2004 (1-st place). He won the 2007 IFSA Strongman World Championship.



13 1. He was born in…December,19 in 1983 2. His birthplace is our town…Hlukhiv 3. He studied in Hlukhivs national university…by Dovzhenko 4. He began to train as a biathlonist at the age of…13 5. His hobby is…fishing 6. He is married and has …one daughter,Ann 7. He had his first success in…2004 8. His first adult prize he got in…2007 in Poklyuk 9. In 2010 he won his …First World Cup

14 OPTIMISTS PESSIMISTS To be a sportsman is … -good - bad

15 Role-play. Interviewing - Do you like sport? -Does sport help you to keep fit? -How often do you go to the sports ground? -What sports are popular in your family? -Do you want to be a sportsman?


17 HOMEWORK -Write about your attitude to sport (1-9) -Prepare some information about a famous sportsman of our town(10-12)


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