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360 CheckPoint Multi-Rater Evaluation & 360 SkillBuilder

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1 360 CheckPoint Multi-Rater Evaluation & 360 SkillBuilder
A New Leadership Development Approach Assessments of the USA & Canada Profiles International

2 CheckPoint 360 Skill Builder
We have a new approach for 360 Multi-Rater Evaluations We have added an on-line follow up Leadership Development capability The 360 SkillBuilder makes it faster and more efficient for your Company to develop your leaders and managers!

3 The CheckPoint 360° Competency Feedback System
Assessments USA & Canada Profiles International, Inc. Presents The CheckPoint 360° Competency Feedback System A tool for organizational and professional development

4 “People do not quit companies, they quit management.”
In a recent survey which researched a variety of current leadership and management issues One of the most important things discovered from the survey was: “People do not quit companies, they quit management.”

5 The research revealed a significant number of companies expressed a major concern and need for:
Identifying and developing effective managers Verifying the specific management skill sets that are required to perform up to their full potential Achieving these two goals should be important to all companies today.

6 Through our continuing program of research, we have found that successful managers are highly competent in these eight areas: Communication Leadership Adaptability Relationships Task Management Production Development of Others Personal Development

7 Their competencies are supported by specific skill competency sets
COMMUNICATION Listens to Others Processes Information Communicates Effectively LEADERSHIP Instills Trust Provides Direction Delegates Responsibly ADAPTABILITY Adjusts to Circumstances Thinks Creatively RELATIONSHIPS Builds Personal Relationships Facilitates Team Success

8 Their competencies are supported by specific skill sets
TASK MANAGEMENT Works Efficiently Works Competently PRODUCTION Takes Action Achieves Results DEVELOPMENT OF OTHERS Cultivates Individual Talents Motivates Successfully PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT Displays Commitment Seeks Improvement

9 How can you be sure… Which of your managers already display these leadership skills and competencies? How effective leadership skills of your managers are perceived by the people with whom they interact on a daily basis?

10 A few important questions…
Has the departure of a manager ever been a cause for celebration? Can you think of a time when there was a dramatic change in job performance, either positively or negatively, when an employee was transferred to a different manager? Some managers seem to experience more “people problems” than others; why do you think that happens? Why do some managers get more productivity from their people than others? What training do you provide to improve your managers’ performance? When managers have failed to perform up to your expectations, what have you done to improve their effectiveness? What is your process for appraising the performance of your managers?

11 Many companies are successfully using our Checkpoint 360° Feedback system to improve leadership and management performance Here is why: It alerts managers to specific actions they can take to improve their performance It uncovers specific training needs It brings each manager’s goals in alignment with the company’s goals Managers identify the things they should keep doing, because they are productive Managers identify things they should stop doing, because they are counter-productive Managers identify things they want to start doing to become even more effective CheckPoint helps sharpen managerial skills It increases the level of communication between people and departments where cooperation is essential to the company’s success

12 CheckPoint measures 8 universal management competencies in 18 skill groups

13 360 CheckPoint implementation is a simple process
Select the managers you want to participate Identify the people who work closely with and for the selected managers All participants connect to the CheckPoint Internet website and complete a minute survey Confidential input from the participants is processed at the CheckPoint Processing Center and reports are delivered to you and your manager.

14 Who benefits from this system?
Participating Managers The Managers’ Bosses The Managers’ Direct Reports and Peers The Organization CheckPoint is Efficient and Effective CheckPoint is easy to implement, providing quick, accurate results Internet implementation assures easy input for all participants Key results are presented in four-color graphs, charts, and words that are easy to read and understand Report information provides the stimulus and awareness managers need to improve their skills and performance

15 The CheckPoint 360° Competency Feedback System Action from Information
What’s Next? The CheckPoint 360° Competency Feedback System Action from Information

16 Companies have been successfully using the CheckPoint 360° Competency Feedback System for over 10 years – it has been proven to be extremely effective. Now, there is more to the 360 CheckPoint System… After their 360 Evaluation is completed . . . Enroll them in the 360 CheckPoint SkillBuilder Leadership Development Series™

17 The CheckPoint SkillBuilder Series™ is an organized, self-paced, self-study professional development system that requires minimal HR effort. Contains thoroughly researched material that helps managers improve performance in the competencies they choose. Applies the exclusive Profiles’ KSS system to help managers: KEEP DOING the things they do well STOP DOING those things that interfere with their effectiveness START DOING things that will improve their performance 18 Valuable Management Skill Sets.

18 Listening To Others Processing Information Communicating Effectively Instilling Trust Building Personal Relationships Delegating Responsibility Adjusting To Circumstances Thinking Creatively Providing Direction Facilitating Team Success Working Efficiently Working Competently Taking Action Achieving Results Cultivating Individual Talents Motivating Successfully Displaying Commitment Seeking Improvement

19 Encourages managers to perform their jobs better.
Gives emphasis to the importance of managers to the organization and its goals. Pays big dividends in the form of improved productivity, fewer “people problems,” increased employee retention, and greater profits. This is a manager’s method for improving leadership and management skills. The Internet-based CheckPoint SkillBuilder Series can be used anywhere and at any time. It is convenient, easy-to-use, and effective.

20 The 360 SkillBuilder System includes:
Internet access to a self-paced, self-improvement program for the 18 leadership and management skill sets evaluated and identified by the CheckPoint 360 Competency Feedback System. When completed, the participant has created a 20+ page individualized self-improvement plan of action for ongoing professional and personal development.

21 Assessments of the USA & Canada Profiles International
The CheckPoint SkillBuilder Series™ Assessments of the USA & Canada Profiles International

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