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1 Developing More-effective Leaders Using Multi-rater Feedback Systems Assessments USA & Canada 800-808-6311 805-934-5956 www.Assessments.Biz.

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1 1 Developing More-effective Leaders Using Multi-rater Feedback Systems Assessments USA & Canada

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3 3 Key Skills Required of Successful Leaders Communication Leadership Adaptability Relationships Task Management Production Development of others Personal Development

4 4 Competencies Leaders Must Have Communication Listens to Others Processes Information Communicates Effectively Leadership Instills Trust Provides Direction Delegates Responsibility

5 5 Adaptability Adjusts to Circumstances Thinks Creatively Relationships Builds Personal Relationships Facilitates Team Success Task Management Works Efficiently Works Competently Competencies Leaders Must Have

6 6 Production Takes Action Achieve Results Development of others Cultivates Individual Talents Motivates Successfully Personal Development Displays Commitment Seeks Improvement Competencies Leaders Must Have

7 7 To what degree do your managers have these Leadership Characteristics? What is the perception of your managers Leadership skills?

8 8 Traditional Supervisory Review Neutral or de-motivating Autocratic Unbalanced Varies in time efficiency May or may not be equitable Judgment based Traditional Feedback Manager Boss

9 9 What is a 360° multi-rater Feedback system? Supervisor Colleagues (peers) Direct Reports (subordinates) New model that improves the appraisal process Multi rater feedback Taps the collective wisdom of those who work most closely with the individual: Gives managers clear understanding of personal strengths and areas needing development

10 10 Where Are You?

11 11 360° Review Process Motivates behavior change Participative Balanced Time efficient Equitable 360° Review Process Manager Direct Report Peer Manager Boss

12 12 I predict that within 5 years, everyone will have to do a 360-degree review. Stephen Covey, author of The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People and other best-selling business books. Quoted in USA Weekend

13 13 Companies Use Multi-Rater Feedback System For... Individual career development Identifying training needs and measuring training effectiveness Leadership and management development Building team performance Performance appraisals Succession planning Changing their corporate culture

14 14 Profiles International, Inc. Assessments USA & Canada

15 15 What the Checkpoint 360° Competency Feedback System Measures 18 Skill Sets Communication Including the skills of 1. Listening to Others, 2. Processing Information and 3. Communicating Effectively. Leadership Covering the abilities of 4. Instilling Trust, 5. Providing Direction and 6. Delegating Responsibility. Adaptability Encompassing the skills of 7. Adjusting to Circumstances and 8. Thinking Creatively. Relationships Assessing the capabilities to 9. Build Relationships and 10. Facilitate Team Success.

16 16 Task Management Gauging the level of aptitude for 11. Working Efficiently and 12. Working Competently. Production Appraising ability to 13. Initiate Action and 14. Achieve Results. Development of Others Measuring proficiencies in 15. Cultivating Individual Talents and 16. Motivating Successfully. Personal Development Including the behaviors of 17. Displaying commitment and 18. Seeking Improvement. Checkpoint 360° Competency Feedback System

17 17 Simple Process Determine which mangers you want to evaluate in each 360 cycle Set up 360 Account with Participants Participants complete surveys on-line Anonymity is guaranteed 360 Processing Center returns the 360 Feedback Reports directly to you

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19 19 Profiles CheckPoint 360° Competency Feedback System

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22 22 Benefits of Using the Profiles Checkpoint 360° Feedback System Better Job Performance Increased Productivity More Effective Managers Aligning Employees Performance With Company Goals Higher Morale and Increased Commitment to Excellence

23 23 Who Benefits? Leaders and Managers Supervisors Employees Teams The Organization Customers WIN- WIN -WIN!

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25 25 Profiles 360 CheckPoint Internet System includes Checkpoint 360° Survey Passwords for Self, Boss & 10 Peer/Direct Report Respondents A 360 Feedback Report A Developmental Summary Option for 360 SkillBuilder Modules

26 26 Developing More-effective Leaders Using Multi-Rater Feedback Systems

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