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Annual Reports/Section Awards Laura Richard Director, Region V 17 May 2012.

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1 Annual Reports/Section Awards Laura Richard Director, Region V 17 May 2012

2 2 Section Awards Honors particularly notable performances by a section as a whole, rather than the work of an individual member Each award is bestowed annually in seven categories based on section size Outstanding Section award/Outstanding Activity award Young Professional award STEM K-12 Outreach award (Harry Staubs) Communications award Public Policy award Membership award Career & Workforce Development award Section officers can add information but the final report can only be submitted by the Outgoing Chair Cash award and certificate presented (except Outstanding Activity) Award period 1 June - 31 May each year First place winners honored at Aerospace Sciences Meeting in January All reports must by submitted by June 30 2012

3 3 Submission Submission of the Annual Report Be sure to include everything your section supported Do not judge yourself; something that may not seem like a success because your expectations were too high might be worthy of an award

4 4 Suggestions for Next Year It is a good idea to look at the annual report format at the beginning of the year to help give the section ideas worth pursuing The templates will be available all year long; officers can go into the forms and comment/summarize any activity at any time ( These awards come with monetary incentives for the section to move on to bigger and better activities

5 5 Outstanding Section Award Presented to sections judged on their overall activities and contributions throughout the year The basis for this award is the Section Annual Report/ Outstanding Section/Outstanding Activity Award form

6 6 Career and Workforce Development Award Presented for section activities that are beneficial to career and workforce development, such as: Time Management Workshops Career Transition Workshops Career Benefits Workshops (health care reform, financial planning, etc.) Technical vs. Management Career Path Workshops Resume Writing Interviewing Skills Employee Assistance Programs relative to Job Fairs Announcements of Job Openings etc.

7 7 Communications Award Presented to sections that have developed and implemented an outstanding communication outreach program during the section year Winning criteria includes the following: level of difficulty and complexity as well as timeliness, multiple methods of communications, frequency, format and content of the communication outreach This award shall be presented for innovative communication outreaches, which include, but are not limited to, the following activities: Newsletters Web sites Electronic Announcements (i.e., e-mails, fax) Advertising/Public Affairs Use of the AIAA Table Top Display, AIAA banner, and other membership promotional materials Use of Company's TV monitors and posting services Articles to Regional newsletters, AeroSpace America magazine, local newsletters The nominating material should describe the activities concisely; supporting material such as correspondence, announcements, news clippings or anything else, which would illustrate the quality of the communication should be attached

8 8 Membership Award Presented for increasing the sections' membership by planning and implementing effective new member recruitment, retention campaigns, member upgrades sponsored by the section, number of RAC meetings, number of section officers attending RLC, number of National award nominations submitted by section members Easiest one to do! Provide write-up for membership recruitment and retention activities List numerical values for 16 items Upload copies of AIAA and non-AIAA newsletters with membership articles Upload copies of award nomination cover pages Upload copies of membership incentive programs

9 9 STEM K-12 Award Outreach (Harry Staubs) Presented to sections that have developed and implemented an outstanding STEM K-12 outreach program that provided quality educational resources for the Nation's K-12 teachers in the areas of science, technical, engineering, and mathematics Increase educator associate members and educator conference attendance Expand recognition of teachers for efforts contributing to a stronger aerospace workforce Expand online K-12 materials Section Member participation in competitions and programs as coaches, mentors, judges, hosts of local events and directly working with students in classroom environment

10 10 Public Policy Award Presented to sections for stimulating public awareness of the needs and benefits of aerospace research and development, particularly on the part of government representatives, and for educating its members in the value of public policy activities Section participation in Congressional Visits Day Section participation in August is for Aerospace Special Public Policy Section Events

11 11 Young Professional Activity Award Presented to sections that demonstrate excellence in planning and executing successful events that encourage the participation of young professional members in the AIAA and provide opportunities for leadership at the sectional, regional, and AIAA Standing Committee levels The YPC requires that the four essay questions be answered before we look at the rest of the submission

12 Annual Reports/Awards We will be using Word templates except for the Membership award form which is in Excel - It is NOT an online process The new templates can be accessed from SharePoint, from the Regions page in the folder HQ documents/2011-2012 Section Annual Report Form and Awards ( You will need to download the forms to your hard drive and then save to the Document Folder on your section page using the following naming convention 2012 Columbus__Public Policy.pdf 2012 New England__STEM K-12.pdf 2012 Cape Canaveral__Outstanding Section.pdf Once they are on your section SharePoint page, any Contributor may open the document and enter information Edits can be made by mousing over the document, clicking on the down arrow and then Edit in Microsoft Word (or Excel) 12

13 13 Annual Reports/Awards Once the edits are complete, save the document The preferred browser to use with SharePoint is Internet Explorer. You may experience problems if using another browser If for some reason you cannot use SharePoint, the forms can be e-mailed to the Section Chair The section Annual Report is the only one required to receive your annual section rebate; the section awards are optional These are the forms you will see listed: Section Annual Report ( mandatory )/Outstanding section award/Outstanding activity award (optional) Young Professional award (optional) STEM K-12 Outreach award – Harry Staub (optional) Communications award (optional) Public Policy award (optional) Membership award (optional) Career & Workforce Development award (optional) For category award reports, include only events or activities specifically related to that category (do not include council meetings, or dinner meetings not specifically held for the category)

14 Changes to Annual Reports/Awards 14 One change from last year the Annual Report, the Outstanding Section and Outstanding Activity awards are all combined on one form The Outstanding Section award portion asks a few questions regarding the overall mission and goals of the section that are separate from a general listing of section activities The length of the Annual Report is limited to 12 pages which includes attachments such as flyers, pictures, newsletters, etc.; you may also include links to URLs. The Outstanding Section and Outstanding Activity portions are limited to 2 pages each Submission of annual report/section awards All submissions are to be made only by the outgoing Chair in one e-mail to Chris Jessee - 703-264-3848 To be considered for a section award, all forms, including the annual report must be submitted by June 30 Winners of the Section Awards are announced via a Press Release mid September Rebate Checks will be issued in late October following the close of AIAAs fiscal year

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