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The National Connection for Local Public Health Model Practice Reviewer Guide April - May 2010.

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1 The National Connection for Local Public Health Model Practice Reviewer Guide April - May 2010

2 March - April 2010 Table of Contents Background Information…. Slide 3 Reviewer's Tips…Slide 4 Login Process… Slides 5, and 7 Pick an Application to Review…Slide 8 Application Verify your Contact information…Slide 9 How to View and Print the Application you are reviewing…Slide 10 How to Navigate through the Application…Slide 11 Scoring the Application…Slide 13 Submitting your Review…Slide 14. Confirmation Page and Application Home Page…Slide 15 to Slide 16 Consensus Calls…Slide 17 Model Practice Reviewers timeline…Slide 18

3 March - April 2010 Background Information The Model Practice Program serves two purposes: 1)To honor and recognize outstanding local public health practices 2)To promote sharing these outstanding practices among local health departments via an online database, which can be found on the NACCHO website We recognize two levels of award distinction: a Model Practice, which meets the criteria of local public health role, collaboration, innovation, responsiveness, and evaluation, and a Promising Practice, which meets all the above criteria except that the evaluation is not strong enough to receive Model Practice designation. Selection of model or promising practices is a peer review process. We rely on all of our advisory workgroups to serve as those peers. As such, judging Model Practice submissions is an obligation of all NACCHO advisory group members, as stated in the roles and expectations provided in the advisory group orientation packet. If your agency submitted a practice, you will not judge that practice. However, that does not excuse you from judging other practices. Model Practices are not competitive, i.e. they are not judged against one another, only against the set criteria. There is no minimum or maximum number of awards given. The first round of 2010 call for submissions closed on Friday, February 12 and the second round closes on Friday, April 9. NACCHO staff review all the submissions for completeness and assign them to the different advisory groups. Submissions deemed incomplete are not assigned. The following information will help guide you through the review process.

4 March - April 2010 Tips on How to Review Please take your time to explain decisions, note any information that is missing, and suggest ways the applicants can strengthen their responses. While applicants do not have the opportunity to modify their application this year in response to feedback, they are encouraged to do so and resubmit in future years. Your review questions will be highlighted in a yellow text box, while the applicants answers will be bolded in a green text box. Comments are recommended for each question, and required for the final designation. Please keep in mind that your comments will be summarized and placed into the notification letter. Comments are intended to assist applicants in any re-application. Evaluation section: Keep in mind that health departments often do not have the resources to conduct long-term health outcome evaluation. Focus instead on the purpose, goals, and objectives of the practice. There are sections of the applications that do not have corresponding criteria or require reviewers to evaluate; those sections are provided to you as supporting information. If you have questions anytime throughout the process, please get in touch with your advisory groups staff contact.

5 March - April 2010 To begin your review, go to NACCHO's homepage at to log in. Part 1 of the Review Process – Online Review Click Log In

6 March - April 2010 Reviewer Login Enter your email address. Enter your password. Click the go button. If you need technical assistance or forgot your password please contact Jamaal Graham at or 202-507-4287.

7 March - April 2010 Reviewer Login Click NACCHO Applications to find the Model Practice application/s assigned to you.

8 March - April 2010 Reviewer Assigned Applications Click Review link next to the Model Practice application you are reviewing.

9 March - April 2010 Verify Contact Information Click Continue after confirming your contact information.

10 March - April 2010 Reading & Printing Your Assigned Applications Click View Application link at any time for the application to appear in a separate window to allow for side-by-side comparison. Click Print Application & Review link at any time to print the application along with your review.

11 March - April 2010 How to Navigate Through the Application Click Back to go to the previous page. After you have completed a page you can click Save and Finish Later to come back to your review at another time. Click Continue to move to the next page. (note: all required fields must be filled in to continue).

12 March - April 2010 Sections of the Application Do Not Require Review You will notice on this page there are no yellow text boxes that require you to respond. Please feel free to read through these sections for supporting information or click Continue to move on.

13 March - April 2010 Scoring Applications This is where you begin scoring the application. The applicants answers are bolded in a green text box. Please select a score (1-5) for each question and then write your comments in text box available. Note: Comments are recommended.

14 March - April 2010 Submitting Your Scored Applications If you think the final designation for the application is Model Practice please select Yes from drop down. If not select No. Note that comments are required. If you think the final designation for the application is Promising Practice please select Yes from the drop down. If not select No. Note that comments are required. If you think the designation isNeither please make sure No is selected in both drop downs. When you are finished click Submit.

15 March - April 2010 Confirmation Page This confirmation page will appear once you have submitted a review. You will also receive an email confirmation. Please click Back to Applications home to go and review another application. If you would like to print your review please go back to the applications home page.

16 March - April 2010 Print a Copy of your Review Click Print Application & Review for a copy of the review you just submitted.

17 March - April 2010 Part 2 of the Review Process – Consensus Calls Each application will be reviewed by three advisory group members. If all reviewers rate a submission the same way (i.e., all rated it as model, promising, or neither), this will be the final designation for that submission. More often than not, however, a submission will receive multiple ratings. For example, one reviewer will rate it as a model and another will rate it as neither. In these cases we hold conference calls, which constitute part two of the review process. During these calls, all the reviewers for each submission discuss the rationale for their ratings and to come to a consensus on the final rating. The scores serve as a basis for this discussion. It is very important that the reviewers are in agreement with how a submission should be rated. Your advisory group staff contact will set up the exact day and time of the call. If you or your agency submitted a practice and it is up for discussion within your workgroup, you will be asked to excuse yourself during that part of the discussion.

18 March - April 2010 Model Practice Timeline Round I of online reviews – March 29 to April 14 Round II of online reviews – April 21 to May 3 Round I Consensus calls – To take place by April 16 Round II Consensus calls – To take place by May 10 Applicant notification – By May 19 Model Practice reception – During NACCHO Annual Conference 2010, July 14-16, Memphis, TN

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