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Starting an ESC Chapter in Your State. Energy Services Coalition Mission To promote the benefits of, provide education on, and serve as an advocate for.

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1 Starting an ESC Chapter in Your State

2 Energy Services Coalition Mission To promote the benefits of, provide education on, and serve as an advocate for the widespread use of energy performance contracting in public and private facilities

3 Energy Services Coalition Diverse membership provides a unique opportunity to: –Provide independent third party information and education –Identify and overcome barriers

4 What Does the ESC Do? Helps building owners be good customers through education, information and resources Increases the financing options available to building owners Makes performance contracting a fully available option for upgrading all types of facilities Provides continual improvement of the performance contracting process

5 ESC Membership Members include representatives of: –State energy offices –State facility management agencies –Energy service companies –Building owners –Finance companies –Federal agencies –Others

6 Services and Resources Educational workshops at locations around the U.S. Resources (available from ESC web site): –Guide to performance contracting –Template procurement and contracting documents for performance contracting –Database of energy professionals and service providers by state –Online discussion forum

7 ESC State Chapters

8 Importance of ESC State Chapters State chapters carry ESCs educational message to individuals who need to understand performance contracting and to use it to upgrade their buildings: –Building managers, financial institutions, engineers, procurement and legal staff, and others involved in the decision-making process

9 Who Benefits from ESC State Chapters Implementation of energy efficiency and building upgrades is good for everyone: –Building occupants and owners –State energy offices –ESCOs –Finance companies –Environment

10 ESC State Chapters To Date Alabama Arkansas Arizona California Colorado Florida Kentucky Louisiana Maryland Massachusetts Minnesota Mississippi Nevada New Hampshire New Mexico North Carolina Ohio South Carolina Tennessee Texas Utah Virginia

11 Starting an ESC State Chapter Step One: Identify a state agency representative who is willing to be the public sector co-chair of the chapter Step Two: Schedule a kickoff meeting of ESC state chapter –Invite building owners, legal and purchasing staff, ESCOs, finance companies, in your state Step Three: Hold kickoff meeting

12 Typical Agenda for Kickoff Meeting Introduction to the ESC –Structure, Committees, Activities Announce Public Sector Co-Chair Appoint interim Private Sector Co-Chair Establish committees to develop workplans Schedule next meeting

13 ESC State Chapters Relationship to National ESC ESC state chapters function as committees of the National ESC Activities and leadership of ESC state chapters are subject to the approval of the ESC national executive board

14 ESC State Chapter Leadership ESC State Chapter Co-Chairs –Public Sector Chair Usually represents the state energy office Usually self-selected –Private Sector Chair Usually represents an ESCO Elected by state ESC chapter members

15 ESC State Chapter Goal Develop an outreach program that: –Provides education on performance contracting to the target audience in their state –Is workable for the ESC State Chapter and its members

16 ESC State Chapter Tasks Provide performance contracting training sessions, workshops, and similar events

17 ESC State Chapter Tasks Identify key individuals and organizations in the state would benefit from energy performance contracting –Submit ESC state chapter articles for publication in newsletters, business journals, magazines –Provide ESC state chapter speakers for other organizations meetings –Set up information booths at conferences

18 ESC State Chapter Tasks Divide the performance of these tasks among ESC state chapter members so that it is workable for all the members ESC state chapter members that participate in ESC outreach activities represent the ESC, delivering education rather than company-specific selling

19 Suggested Responsibilities for ESC State Chapter Committees

20 Membership Committee Responsibilities Recruit members for the ESC state chapter –Any person joining the ESC are members of their respective states ESC chapter Gather contact information of interested persons (e.g., attendee lists from conferences and other events attended by chapter members) and e-mail this contact information to the national ESC

21 Outreach Committee Responsibilities Identify organizations whose members would benefit from learning about performance contracting; arrange to have articles in newsletters and ESC speakers at their meetings

22 Outreach Committee Responsibilities Work with National ESC to prepare and submit news releases describing ESC state chapters achievements Prepare and keep a calendar of upcoming state chapter events

23 Outreach Committee Responsibilities Prepare articles on state chapter events that have occurred (with pictures if possible) Submit calendar and articles to the National ESC for posting on the ESC web site

24 Workshops Committee Responsibilities Hold performance contracting workshop(s) each year –Coordinate workshop logistics with the Naitonal ESC –National ESC can provide attendee registration through the ESC web site

25 State-Specific Documents Committee Responsibilities Prepare a short summary of the laws/rules relating to performance contracting in the state –Cover each vertical market in the state –Include contacts and web links for additional information on rules applying to each vertical market –An ESC template is available Prepare a state-specific guide to performance contracting based on ESC template

26 State-Specific Documents Committee Responsibilities If necessary, prepare state-specific versions of ESC procurement and contracting documents –Start with ESC template documents –Where possible, suggest improvements to national documents so they can be tailored to meet both state-specific and national needs

27 State-Specific Documents Committee Responsibilities Prepare quarterly and annual summaries of new performance contracting projects in the state –Project address, contact information, square feet, expected energy savings –Submit to the State Chapter Outreach Committee and the National ESC so they can work together to promote recognition

28 State-Specific Documents Committee Responsibilities Submit prepared documents to the national ESC Documents Committee for review, approval, and inclusion on the ESC web site

29 When You are Ready to Start an ESC State Chapter... For information, materials or assistance on how to make your KICKOFF MEETING a success, visit our web site at (click on Contact ESC) Let us help you get your ESC state chapter up and running today!

30 Are there any questions about the ESC or starting your ESC State Chapter?

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