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Michigan Section Dinner Meeting 20 October 2010, 1900-2100 Uptown Grille, Commerce Twp, MI.

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1 Michigan Section Dinner Meeting 20 October 2010, Uptown Grille, Commerce Twp, MI

2 Agenda 7:00 - 7:30 Introductions, Reception 7:30 - 8:00 Dinner 8:00 - 8:15 Section Overview Review of Annual Report and Budget 2010 – 2011 Goals Committee Status 8:15 – 8:20 Section Logo Selection 8:20 – 8:30 University of Michigan Chapter Presentation 8:30 - 8:45 Activities for 2010 – :45 - 9:00 Open Discussion 9:00 Adjourn

3 Annual Report and Budget Section Activity for 2009 – 10010: One Attendee from Michigan Section at RLC Two Attendees from Michigan Section at CVD Significant increase in activity desired for 2010 – 2011! Budget Summary Starting: $6, – 2011 Income: $3, – 2011 Expenses: $5, – 2011 Closing: $4,205.64

4 2010 – 2011 Goals Create and maintain a Project Schedule with section activates, goals and due dates Develop a Michigan Section logo Hold at least (1) Distinguished Speaker Event Issue a newsletter by 1/30/2011 Implement at least (1) Student Section tour of an aerospace company by May 2011 Outreach to a minimum of 2 university chapters with an in-person visit by May 2011 Conduct a minimum of (1) K-12 / STEM engineers as educators event by May 2011 Fill Membership Chair by the end of CY 2010 Fill Secretary Chair by the end of CY 2010 Fill Young Professionals Chair by the end of CY 2010 Conduct a minimum of (2) YP events by May 2011 Add a minimum of (10) new educator associate members to the Michigan Section by 5/2011 Assembly a list of MI aerospace companies to begin a professional membership recruitment push

5 Section Organization Section Chair: John Sordyl Vice Chair: Jamey Condevaux Treasurer: Thomas Mirowski Secretary: Vacant Communications: Vacant Education (K-12 outreach): Vacant Membership: Vacant Public Policy: Vacant Honors and Awards: Vacant Activities: Vacant Young Professionals: Vacant Career Enhancement: Vacant Student Chapter Liaisons: Vacant

6 Membership Membership Focus: Recruit more educator associates Retain students as they transition to professionals Provide personal contact to members who are about to expire 481 Total Members 3 Drops in October 3 Adds in October October 2010

7 High Priority Position Recruitment Secretary Keeps meeting minutes, publishes to website Membership Chair Downloads monthly membership data, provides slide updates quarterly, contacts dropped members Plans membership recruitment events / ideas Special focus on retaining student members as 1 st year professionals Young Professionals Chair Organizes (2) annual YP events to identify, engage members under 35

8 Michigan Section Logo Selection

9 Announcements Congressional Visits Day (CVD) registration open 5 – 6 March 2011

10 2010 – 2011 Activities (2) Dinner meetings (1)K-12 STEM event (1)Distinguished speaker event (2)YP events (1) Student tour of an aerospace facility Other ideas? Yankee Air Museum tour Spring picnic Discovery flight day

11 Open Discussion Thank You for Attending!

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