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AIAA National Essay Contest Samantha Infeld AIAA SSTC August 17, 2010.

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1 AIAA National Essay Contest Samantha Infeld AIAA SSTC August 17, 2010

2 Concept Last year the SSTC co-sponsored the annual 7-8 th grade essay contest in the SF section – Traditionally topics on aerospace policy, history, or technology Several other sections run or have run essay contests Align and expand these contests to feed into SSTC-run national essay contest. – This year: involve at least committee-members local sections (probably 5-20 sections) – Next year: promote to all sections with evolved guidelines and rules – Future: co-sponsor national contest with other TCs, consistent private sponsor

3 National Essay Award Benefits – Encourage technical writing capabilities at a vital development time by presenting technical problem to answer and support – Encourage local section connection with teachers and schools and contribution to STEM education Awards – 7 th grade and 8 th grade – $500 and Certificate – Student membership – May also pay for class field trip or STEM-related educational equipment if get sponsor (would name award for a long-term sponsor) Need at least $2000 more to add this award – Post essay on AIAA website – Submit story and essays to Aerospace America – Each section do what they can for section-level awards (may differ between sections)

4 Process Timeline July/August: – National: Send essay question, national due date, other rules, guidelines, and resources to sections – Local: Receive essay question, national due date, other rules, guidelines, and resources from SSTC and confirm participation August/September: – Local: Start promoting contest February/March: – Local: Due date, judging, winners notified, winning essays forwarded to SSTC April: – National: Judging, announcement of national winners, – Local: awards presented (can announce national winner(s) at local awards) May: – National: Presentation/mailing of national award(s)

5 Essay Guidelines Qualifications – 7 th or 8 th grade living in section counties – Double-spaced, typewritten (size 12 font) essay in 1000 words or less. – Student name, teacher name, and school name must be written in the top right hand corner of the essay. – A summer mailing address is required for notification. Email-address also requested. – Mail or email to…(section PO box, K-12 officer) Criteria – Originality of ideas presented – Soundness of logic used to develop ideas – Realism of ideas presented – Quality of composition and clarity of expression

6 Essay Topic SSTC is enthusiastic to use their new charge to include CubeSats in committee activities Topic: Propose a space mission using a CubeSat. Include – where it would fly, – what data it would gather, – what type of instruments would be onboard to gather that data, – and the benefits expected for science, technology, or education.

7 Resources for Sections Promotion – Put contact name, phone, email on announcement – Encourage classroom visits by members to present CubeSats (try to bring one if you have a connection to a CubeSat project). – Section emails, newsletters, events – Targeted mail to Educator Associates – Principals – PTA officers – Supervisor of STEM for County or District Board of Education – STEM teacher organizations, teacher workshops – Museum education coordinators/directors Judging – Collect essays in one file; if many (>50), discard entries that dont meet qualifications – Recruit judges 1-2 months before due date – Hold a judging event at a home or coffeeshop or ? – Bring 1 hard copy of each essay, scoring matrices, and pencils for each judge – If many essays, may split them into groups to divide effort, but at least 2 judges per essay – May select top 3-5 scoring essays in 7 th and 8 th grade and discuss to come to consensus on winners

8 Resources for Section Awarding – Can choose to award 2 nd, 3 rd places and runner- ups, but send 1 st place winners for both 7 th and 8 th grade to SSTC ASAP ( – Ideas: certificates, checks, bonds, plaques, awards banquet, trip to a lab or science museum for their family or class – If award includes an event, notify winners early with an invitation to the event or to schedule the trip

9 Judging Matrix Please rate from 1-10 (10 highest) for each criteria Reviewers name: Strong, supported argument Creativity and richness of ideas Grammar and spelling Correct science/te chnology Score (out of 100) WEIGHT332210 Writer 1537854 Writer 210 5376

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