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ARMA International 2012 Region Leadership ARMA HQ and Your Chapter: Resources for Success.

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1 ARMA International 2012 Region Leadership ARMA HQ and Your Chapter: Resources for Success

2 What we’ll cover Association Structure 2012 Survey Results Chapter Operation e-Handbook site Leadership Academy Session of the Month Membership Future Development Plans Who to Contact at HQ

3 Regions & Chapters Chapter is a “subsidiary” of ARMA International – issued a charter to formalize connection 120 Chapters – Providing localized educational opportunities and networking on an ongoing basis. 11 Regions (9 North America) – Positions Region Manager Region Coordinators Treasurer – Role Support chapters with governance and administrative issues Ensure communications flow between chapters and HQ Support and reinforce programs and communications from HQ

4 Regions & Chapters ARMA International Board of Directors HQ Staff/Director of Member Services Region Leadership Team Chapter

5 Survey Results 1.3 largest challenges for chapters: 1.Membership Participation – 67% 2.Board/Volunteer Burn Out – 59% 3.Membership Recruitment/Retention – 56% 2.Areas chapter want ARMA to focus on: 1.Membership Participation – 25% 2.Membership Recruitment/Retention – 22% 3.Funding for events/speakers, etc.– 12%

6 Survey Results 3.Top resources chapters utilize: 1.Chapter Connections – 78% 2.Chapter Operation e-Handbook site – 57% 3.In person training at Region Leadership Conference – 48% 4.Most beneficial resources to chapters: 1.Chapter Connections 2.In person training at Region Leadership Conference 3.Chapter Operation e-Handbook site 5.Overall satisfaction with support from ARMA International – 93%

7 Chapter Operations – Updated in real time – Chapter operations resources, forms, templates, & samples – Leadership Academy – Reports


9 Leadership Academy

10 New CourseOld Course(s) How to Communicate More Effectively Communication Skills Meeting Leadership Challenges Effective Coaching for Leaders (This is mostly new material) Effective Mentoring Strategies for Motivating Your Team Motivational Skills Keys to Successful Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Conflict Management and Resolution Influencing Others How to Improve Your Time- Management Skills Time Management

11 Leadership Academy Online Courses – “Professional Leadership Certificate” 5 online courses 1 hour per course Resources are downloadable Test at the completion of all courses - 80% to pass Certificate awarded after successful completion 5.5 ICRM credits pre-approved – Login & Password = same as My ARMA login

12 Session of the Month Launched January 2011 To date have approximately 25 chapters per month utilizing the program. Great way to add value to chapter membership and additional educational offerings. More details found in the Education Program Development Section of the e-Handbook site. mDevelopment/SOM.aspx

13 Session of the Month Overall Program Sessions available for 1 month Only MER sessions from 2010 & 2011 – 2012 coming soon Members access through their “My ARMA” Templates to help you market Reporting

14 Session of the Month Benefits Readily available educational programming at no charge to the chapter. Relevant and timely topics. Allows members to access content at their leisure and time. Reinforces chapter membership value.

15 Session of the Month How to use: In conjunction with current chapter programing for members who couldn’t attend. As an separate session in addition to current chapter programming to provide diversity in educational offerings. As chapter programming to have in-person discussions. – test ahead of time

16 Membership Participation Expectations – 100% participation is not realistic – So what is? Set Goals

17 Membership Reports Data Rules/usage – For chapter use only – Distributed monthly

18 Recruitment & Retention of Members Discuss as a board Review resources and information on e- Handbook site Webinar – “Beyond the Obvious” Benefits of Membership PDF coming New Member emails Contacting Terminating members

19 Competition Other organizations/vendors ARMA Offerings Web & everything else

20 Connecting with Leaders iConference Social Media (LinkedIn, Facebook) Region Conference Annual Conference You will only get out of the connections what you put into them!

21 Future Development Association wide Membership Recruitment/Retention Campaign Review of HQ/Chapter Support Initiatives Online real time report generation Development of Education/Speaker Database Analyzing Region/Chapter structure to determine short and long term enhancements and modifications to the program for the betterment of the members, chapters, and the association Enhancing support materials and information on the Chapter Operation e- Handbook site to assist chapters in the administration of chapter processes and procedures Developing training programs (topic specific and leadership) to strengthen the knowledge of chapter leaders Evaluating Chapter’s needs of technology and how ARMA can better assist. (real time roster generations, prospecting, email communications, website, etc.)

22 Who to Contact in Member Services Shaun Hubble, Chapter Relations Coordinator – Awards program – 990 Form questions – Chapter board updates and changes – Roster and escrow concerns – Chapter organizational/operations questions – Chapter Operation e-Handbook site – Programs – Chapter Website, Session of the Month, & Grants Julie Tesch, Member Services Coordinator – Individual member concerns, application and renewal dues payments, and membership data issues for specific individual Liz Icenogle, Manager of Member Services – Association Membership Recruitment and Retention activities Trevor Mitchell, Director of Member Services – Region and chapter strategic and succession planning – Leadership development and training Contact by email: or phone: 800-422-2762

23 Thank you!

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