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Society & Aerospace Technology TC Spring Teleconference

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1 Society & Aerospace Technology TC Spring Teleconference
Jarret M. Lafleur Chair, Bradley A. Steinfeldt Vice Chair, Christopher M. Hearsey Secretary, May 17, 2012

2 Agenda Call to Order and TC Member Introductions News and Information
Project Updates from Members Action Requests Featured Presentation Adjourn Telecon Call-In 5:00 PM Eastern Time Toll-Free: (800) Toll: (303) Access Code:

3 News and Information Space 2012 Update
Space 2012 TC Meeting Scheduling ASM 2013 Update AIAA New Event Model Conference Changes SATTC Annual Performance Evaluation Recent Officer and Roster Updates

4 SAT Space 2012 SPACE 2012 When: Tuesday, September 11 – Thursday, September 13 Where: Pasadena Convention Center, Pasadena, CA Registration Now Open! Early Bird Deadline: August 13 Reasonably strong participation (~8 SAT oriented papers) History, Society, and Policy Track Tuesday, September 11 10:30 – 12:30 PM: Space Policy (Room 208) 6:30 – 8:00 PM: Poster Session (Exposition Hall) Wednesday, September 12 10:00 – 12:00 PM: Space and Society (Room 101) 4:00 – 6:00 PM: Delta Forum: Space Law as an Essential Ally (Ballroom A) Thursday, September 13 10:30 – 12:30 PM: Sustaining the Vision: The Space Shuttles and Their Missions for the Next Hundred Years (Ballroom F) 4:00 – 6:00 PM: History and Future of Space Exploration (Room 101)

5 Space 2012 TC Meeting Scheduling
SAT TC will soon be asked about Space 2012 dinner meeting scheduling. To help us make the best possible scheduling decision, please indicate your availability: We are planning to make this meeting open to ALL members via teleconference. Please fill out this survey even if you do not plan to the attend Space 2012 in person.

6 SAT TC @ ASM 2013 SAT Session advertisement
Abstract deadline: Tuesday, June, 5, 2012 Encourage colleagues TC members have also reached out to other groups Interest in assistant chair Training: May 24th or 31st Other activities Delta Forum last year

7 AIAA New Event Model Conference Changes
New Event Model Goals Ensure our Institute is relevant to aerospace professionals Ensure our conferences integrate a spectrum of topics of interest to the profession (technical disciplines, systems, policy, operations, etc.) Ensure our overall events provide meaningful professional development and interaction opportunities to the broad aerospace community (conference papers/presentations, networking, education, etc.) Ensure our events are financially viable (both for the attendee and for the Institute) Ensure that our conferences are “must attend” events for all those in our profession and can accommodate expansion into new technology and program areas

8 AIAA New Event Model Conference Changes
Definitions Conference – a meeting focused on a specific technology discipline or a related set of disciplines Exposition – a companion exhibit / trade show that allows conference attendees to interact with representatives of commercial industrial base Forum – an umbrella event that includes a collection of technical, programmatic, policy, etc., sessions on topics of interest to aerospace professionals Tiers – different organized levels of forum New events you’ll see next are all Forums and Expositions that use the old AIAA Conferences as building blocks.

9 AIAA New Event Model Conference Changes
Winter Winter/Spring Early Summer Mid-Summer Late Summer Aerospace Science and Technology Forum and Exposition Aerospace Defense and Security Forum and Exposition Aviation and Aeronautics Forum and Exposition Propulsion and Energy Forum and Exposition Space and Astronautics Forum and Exposition Attendance: 2,200 Open Sessions Only Focus: Advances in fundamental R&D in all areas of aerospace. Inherited Conferences: ASM ASME Wind Energy SDM et al. Confs. Attendance: 600 US Only, Classified and Unclassified Restricted Sessions Focus: Technical, programmatic, and policy issues pertaining to aerospace in US National Security. Inherited Conferences: Strat. & Tact. Missiles Missile Sciences WS Effectiveness Attendance: 2,600 Mix of Open and ITAR Restricted Sessions Focus: Programmatic and technical disciplines related to air transportation, aviation, and fundamentals of atmospheric flight. Inherited Conferences: Aviation 20XX ADS Conferences Fluids et. al. Confs. GNC et. al. Confs. ICES InfoTech CASE ISPHST ANER Symp. Attendance: 1,000 Mix of Open and ITAR Restricted Sessions Focus: Bringing technologists, developers, operators, program managers, chief engineers, and policy makers together to discuss aerospace propulsion and energy issues and challenges. Inherited Conferences: JPC IECEC Attendance: 1,300 Mix of Open and ITAR Restricted Sessions Focus: Programmatic and technical discipline aspects of spaceflight and technologies of applications outside the atmosphere. Inherited Conferences: Space 20XX ICSSC Astrodynamics Conf. ICES CASE InfoTech

10 AIAA New Event Model Conference Changes
Three-Tiered Program Structure Plenary – provides the aerospace professional insight into the opportunities and challenges that face the aerospace industry Integration – provides the aerospace professional the ability to engage in cross-cutting topics and solutions to system level challenges Discipline – provides the aerospace professional the opportunity to engage in technical exchange on focused topics of interest

11 AIAA New Event Model Conference Changes
SAT TC Proposed Roles Tier Science and Technology Defense and Security Aviation and Aeronautics Propulsion and Energy Space and Astronautics Plenary S N/A Integration O Discipline O = “organizer” – primary responsibility for Tier planning; actively engaged in track, session, panel development and paper and speaker recruiting within Tier (note where yearly alternating schedule might be desired) S = “support” – review abstracts, provide other support as requested within Tier N/A = “not applicable” – Forum Tier does not touch committee area of interest O level on any Tier earns a seat on the organizing committee for the Forum

12 SATTC Annual Performance Evaluation
Econ History LA3 TCM SATTC SETC Administrative Annual Report X  Y Roster  X ETM Telecons (10 held) 7 6 10 8 Meetings  2 (?)  1 3 2 2 & t/cs Operations Awards Conferences Education Publications Public Policy Standards Liaison Activities TC/PC Interaction Section Interaction non-AIAA interaction Total Membership / Assoc 35 / 3 20 / 0 26 / 0* 29 / 1** 34 / 5 TAC funds used $21.70 Y: completed X: incomplete or no data provided. Primary focus area Secondary area Minimal support No activity ETM TC and PC “Report Card” May April 2012

13 Recent Officer and Roster Updates
Officers for AIAA Year: Jarret Lafleur, Chair Brad Steinfeldt, Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect Chris Hearsey, Secretary Elections to Consider for Next Year: Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect Secretary Updated Roster for Lost three members Gained two members (welcome!): Som Dutta (Georgia Institute of Technology) Carolina Restrepo (NASA Johnson Space Center) Current Membership: 25

14 Project Updates CASE (Mai) Aerospace Tech. Pocket Guide (Grant)
Astrosociology in the Space Settlement Design Competition (Pass) Distributable TC Overview Presentation (Hearsey) TC Guidebook (Christian) Aerospace Technology Award (Justice)

15 CASE Complex Aerospace Systems Exchange
New conference focusing on information and ideas exchange for those involved with complex aerospace systems Co-located with SPACE 2012 at the Pasadena Convention Center 11-13 September 2012 Fee structure will be identical to SPACE 2012 Registration for one event will get you into the other Event Leadership Executive Chair: Michael Griffin (AIAA President-Elect) General Chair: Laura McGill (AIAA Vice President-Elect, Standards)

16 CASE Complex Aerospace Systems Exchange Track Topics Target Audience
Complex Systems Development Integration, Test, and Verification of Complex Systems Program Management of Robust and Resilient Systems Target Audience Chief Engineers Program/Project Managers Engineers transitioning to Systems-Related Projects Takeaways Gain tools and insights that will allow participants to learn about “the good, the bad, and the ugly.” Case studies and “war stories.” Networking and idea exchange through hallway discussions and session dialogue.

17 CASE Complex Aerospace Systems Exchange Current Needs:
Session Chairs/Co-Chairs Session Speakers Grassroots Promotion Efforts through Local Organizations/Sections For More Information: SAT TC Liaison: Chi Mai AIAA Website: LinkedIn:

18 Aerospace Tech. Pocket Guide
Status A credit card sized pocket guide was presented to the TC at Space 2011 Serve as a means to educate other AIAA members of contributions to society Compact form enables easy carrying and distribution to other members of the public when engaged in aerospace discussions Discussions at Space 2011 detailed possible enhancements with existing material at various organizations Material not yet made available to TC Additional Material Welcomed Additional facts of contributions to society Links to interactive websites QR codes to relevant material Other ideas?

19 Project Updates CASE (Mai) Aerospace Tech. Pocket Guide (Grant)
Astrosociology in the Space Settlement Design Competition (Pass) Distributable TC Overview Presentation (Hearsey) TC Guidebook (Christian) Aerospace Technology Award (Justice)

20 Action Requests Summer Newsletter: Send articles to Chris Hearsey New Ideas in Need of Volunteers Outreach to the nonexpert aerospace-interested public a venue such as DragonCon Creation of an online database of aerospace technology benefits for AIAA members

21 Featured Presentation
Michael Fulda, Ph.D.

22 Review of Action Items Know a student or professional who would make a good addition to our TC? Nomination instructions available at: Note: Next teleconference will be in July. Stay posted for details.

23 23

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