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Space and Missiles Group Deputy Director Activities Report January 3, 2011 Peter Montgomery, Deputy Director – SMG Products.

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1 Space and Missiles Group Deputy Director Activities Report January 3, 2011 Peter Montgomery, Deputy Director – SMG Products

2 SMG Products Vision and Strategic Objectives Vision SMG Products - THE standard within AIAA and beyond Strategic Objectives 1)Maintain and grow the level of technical quality of SMG supported conferences and publications 2)Preserve and transfer critical SMG technical knowledge to the next generation of engineers 3)Broaden the impact of SMG products throughout the industry 4)Accelerate the timeline for impact by leveraging the strength of the Group working together

3 SMG Products Updates Broaden the Impact of SMG Products SMG Products Footprint –Our SMG Products Footprint Tool has a complete list of conferences SMG supports. I need updates on our 2011 support plans from each of the TC / PC Chairs. –Our support grew last year, and Im looking for feedback on plans for additional growth this year. Special Workshops –Another workshop is planned by the SOSTC this spring reaching out to a large number of industry professionals. Last years event was very successful. –SATC held a very successful workshop in Spain following their summer conference and working with local universities. They are considering another such event in the future. –STTC has discussed possible workshop ideas, and I encourage them to hold one this year or support other TCs with their workshops this year. Young Professional Events –Another young professional event being organized for Space 2011. This event worked well in 2010. –SSTC has multiple activities with young professionals continuing into 2011. Public Policy Products –Strong SMG presence at CVD 2010. We hope this will continue in 2011 (March 15-16). –Public policy papers being discussed by several TCs with one completed recently by STTC. SMG Newsletter –Two issues released with great feedback. Keep those articles coming for our next issue!

4 SMG Products Updates Maintain & Grow SMG Conf. & Pubs. Technical Quality Strongly encouraging or requiring extended abstracts of 500-1000 words with two or three figures discussed to help with improving reviews. Several TCs have considered this approach. Id like to see a few step up to this in 2011, and I will be happy to work with you on this or any version of this approach that is acceptable to your TC / PC. Any volunteers tonight? Please take a hard look at your review processes for the 2011 conferences your TC / PCs are supporting. Lets work together to improve them as needed. Preserve Critical SMG Technical Knowledge Number of lessons learned sessions at Space 20XX have increased. Lets grow this practice to other conferences we support in 2011. SATC and STTC held lessons learned outreach events at universities near TC meetings in 2010. Lets grow this practice to more TC / PCs. Efforts to reach out to the next generation through social media implemented for Space 2010 (Facebook, Twitter, and first ever webcasts with online interaction). Lets look for more opportunities like this at our conferences in 2011.

5 SMG Products Updates Accelerate Impact through Increased SMG Collaboration Space 2011 conference is continuing to build on a foundation for increased TC / TC and TC / PC collaboration. Lets expand this to other conferences we support in 2011. Liaisons between RLV PC and multiple TCs have been established and are active with members attending each others meetings. Lets expand this to our other PC partners in 2011. SSTC, STTC, SATC, SOSTC, and RLV PC members have gathered at social events scheduled around the country with the purpose of meeting each other and encouraging informal sharing of best practices while looking for more opportunities to work together. Lets expand this to all SMG TC / PCs in 2011. Summary Steady progress is being made on all SMG Products strategic objectives SMG Products and Impact are steadily growing Engagement within SMG and outreach to industry is on the rise, using SMG Products as a foundation

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7 Space and Missiles Group Products Footprint

8 AIAA SMG Products Footprint Purpose: Capture the current SMG footprint of supported conferences, workshops, symposiums, and publications Provide insight into gaps where SMG support could be provided in the future Provide insight into collaboration opportunities between TCs / PCs Coordinate TC / PC meeting times for optimum interaction opportunities Instructions: Indicate the type of support provided for each conference (Include everything from papers authored, papers reviewed, sessions organized and/or chaired, tracks organized and/or chaired, etc.) Add any missing conferences, workshops, etc. supported Indicate if your TC / PC met or will meet at a conference Indicate the publications your TC / PC has provided to date this year and are planning in the future

9 2011 Conference and Meeting Support Conference / Workshop / Symp. DatesTC / PC Supp.TC / PC MtgKey Dates to Remember Aerospace Sciences Conference Jan. 4-7, 2011 Event underway. Ground System Arch. Workshop Feb. 28 - Mar. 3, 2011 Early Bird Reg. by February 6, 2011. FAA Commercial Space Transportation Conf. Feb. 9-10, 2011 Early Bird Reg. by January 10, 2011. IEEE Aerospace Conference Mar. 5-12, 2011 Early Reg. by January 24, 2011. U.S. Missile Defense Conference Mar. 21-23, 2011 Directed Energy Systems Symposium Mar. 28 – Apr. 1, 2011 Early Bird Reg. by February 28, 2011. National Space Symposium Apr. 11-14, 2011 Super Early by Jan. 14, Early Mar. 18. Improving Space Ops Workshop Apr. 5-6, 2011 Reinventing Space Conference May 2-6, 2011 Early Bird Reg. by March 31, 2011.

10 2011 Conference and Meeting Support Conference / Workshop / Symp. DatesTC / PC Supp.TC / PC MtgKey Dates to Remember Plan. & Terr. Mining Sciences Symp. June 19-22, 2011 30-Apr-2011 Abs. sub. deadline. Intl Conf. on Env. Systems July 17-21, 2011 27-Jun-2011 Man. sub. deadline. Joint Propulsion Conference July 31 - Aug. 3, 2011 18-July-2011 Man. sub. deadline. GNC ConferenceAug. 8-11, 2011 17-Jan-2011 Abs. sub. deadline. 18-Jul-2011 Man. sub. deadline. Small Satellite Conference (USU) Aug. 8-11, 2011 8-Feb-2011 Abs. sub. deadline. Biennial National Forum on Weapon System Effectiveness Sep. 20-22, 2011 14-Feb-2011 Abs. sub. deadline. Space 2011 ConferenceSep. 26-29, 2011 25-Jan-2011 Abs. sub. deadline. 06-Sep-2011 Man. sub. Deadline.

11 2011 Publications and Documentation Support PublicationDate Delivered / Sched. for Deliv. TC / PC Support Provided

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