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Software Technical Committee Chair Vision Statement Sam Adhikari Jan 7, 2012.

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1 Software Technical Committee Chair Vision Statement Sam Adhikari Jan 7, 2012

2 My Vision for SOFTC 1.Make SOFTC more active by promoting activities that center around TC member expertise and interests 2.Interface actively with IEEE, ACM, ASME 3.Have full 30 – 35 members and another 30-35 non-voting members. Recruit active student members and promote awareness through student chapters 4.Continue to recruit members from other aerospace faring nations outside USA (India, China, Brazil, Russia, Korea, Israel, France and Germany etc.). International flavor can only materialize if we are aware of the SOFTC related initiatives in these nations and somehow show interest

3 My Vision for SOFTC (contd.) 5.Continue to promote software centric focus 6.Promote the modern multi-media communications in-lieu of face-to-face meetings and continue the call in and/or e-mail alternative 7.Promote and expand sub-committees activities to enhance gain for TC members and AIAA 8.Maintain a dynamic whiteboard of Aerospace Software Jobs and Request For Proposal (RFPs) across the globe to gain interests of AIAA professional members and student members

4 My Vision for SOFTC (contd.) 9. Promote SOFTC awareness in AIAA YPSE Student Paper competitions all over the world 10.Keep log of major SOFTC related research activities and initiatives in academics, and industries all over the world 11.Continue to make it appealing and interesting for Academics and Industrial Researchers (Google, CISCO, Microsoft, ISRO, HAL, NAL, InfoSys, Wipro etc.) 12.Every month promote an international guest speaker of prominence to provide a webinar for AIAA professional members and student members. We can start on a quarterly basis and then move into monthly schedule.

5 My Vision for SOFTC (contd.) 14.Continue to promote the Angels Program where deserving members will be encouraged and helped to advance their memberships in AIAA and other sister professional Societies, and also win Awards. 15.Continue the effective Mentoring/Networking program 16.Interface with SOFTC related Standards Working Groups within ASME, and IEEE to make sure AIAAs and aerospace software engineering interests are preserved 17.Promote an active subcommittee on Verification and Validation (V&V) and make sure to coordinate with ASME V&V 10,20,30, and 40 initiatives

6 My Vision for SOFTC (contd.) 18. Bring awareness to the aerospace software community to the fact that so called futuristic autonomic computational technologies are actually becoming reality in biomedical engineering and neuro-computational realms 19 Interface with computational neuroscience, synthetic biology, functional MRI and medical physiology groups to promote advanced aerospace autonomic and intelligent systems research 20. Try to develop an index that can provide us an indication of the impact of SOFTC on AIAA member community and outside. We should try and push this index higher in future

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