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Sensor Systems Technical Committee Goals and Plans September 2009.

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1 Sensor Systems Technical Committee Goals and Plans September 2009

2 SENTC Goals September 2009 2 Purpose This document identifies current goals and plans of the AIAA Sensor Systems Technical Committee (SENTC) The TC will review and update these plans annually TC operating procedures are documented separately

3 SENTC Goals September 2009 3 Membership It is the goal of SENTC to achieve and maintain a full membership count (35 regular TC members) Until this level is achieved, it is the goal of the TC to add 5 additional TC members per calendar year (net change after accounting for members rotating off of the TC) The TC Steering Committee may adopt more specific goals For 2010, SENTC goals are a membership level of 28 regular members and 2 International Members When the TC achieves full membership strength, a follow-on goal is to add and maintain at least 2 Associate TC members (in addition to regular and International members)

4 SENTC Goals September 2009 4 Technical Activities – Conference Support The TC plans to continue to support the following AIAA conferences with technical paper sessions and related activities Aerospace Sciences Meeting (annual) Infotech@Aerospace (as scheduled) Guidance, Navigation, and Control (GN&C) (annual) Space 200x (annual)

5 SENTC Goals September 2009 5 Technical Activities – Awards The TC plans to continue solicitation of candidates and selection of nominees for the AIAA Information Systems Award, jointly with the Computer Systems TC A goal of the TC is to initiate a regular (annual) process for giving a Best Paper award: At the full AIAA member level; and At the Student Member level An additional goal of the TC is to obtain sources of funding sufficient to provide honoraria in conjunction with these awards

6 SENTC Goals September 2009 6 Technical Activities – Other The TC plans to maintain liaisons with other AIAA TCs and outside organizations, as documented in TC procedures The TC plans to annually publish a highlights article for inclusion in the year-end Aerospace America issue

7 SENTC Goals September 2009 7 Current TC Organization (as of Sep 2009) Chair T. Howard Secretary H. Gross Chair-Elect M. Nixon Topic Area Chairs Subcommittee Chairs Webmaster C. Hernandez Liaisons TC Members ASM (Nixon) Infotech (Papadopoulos, Accardo*) Space (Keeney) GN&C (Clancy) Pubs (Martin) Membership (vacant) H&A (Puschell) AMT (Otugen) GN&C (Clancy) JPC (Hernandez) Space Sys & Space Explor. PC (Puschell) Infotech Procedures (Lekki) IEEE (vacant) SPIE (vacant) * = International member ** = Associate member

8 SENTC Goals September 2009 8

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