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WELCOME to 3 rd Grade! Ms. Kathy Coard Room 301. About Me…

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1 WELCOME to 3 rd Grade! Ms. Kathy Coard Room 301

2 About Me…

3 Teaching Philosophy “Work hard… play hard.” I expect students to do their very best and work hard each and every day…and to have fun learning!

4 Curriculum

5 Why Common Core?

6 Explore problems that do not always result in one simple answer Engage in real-life writing, research and math projects in and outside of the classroom. Engage in rigorous and complex thinking across grade level and subjects Read more non-fiction articles and books Actively participate in an exchange of ideas with classmates and support opinions with evidence What are students expected to do?

7 What does this mean in the classroom? Increase in collaborative group work Shift in homework Increase in problem solving More non-fiction reading Justifying and providing evidence Fewer tasks and more skills and strategies

8 Curriculum Focus MATH Addition/Subtraction Multiplication Fractions READING Foundation Skills Informational Texts Literature WRITING Opinion Narrative Informative

9 Homework Reading Logs Sent home on Monday, return Friday Unfinished work Real-life application Board games and card games are a great way to practice math facts. Cooking a meal together is great practice for fractions and measurement Sharing what s/he is reading helps to recall details by retelling the story. Educational apps on computer, tablet or smart phones to practice math, reading and sight word skills.

10 Classroom Schedule* 8:20-8:35 8:35-8:55 8:55-9:20 9:20-10:05 10:05-10:20 10:00-10:45* 10:45-11:35 11:35-12:20 12:25-12:45 12:45-1:20 1:20-1:30 1:30-1:45 1:45-2:25 2:25-2:35 2:40 Bell Work/Pledge Morning Meeting PE Writing Recess Art Language Arts Centers Lunch/Recess Reading Calendar Math Recess Math Groups Science/Social Studies Cursive Dismissal *Monday/Wednesday. Schedule adjusts to accommodate Art/Music/PE rotations.

11 Classroom Management Classroom Rules Clip Behavior Chart Students move up or down the chart based on choices they make. Outstanding = note home and 5 cents. Parent Contact = discussion with teacher and note home to be signed and returned. Earn Money For a job well done Student Store on Fridays! Ready to Learn

12 Miscellaneous Attendance Classroom participation is key to learning Project based, interactive instruction School Treats No cupcake zone  Scholastic – Book orders due by 15 th of the month – Class Code: N9ZZ8 – Order Online or Send check to me Volunteers – Helping students with work, organizing class parties, field trips, making copies, etc. etc. etc.

13 Communication Website –Important information will be posted here. Text –Text the message @mscoard to phone number (707) 879-1674 Email –The best way to contact me: Phone –School phone number is 707-421-4291 –Stop by! –After school is a great time for a quick catch-up. Ongoing communication is important so we can share all the information needed for your child to be successful!

14 THANK YOU! It‘s going to be a Fantastic year!

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