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Third- Grade Welcome!.

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1 Third- Grade Welcome!

2 Welcome to Third Grade! We will introduce you to third grade.
If you have any questions, we will answer general questions at the end of the presentation. Specific questions should be directed to your child’s teacher.

3 Hawk Elementary School Mission Statement
The mission of Hawk Elementary is to create successful learners.

4 Our Goals To give students the academic and social skills they need to progress to fourth grade. To provide a supportive and fun classroom environment. To help them make new friends and discover new interests.

5 TEAM TEACHING Mrs. Shimek/Mrs. Beck Ms. Croix/ Mrs. Sweat Ms. Lyons/Ms. Avery Mrs. MacLaren-3rd Grade Inclusion Sweat, Shimek, Lyons – Math/Science Beck, Croix, Avery – LA/ Social Studies

6 Schedule 7:35- 7:50 Morning Work 7:50 – 10:00 Team Teach
10:00 – 10:10 Restroom Break 10:10 – 10:55 Specials 11:00 – 12:30 Team Teach (Homeroom) 12:30 – 1:05 Lunch 1:05 – 1:25 Recess 1:30 – 2:05 Team Teach (HR) 2:05 – 2:40 Tutorials 2:45 - 2:50 Dismissal

7 Schedule Cont… Classrooms open at 7:35 Team teaching starts at 7:50
Conference time is from 10:10 – 10:55 Lunch is from 12:30- 1:05 Students should be picked up at 2:50 Changes to pick ups should be made BEFORE 2:00. (In writing if possible.) Check Denton ISD Website for e-alerts. Please send a note if someone other than a parent is eating with your child.

8 Important Information
About our classrooms

9 Classroom Community Our classrooms are a community. In our community, we have rules to help us get along with each other. Some of our class rules are: Be respectful and responsible. Be organized and follow directions. Be on time. Be prepared.

10 S.T.A.R. S.T.A.R. refers to : Students Taking Academic Responsibility
**Our classroom environment revolves around S.T.A.R.

11 S.T.A.R. Folders Red Folder that is used daily
Goes home and returns everyday Homework and parent communication Behavior sheets signed on Fridays, returned on Mondays

12 3rd Grade Discipline Policy
Oops Book – Each signature is equivalent to 5 laps or 5 minutes of their recess time. We will communicate with home using the behavior sheet/S.T.A.R. folder Every six weeks period there will be a behavior party.


14 Class Subjects The subjects we cover during third grade are:
Language Arts Math Science Social studies Health Music, Art, PE, Library

15 Language Arts/Social Studies TEAM

16 Language Arts Switching Classes CAFE
Independent Reading with Responses Writing Grammar/Vocabulary/Spelling

17 Spelling This year we will be using the Words Their Way program.
Students will get lists on Mondays based on their individual needs. Students are responsible for completing three activities in their spelling journal at home each week. (due on Friday) We will assess where they are on Fridays.

18 Writing Write From the Beginning Journals Open ended prompts
Writing to inform, personal narrative, imaginative narrative Journals Open ended prompts Free choice writing Grammar Vocabulary

19 Social Studies Switching Classes
Focusing on learning about our world and our community. Research projects.

20 Math/Science TEAM

21 Math Switching classes Bridges Number Corner Problem Solving
Hands On Learning Math Journal

22 Science Switching Classes Hands On Experiments Journals

23 Homework All homework, (math and spelling) will be sent home on Monday and due on Friday. Reading Calendars will be assigned at the beginning of the 6 weeks period and are due at the end of the 6 weeks period. Children should read 5 days a week. Expect unfinished work or projects to go home occasionally. Parent Support is Key!


25 Grading Policy Six week grading schedule
Progress reports – Every 3rd week, parents will receive communication from the school. Students are considered at risk if their average is 75 or below.

26 Grading Policy Summative grades only will be recorded in four core content areas: LA, Math, Science and Social Studies. A supplement will be provided inside each 2nd – 5th grade report card. The supplement will provide standards based performance related to learning targets within each six weeks period in each core content area.

27 Retake Policy Each student scoring below an 80 is expected to retake each summative assessment once and will receive the higher score. These students must attend tutorials, and complete a test analysis that explains their thinking Students that score 80 or above have an opportunity to retest once.

28 Huddle Up! 2:05- 2:45 Daily re-teach/enrichment time Switch Classes
Small groups

29 Support Staff Kathleen MacLaren – Inclusion
Jeanie Wylie – Math Interventionist Monica Spray – Reading Interventionist

30 Gradespeed This year parents will be able to view student grades through Gradespeed. Grades will be entered in a timely manner. Due to our grading policy regarding corrections and retakes, grades are subject to change throughout the 6 weeks period.

31 STAAR TESTING Math – April 24th Reading – April 25th
State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) Math – April 24th Reading – April 25th

32 Contact Us Email – 940-369-1833

33 Let’s Have a Great Year!

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