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Wilson Reading System Substep 2.1 Lesson 1.

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1 Wilson Reading System Substep 2.1 Lesson 1

2 Part 1 Sound Cards Quick Drill

3 a a apple /a/

4 e e Ed /e/

5 i i itch /i/

6 o o octopus /o/

7 u u umbrella /u/

8 b b bat /b/

9 c c cat /k/

10 d d dog /d/

11 f f fun /f/

12 g g game /g/

13 h h hat /h/

14 j j jug /j/

15 k k kite /k/

16 l l lamp /l/

17 m m man /m/

18 n n nut /n/

19 p p pan /p/

20 r r rat /r/

21 s s snake /s/

22 t t top /t/

23 v v van /v/

24 w w wind /w/

25 x x fox /ks/

26 y y yellow /y/

27 z z zebra /z/

28 Chicken Letter qu Q is the chicken letter- it refuses to go anywhere without its friend, u. It is never in a word alone. The u in this situation has no vowel sound. Qu is a digraph as well.

29 digraphs Consonants ‘stick together’ to form one sound, even though there are two letters. That is why they are on one card. They are not separated.

30 th th thumb /th/

31 ch chin /ch/ ch

32 sh ship /sh/ sh

33 wh whistle /w/ wh

34 ck sock /k/ ck

35 Part 2 Teach and Review Concepts for Reading

36 Welded Sounds fang. ring song lung ang ing ong ung

37 Welded Sounds bank. pink honk - junk ank ink onk unk

38 Welded Sounds Use a 3 finger tap for the welded sounds k ing y ank

39 Part 3 Wordcards

40 bang

41 sink

42 bunk

43 link

44 sung

45 thing

46 chunk

47 wink

48 fang

49 sink

50 junk

51 tank

52 sing

53 wick

54 dock

55 zung nonsense word

56 ying nonsense word

57 quap nonsense word

58 quang nonsense word

59 bink nonsense word

60 lonk nonsense word

61 jing nonsense word

62 pank nonsense word

63 jong nonsense word

64 mank nonsense word

65 thunk nonsense word

66 chib nonsense word

67 quim nonsense word

68 shing nonsense word

69 fong nonsense word

70 Part 4 Wordlist Reading (get books)

71 Part 5 Sentence Reading

72 Tom sang the song in the tub.

73 Get the ping-pong balls.

74 Bob has bad lungs.

75 It is a long run up the hill.

76 Don’t Forget the bonus letters!

77 Kim will sing at the shop.

78 Did Bob hang this up?

79 The king has had bad luck.

80 What’s wrong with this sentence?
The kat gots a bigg chunk of fich.

81 What is the thing in this jug?

82 Ed sank the shot to win.

83 Thank Dad for the gum.

84 Mom had Ben get rid of the junk.

85 The wings on the bug are pink.

86 Jim had the top bunk for his nap.

87 Did the dog lick Ben on his neck?

88 The ship sank in the bath tub.

89 The kids are at the rink.

90 What’s wrong with this sentence?
Mi kash are in the banc?

91 Did the vet dip the dog in the tick bath?

92 Tom will chop the logs in the back of the hut.

93 Part 6 Quick Drill (in reverse – use Cookie Sheets)

94 a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p r s t u v w x y z
qu r s t u v w x y z sh th ch wh ck

95 Part 7 Teach and Review Concepts for Spelling

96 Welded Sounds: The welded sounds can be sounded out individually, but sound better as one sound! sank sink bonk bunk sing sang song sunk

97 Part 8 Written Work Dictation: sounds, words, sentences

98 Part 9 Controlled Passage Reading

99 Part 10 Listening Comprehension

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