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Substep 2.1 Mandy Ellis Wilder Waite Elementary School

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1 Substep 2.1 Mandy Ellis Wilder Waite Elementary School
Wilson Reading System Substep 2.1 Mandy Ellis Wilder Waite Elementary School

2 Part 1 Sound Cards Quick Drill

3 Welded Sounds Welded sounds are green sound cards.
The three letters have individual sounds, but they are welded together and difficult to separate To tap this out, use three fingers tapping together at the same time.

4 ang fang ang ang

5 ing ring ing ing

6 ong song ong ong

7 ung lung ung ung

8 ank bank ank ank

9 ink pink ink ink

10 onk honk onk onk

11 unk junk unk unk

12 Notebook Entry The eight new welded sounds should go in your Rules Notebook in the Sound Section

13 Part 2 Teach and Review Concepts for Reading

14 ang ank ing ink ong onk ung unk

15 Make Words v w k b th h s r h s b f onk ing ang

16 Syllables Words have parts that go together called syllables.
A syllable is a word that can be pushed out in one breath. Cat is one syllable Catnip has two syllables

17 Syllables b a t There are six types of syllables
All the words so far have been closed syllables A closed syllable only has 1 vowel and must be closed in. A closed syllable gives the vowel a short sound. b a t

18 Syllables There need not be a consonant in front of the vowel. The important point is that one vowel in closed in by one consonant a t

19 Syllables A vowel can be closed in with more than one consonant b a th s u ch

20 Which ones are closed? s h e i t s u ch l o a f

21 Which ones are closed? such= has one vowel closed with ch
she= has only one vowel, but is not closed in. it= has one vowel closed in by t, no need for any letter before the vowel. loaf= has two vowels

22 Marking a closed syllable
such c

23 Part 3 Wordcards

24 Part 4 Wordlist Reading

25 bang

26 long

27 king

28 sing

29 thing

30 pink

31 think

32 sink

33 chunk

34 link

35 sunk

36 rings

37 wings

38 thinks

39 fangs

40 thanks

41 lungs

42 ring

43 song

44 wing

45 fang

46 rang

47 honk

48 junk

49 thank

50 Part 5 Sentence Reading

51 Tom sang the song to the kids.

52 Get the ping-pong balls.

53 Bob has bad lungs.

54 It is a long run up the hill.

55 Kim will sing at the shop.

56 Did Bob hang this up?

57 The king has had bad luck.

58 The ring did not fit Meg.

59 What is the thing in this jug?

60 Thank Dad for the gum.

61 Ed sank the shot to win!

62 The cat got a big chunk of fish.

63 Mom had Ben get rid of the junk.

64 The wings on the bug are pink.

65 Jim had the top bunk for his nap.

66 The ship sank in the bath tub.

67 The kids are at the rink.

68 My cash is in the bank.

69 Dad had a wink for Pam.

70 Hank had to get the map for Tom.

71 I will thank Ed for the mink.

72 Jim did not think of his job at all.

73 I think that Bill has the top rank.

74 Did Bess bang on the gong?

75 Part 6 Quick Drill (in reverse)

76 ang ank what says? ing ink ong onk ung unk

77 Part 7 Teach and Review Concepts for Spelling

78 ang ank Using these sounds, spell…. ing ink ong onk ung unk

79 Part 8 Written Work Dictation: sounds, words, sentences

80 Part 9 Controlled Passage Reading

81 Part 10 Listening Comprehension

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