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Wilson Reading System Substep 3.3 Mandy Ellis Wilder Waite Elementary School.

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1 Wilson Reading System Substep 3.3 Mandy Ellis Wilder Waite Elementary School

2 Goal Read and spell words with the CT blend

3 Part 1 Sound Cards Quick Drill

4 qu Q is the chicken letter- it refuses to go anywhere without its friend, u. It is never in a word alone. The u in this situation has no vowel sound. Qu is a digraph as well. Chicken Letter

5 th ththumb/th/

6 ch ch chin /ch/

7 sh sh ship/sh/

8 wh wh whistle /w/

9 ck ck sock /k/

10 angfangang ang

11 ingringing ing

12 ongsongong ong

13 unglungung ung

14 ankbank ank ank

15 inkpink ink ink

16 onkhonk onk onk

17 unkjunk unk unk

18 ildwildild ild

19 oldcoldold old

20 oltcoltolt olt

21 indkind ind ind

22 osthost ost ost

23 Part 2 Teach and Review Concepts for Reading

24 Important to know This step teaches ct, a difficult blend. Words with four consonants together can have a three letter blend. These stay together in the 2 nd syllable. construct obstruct

25 subject subject The last syllable ahs a ct blend which requires practice. Be sure to clearly say /t/. /kt/ is always spelled with ct. Words with inct are the most difficult to spell.

26 Part 3 Wordcards

27 Timed Practice How many words can you read in 1 minute?

28 Part 4 Wordlist Reading

29 conduct

30 compact

31 exact

32 insect

33 expect

34 subject

35 connect

36 contract

37 contact

38 impact

39 object

40 inspect

41 collect

42 distract

43 district

44 inflict

45 instinct

46 distinct

47 obstruct

48 extract

49 induct

50 abstract

51 neglect

52 convect

53 conflict

54 suspect

55 addict

56 convict

57 concoct

58 prospect

59 Part 5 Sentence Reading

60 Kelton must contact his mom.

61 Mrs. Wilson plans to inspect the kids’ desks.

62 Math is the next subject.

63 Can you distract Mr. Griffin for me?

64 The tot’s bad conduct got mom mad.

65 Shannon got the exact pin that Beth has wanted.

66 Tom did not expect Liz until six.

67 If we go to the Atlantic Ocean, I will collect shells.

68 Lots of insects are in the sandbox.

69 Willis got a compact disc for himself.

70 We will go to Texas to check on a land prospect.

71 The cops had the suspect in handcuffs.

72 My instinct tells me that this will be a bad conflict.

73 Did the insects infest the trash can?

74 Kenneth must concoct the mix.

75 The vet had to inject the shot into the dog.

76 I think that Ed has distinct math skills.

77 This district has had lots of progress.

78 Part 6 Quick Drill (in reverse)

79 ic inct act ctict what says ?

80 Part 7 Teach and Review Concepts for Spelling

81 When a word has a /kt/ sound at the end, it is always spelled with a /ct/

82 Look at these words (using word cards) What letters make the /kt/ blend? What is the blend in the last syllable? How do you spell /kt/ Where do you divide this word?

83 Part 8 Written Work Dictation: sounds, words, sentences

84 Part 9 Controlled Passage Reading

85 Part 10 Listening Comprehension

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