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Team Building LawNet 2001, a Technical Odyssey

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1 Team Building LawNet 2001, a Technical Odyssey
Professional Development Track, August 29, :30A.M. Jake Reichenstein , Executive Director, Cowles & Thompson Kelli Kohout, Chief Operating Officer, Ryan, Swanson & Cleveland Cathy Reilly, Executive Director, Martin, Clearwater & Bell

2 Why Teams? Two Heads are better than one! Genius is rare!
Working with others is a vital part of virtually every job. Over 75% of professionals reported they “always” or “often” work in teams.

3 Team Advantages Productivity Improved accuracy Better products
More enthusiasm Higher commitment

4 What makes a Team? Clear & Shared Goals Result driven structure
Competent Team members Unified Commitment Collaborative climate Standards External Support & Recognition Principled Leadership

5 Types of Teams Face-to-Face teams Virtual teams

6 Types of Leadership Centralized Leadership Leaders usually
Participate early and often Demonstrate competence Don’t push too hard Provide a solution in time of crisis

7 Types of Leadership Self-Directed Work Teams Members usually
Have technical or functional expertise Have problem-solving and decision making skills Have good interpersonal skills

8 Good Team Players Information givers and seekers
Opinion givers and seekers Starters, Direction givers and Summarizers Energizers and Diagnosers Gatekeepers and Reality testers

9 Bad Teamplayers Blockers Attackers Recognition Seekers Jokers

10 Basic Guidelines for Building Effective Teams
Set clear & realistic goals Establish ground rules Respect “Process” Encourage full participation Agree on a decision-making strategy Collaborate Challenge Document

11 Case Studies Ineffective and Effective examples NO! YES!


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