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NuPECC Meeting October 10 - 11, 2009 Darmstadt Achim Richter, ECT* and TUD Directors Report

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1 NuPECC Meeting October 10 - 11, 2009 Darmstadt Achim Richter, ECT* and TUD Directors Report

2 Scientific activities at ECT* Workshops since the last NuPECC meeting Recent Advances in Perturbative QCD and Hadronic Physics Organizers: A. Belitsky / Arizona St. University, USA K. Goeke / Ruhr University Bochum, Germany D. Mueller / Ruhr University Bochum, Germany A. Radyushkin / Jefferson Lab., USA O. Teryaev / Joint Inst. For Nucl. Research, Russia # of participants: 31 Linking Nuclei, Molecules, and Condensed Matter: Computational Quantum Many-Body Approaches Organizers: R. Roth / TU Darmstadt, Germany J. Schnack / University of Bielefeld, Germany J. Richter / University of Magdeburg, Germany # of participants: 38

3 Scientific activities at ECT* Workshops in 2009 The Lead Radius Experiment and Neutron Rich Matter in Astrophysiscs and in the Laboratory Organizers: C. Horowitz / Indiana University, USA P.G. Reinhard / University of Erlangen, Germany K. De Jager / Jefferson Lab., USA # of participants: 39 Confrontation and Convergence in Nuclear Theory Organizers: A. Brown / Michigan State University, USA M. Hjorth-Jensen / University of Oslo, Norway R. Janssens / ANL, USA J. Tostevin / University of Surrey, UK T. Papenbrock / University of Tennessee, USA # of participants: 34

4 Scientific activities at ECT* Workshops in 2009 Flow and Dissipation in Ultrarelativistic Heavy Ion Collisions Organizers: M. Bleicher / University of Frankfurt, Germany C. Greiner / University of Frankfurt, Germany P. Huovinen / University of Frankfurt, Germany R. Snellings / NIKHEF, Netherlands P. Petreczky, Brookhaven National Laboratory, USA # of participants: 41 QCD Greens functions, Confinement, and Phenomenology Organizers: D. Binosi / ECT*, Italy J. Papavassiliou / Universidad de Valencia, Spain A. C. Aguilar / Universidad de Valencia, Spain J. M. Cornwall / University of California at Los Angeles, USA # of participants: 55

5 Scientific activities at ECT* Workshops in 2009 Summary (as of October 10, 2009): # of Workshops so far: 13 # of participants: 484 # of Workshops forthcoming: 4 Strong, Weak and Electromagnetic Interactions to Probe Spin-Isospin Excitations Organizers: B. Rubio, CSIC, Spain Y. Fujita, Osaka University, Japan W. Gelletly, University of Surrey, UK # of participants: 34


7 ECT* Doctoral Training Programme 2010 April 12 – June 11 Programme coordinators: Hans Feldmeier (GSI Darmstadt), Hendrik Schatz (Michigan State University), Jeff Tostevin (University of Surrey) Nuclear Structure and Nuclear Astrophysics with Radioactive Ion Beams Student coordinator and adviser: Georges Ripka (Saclay and ECT*) (Selection of lectures and topics of lectures is presently underway and will be announced on the ECT* website by the end of October 09)

8 Outgoing and New ECT* Board Members Hans-Åke Gustafsson (Lund University) Jens-Jorgen Gaardhøje (University of Copenhagen) Wick Haxton (University of Washington/Berkely) Baha Balantekin (University of Wisconsin) NB: Database of the ECT* Associates has been updated and e-mail reminders were sent out to remind the Associates on the necessary renewal of their registration every three years.

9 Postdocs in 2009 May 31 Dec 31 Oct 15 Until D. Triantafyllopoulos L. Fortunato C. Ramirez Senior Res. Ass. in Hadron Physics, from Oct 15, 2009 Junior Res. Ass. : from Sep 1, 2009 Junior Res. Ass. : from Oct 1, 2009 J.L. Albacete D. Binosi (Qurope / ECT*) T. Calarco (Consultant) L. Scorzato (BEN AURORA / ECT*) Bingwei Long V. Lenski Filled:

10 Postdocs remaining in 2010 (Present status) Dec 31 Sep 30 Until D. Triantafyllopoulos L. Fortunato C. Ramirez Senior Res. Ass. in Hadron Physics, from Oct 15, 2009 Junior Res. Ass. : from Sep 1, 2009 Junior Res. Ass. : from Oct 1, 2009 D. Binosi (Qurope / ECT*) L. Scorzato (AURORA / ECT*) Bingwei Long Filled:

11 Visitors in 2009 Short term: (<1 month) Alberto Accardi Andrea Beraudo Jean-Paul Blaizot Eugene Bogomolny Ignacio Cirac Lorenzo Fortunato Johannes Kirscher Andreas Ipp Marco Panero Claudia Ratti Dionysis Triantafyllopoulos Long term: Paul Hoyer: 11 Oct - 6 Dec Georges Ripka: 15 Mar - 30 Jun Victor Flambaum 24 Jul - 18 Aug

12 Status of the AURORA project AURORA is a Petascale computing project for science and engineering administered scientifically by ECT* Joint effort between PAT / INFN / FBK-ECT* / U of Trento / FEM / ATreP / DEI PADUA and industrial partners EUROTECH and INTEL Recent collaboration with the Russian supercomputing project SKIF – AURORA and with QPACE / Regensburg and PETAQCD / Orsay Project is embedded into a large collaboration Furthermore, the collaboration involves people with experience from the HPC/APE line developed by INFN / DESY / ORSAY / EUROTECH

13 Status of the AURORA project First phase (18 months) is now approved and funded. On July 31 the agreement between PAT and FBK has been signed. The approval of the second phase (also 18 months) will be based on milestones to be reached before Summer 2010. The agreement between FBK and INFN is ready and only waiting to be signed formally. The agreement between FBK and other partners (UNITN / FEM / ATreP / DEI PADUA) are also almost ready (intellectual properties are an issue). Procedure for hiring FBK / ECT* personnel within the projects has been discussed. The name AuroraScience has been coined to denote the scientific project (PAT / INFN) and distinguish it from the industrial AURORA project.

14 Status of the AURORA project FBK and UNITN offered to host AURORA and the groups of AuroraScience in a modern building on the FBK premisses adjacent to the UNITN campus in Povo. By this it is intended to form a Laboratorio Interdisciplinare per le Scienze Computazionali (LISC) managed by Dapor / FBK, Pederiva / UNITN and Scorzato / ECT*-AURORA. Obvious advantage: strong involvement and interaction of the FBK and the Faculty of Science of the UNITN (construction, installation, system administration, high-level training, students, research position, …) EUROTECH confirmed that for next spring new INTEL processors should be available (more computing power for less energy consumption), and the 2010 prototype can be based on them. With a budget of 740 k the first prototype is now targeted to become a 20TFlops machine with an expected power consumption in the range of about 50 kW. First applications on the 2010 prototype are in LQCD (ETMC code) and others to be still determined. The results of this HPC are a prerequisite for the funding of the 2 nd phase!

15 Budget and Status of Funding Fourteen payment requests have been sent on April 22, 2009. So far, eleven countries have paid their contribution: Belgium (both Flemish and French speaking part), Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France CEA, France CNRS, Germany, Hungary, The Netherlands, Poland, Romania and the UK. Payments from Italy and Spain are still expected. Six countries still have not signed the MoU: Austria, Greece, Norway, Portugal, Spain and Sweden. Funding agencies:

16 Budget and Status of Funding FP7 Hadron Physics 2: Since I was unable to attend, Vice – director Marco Traini presented the WP10 Transnational Access activities (Workshops) to ECT*. First part (237 k) for 2009 and 2010 has already been provided. The second part (218 k) will be distributed ONLY at the end of the financial period (June 2011) and the beneficiaries will receive the full amount of money if they will be able to document all the expenses, otherwise the contribution will be reduced accordingly. A rather important consequence is that the FBK will be asked to pre-finance the second part of the project contribution. Collaboration Committee Meeting in Frascati, Sep 04, 2009

17 Relations between ECT* and UNITN AURORA Joint Workshop BEC/ECT* planned on the exciting physics of Graphene Agreement between FBK library and UNITN library for accessing journals on the web has been reached (no paper version anymore from Jan 01, 2010 on)

18 Annual Report: available on the ECT* web site

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