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1 NuPECC Meeting ECT* March 16-17, 2007 Fondazione Bruno Kessler

2 2007 is an important year for ECT* Change in the local environment (ITC -> FBK) Preparation of FP7 NuPECC initiatives towards coordinating funding of ECT* Evaluation : G. Baym (ECT*), F. Iachello (FBK), H. Orland (CEA), P. Schuck (CNRS), E. Vigezzi (INFN), J. Wambach (GSI)

3 A European Center … Established in 1993 « bottom up » realization, supported by a broad community (ECT* associates) Strong local support (PAT/FBK, major part of funding, administration) MoU with France, Germany, Italy, Denmark (open to other partners) Unique in Europe (other comparable center in the USA: INT at Seattle) A large flux of visitors (about 600-700 per year)

4 Visitor-days spent at ECT* in 2006

5 for Theoretical Studies …. Research done at ECT* is theoretical But most meetings involve experimentalists, some collaboration meetings invole mostly experimentalists Some ECT* researchers have very close contacts with experimental groups Large variety of topics, mostly related to various aspects of nuclear physics. Also cross-disciplinary activities (BEC) Theoretical tools common to many branches of physics Large scale numerical calculations (BEN) Library (on site, and access to that of the Phys. Dept.)

6 in Nuclear Physics… Nuclear physics in a broad sense (low energy nuclear physics and nuclear structure, quantum chromodynamics and hadron physics, physics of matter under extreme conditions and ultrarelativistic heavy ion collisions). ECT* provides a bridge between two important components of the nuclear physics community : EURONS and HADRONS

7 and Related Areas Which includes topics in Astrophysics Particle physics Condensed matter physics Many-body theory, Quantum field theory Bose-Einstein condensation

8 Scientific activities at ECT* -International workshops and collaboration meetings - Doctoral training program(s) - Visiting scientists - Postoctoral program - Local research (ECT*, Univ, BEC) - Teraflop cluster (BEN)

9 Nuclear structure and reactions The Physics Opportunities with EURISOL (Robert Page - Univ. Liverpool, et al.) Gamma-ray Spectroscopy in Europe: present and future challenges (Silvia Lenzi – Univ. Padova, et al.) The Physics of Halo Nuclei (Ian Thompson – Univ. Surrey, et al) (Examples from 2006) Numerical Simulation of Heavy Ion Reactions in the Fermi Energy Domain (Joerg Aichelin – Univ. Nantes )

10 Hadrons / High energy Nuclear Physics Generalized Parton distributions – The Present Status (Peter Kroll – Univ. Wuppertal) Lattice QCD, Chiral Perturbation Theory and Hadron Phenomenology (Ulf-G Mei ß ner – Univ. Bonn ) Heavy Ion Reactions at Ultrarelativistic Energies (Maria Paola Lombardo - INFN) The Physics of High Baryon Density (Bengt Friman - GSI )

11 Cross-disciplinary programs Hadrons and Strings (Misha Stephanov – Univ. Illinois-Chicago) The interface of quark-gluon-plasma physics and cold-atom physics (Gordon Baym, Coordinator - University of Illinois )

12 Training activities (ECT* Doctoral Training Programs/ Schools) Computational Techniques in Strongly Interacting Systems (Simon Hands – Univ. Swansea, Pietro Faccioli -Univ. Trento) Summer School on Exotic Nuclear Beams (Jim Al-Khalili - Univ. Surrey ) QCD Spin Physics (Doctoral Training Programme) (Elliot Leader – Imp. Coll. London) Nuclear Structure and Reactions (Piet Van Isacker, – GANIL, Muhsin Harakeh, – KVI)

13 The goals of the ECT** a) to arrange in-depth research on topical problems at the forefront of contemporary developments in theoretical nuclear physics b) to foster interdisciplinary contacts between nuclear physics and neighbouring fields such as particle physics, astrophysics, condensed matter physics and the quantal physics of small systems c) to encourage talented young physicists by arranging for them to participate in the activities of the ECT*, by organising training projects and establishing networks of active young researchers d) to strengthen the interaction between theoretical and experimental studies.

14 Funding (Based on 2005 Budget) Goals: i) Support research activities with external funds ii) Increase contribution of « all other countries » to that of F+G+I

15 Looking forward (« Vision document » in preparation by the Board) A center for frontline research in Nuclear and Hadron Physics Fixed term positions at the assistant professor level (in addition to postdocs) Catalysis of research collaboration Workshops and collaboration meetings Training of young researchers Training programs Collaboration with european graduate schools

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