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NuPECC Meeting June 17 – 18, 2011 Prague Achim Richter, ECT* and TUD Directors Report

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1 NuPECC Meeting June 17 – 18, 2011 Prague Achim Richter, ECT* and TUD Directors Report

2 Present composition of ECT*s Scientific Board M. Anselmino (U of Torino)26/09/08 B. Balantekin (U of Winsconsin)09/01/10 J.-J. Gaardhøje (U of Copenhagen)09/01/10 S. Hands (Swansea University)19/01/08 K. Heyde (U of Gent)10/01/09 J-Y. Ollitrault (CEA Saclay)10/01/09 A. Polls (U of Barcelona)04/06/11 G. Rosner (NuPECC, U of Glasgow)10/01/09 A. Schwenk (EMMI and TU Darmstadt)02/10/10 Since

3 Scientific activities at ECT* 2011 19 Workshops and 1 Collaboration Meeting covering the field of NP from lowest to the highest energies + related areas (Astrophysics / Cosmology) Doctoral Training Program from April 11 – June 17 on Neutrinos in Nuclear–, Particle– and Astrophysics Programme coordinators:Baha Balantekin (U of Wisconsin) Cristina Volpe (INP, Orsay) Christian Weinheimer (U of Münster) Student coordinator:Georges Ripka (Saclay and ECT*) # of invited lecturers:19 # of students:15 (13 The + 2 Exp) Until now: 11 short–,2 medium– and 3 long term visitors (outside workshops)


5 Note: 782 Visiting Scientists in 2010 (vs. 648 in 2009) from 37 countries

6 Staff issues Present status of Administrative and Technical Staff at ECT*: AS:1 full time (Serena degli Avancini) 4 part time (Ines Campo, Susan Driessen, Tiziana Ingrassia, Gian Maria Ziglio) TS:2 full time (Barbara Curro Dossi, Mauro Meneghini: presently on sick leave until Sep 30, 2011) Present staff level cannot be lowered anymore for an efficient running of ECT*

7 Scientific personnel at ECT* 2011 6 Junior Postdocs (2 will leave in the autumn but will be replaced by 2 new ones) 3 Senior Research Associates (1 permanent) 1 Senior Research Associate (3 + 2 years) in Nuclear Many–Body Physics will be hired in addition from Sep 01, 2011 on Note furthermore: ECT*s Scientific Board is presently searching for a new director (my first three year contract ends October 31, 2011)

8 Status of the AURORA project AURORA is a High-Performance computing (HPC) project for science and engineering administered scientifically by ECT* Joint effort between PAT / INFN / FBK-ECT* / U of Trento / FEM / ATreP / DEI PADUA and industrial partners EUROTECH and INTEL AURORA is up and running at about 10 Tflops and is intensely used by the AuroraScience collaboration, e.g. in the last two months as follows: 36 % by INFN 33 % by UNITN 28 % by ECT*/FBK 1 % by ATreP 2 % by others

9 AURORA and AuroraScience Both documents have been submitted to the FBK/PAT and INFN on April 28, 2011 and are being evaluated

10 Budget and status of funding Estimate for 2011 FBK / PAT + Outside funds (European Funding Agencies, HP2, ENSAR, QUIE 2 T, AURORA, …) In 2011499 k +2.043 k* 2.547 Mio [In 2010498 k +1.437 k =1.935 Mio] [In 2009: 534 k +618 k =1.152 Mio] [In 2008: 736 k+539 k=1.275 Mio] * Under the assumption that the 2nd phase of AURORA is granted

11 Budget and status of funding Note: In 2010 the contributions from European Funding Agencies and Institutions (Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Spain, UK) amounted to Є 410.700 On May 28, 2011 16 requests have been sent to those Funding Agencies and Institutions for contributions to the ECT* budget in 2011

12 Budget and status of funding Giornate uomo INFN

13 FP7 / Hadron Physics3 A new proposal Study of Strongly Interacting Matter for HP3 (2012 - 2014) built on upgrading of excellence of the presently running HP2 project has been selected by the EC in Brussels in March 2011 for funding. It has been rated by the Evaluation Panel of Call8 of FP7 very high (13.5 of maximal 15 points). The Evaluation Summary Report is full of significant positive statements, together with a clear criticism about the dissemination activity on the HP website ( later). For TNA activities (Workshops and Collaboration Meetings) ECT* had applied for 429.000 Є. Since the total requested amount of the original proposal has been cut by the EC from 10 MioЄ to 9 MioЄ all WPs were cut by 10%, i.e. ECT* will obtain 386.000 Є in 2012-2014.

14 FP7 / Hadron Physics3 Remarks made by the Evaluation Panel specifically about the ECT*: ECT* in Trento is the flagship European centre in theoretical Nuclear and Hadron physics. The creation and operation of ECT* is an excellent idea which has not yet reached the potential expected. To the Panel the scientific staff appears in number below critical limit preventing ECT* from achieving internationally the impact intended and justifying strong EU transnational access support. The Panel recommends to develop a new strategy for attracting additional funding to this very important institution in order to keep it competitive in the long term, especially in comparison with other similar facilities such as Kavli underwritten institutes.

15 Dissemination of HP Activities Towards the Public Specific action had to be been taken immediately by HP Project leader Carlo Guaraldo for a preparation of a dedicated PUBLIC DISSEMINATION WEBSITE of HP (coordinated by Dr. Catalina Curceanu / Frascati) SRA Daniele Binosi and I supplied suitable material about the ECT* - in particular the version of the 2009 Annual Report written for the public (which can be downloaded from the link: We were also asked to supply a short video about the role of ECT* as a Trans National Access facility according to a scheme of preformulated questions provided by Carlo Guaraldo and his team in Frascati. Daniele and I wrote a script for the video clip, and Marzia Lucianer from the FBKs People Innovation Unit produced the video that can be found under the Link: Note: a slightly longer version of the video is available under the link:


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