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NuPECC MEETING March 13-14, 2009 Vienna Achim Richter, ECT* and TUD ECT* Directors Report

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1 NuPECC MEETING March 13-14, 2009 Vienna Achim Richter, ECT* and TUD ECT* Directors Report

2 Changeover in the Directorship of ECT* November 01, 2008 Jean-Paul BlaizotA. R. This gives me the opportunity to thank J-P for his great effort in his four years of being Director to bring ECT* forward as a strong and professionally operating institution within the Fondazione Bruno Kessler (FBK) and also as an institution of an internationally recognized scientific standing. Thereby he served the community in a exemplary way.

3 Scientific activities at ECT* Workshops since the last NuPECC Meeting Bound states and resonances in effective field theories (EFTs) Organizers: V. Pascalutsa / University of Mainz D. Phillips / Ohio University # of participants: 41 Strangeness polarization in semi-inclusive and exclusive Lambda production Organizers: H. Avagyan / JLAB N. Marins / Illinois University A. Schäfer / University of Regensburg C. Weiss / JLAB # of participants: 29

4 Scientific activities at ECT* Workshops since the last NuPECC Meeting Collaboration Meeting SFB/TR55 Organizers: T. Hemmert / University of Regensburg A. Schäfer / University of Regensburg # of participants: 37 Neutrinos in particle, in nuclear and in astrophysics Organizer: A. Faessler / University of Tuebingen # of participants: 52 Sign problems and complex actions Organizers: G. Aarts / Swansea University S. Chandrasekharan / Duke University # of participants: 26

5 Scientific activities at ECT* Workshops approved for 2009 Collaboration Meeting SFB/TR55 Organizers:T. Hemmert / University of Regensburg A. Schaefer / University Regensburg Sign problems and complex actions Organizers:G. Aarts / Swansea University S. Chandrasekharan / Duke University Simulations of low and intermediate energy heavy ion reactions Organizers:J. Aichelin / University of Nantes H. Wolter / University of Munich

6 Heavy quarkonia production in heavy-ion collisions Organizers:D. Blaschke / University of Wroclaw Ph. Crochet / University of Clermont-Ferrand R. Rapp / Texas A & M University The 5th international pion-nucleon PWA workshop and interpretation of baryon resonances Organizers:M. Giannini / University of Genova A. Svarc / Rudjer Boskovic Institute, Zagreb M. Sadler / Abilene Christian University L. Tiator / University of Mainz Atomic effetcs in nuclear excitation and decay Organizers:P. Walker / University of Surrey F.J. Currell / Queen's University, Belfast J. Carroll / Youngstown University Linking nuclei, molecules, and condensed matter: computational quantum many-body approaches Organizers:R. Roth / TU Darmstadt J. Schnack / University of Bielefeld J. Richter / University of Magdeburg

7 Recent advances in perturbative QCD and hadronic physics Organizers:A. Belitsky / Arizona St. University K. Goeke Ruhr / University Bochum D. Mueller Ruhr / University Bochum O. Teryaev / Joint Institute for Nucl. Research A. Radyushkin / Jefferson Laboratory Confrontation and convergence in nuclear theory Organizers:A. Brown / Michigan State University M. Hjorth-Jensen / University of Oslo R. Janssens / Argonne National Laboratory J. Tostevin / University of Surrey T. Papenbrock / University of Tennessee The lead radius experiment and neutron rich matter in astrophysics and in the laboratory Organizers:C. Horowitz / Indiana University P.G. Reinhard / University of Erlangen K. De Jager / Jefferson Laboratory

8 QCD Greens functions, confinement, and phenomenology Organizers:D. Binosi / ECT* J. Papavassiliou / Universidad de Valencia A.C. Aguilar / Universidad de Valencia J.M. Cornwall / University of California at Los Angeles Strong, weak and electromagnetic interactions to probe spin-isospin excitations Organizers:B. Rubio / CSIC Y. Fujita / University of Surrey W. Gelletly / University of Surrey Hadronic atoms and kaonic nuclei - solved puzzles, open problems and future challenges in theory and experiment Organizers:C.O. Curceanu / LNF-INFN Frascati C. Guaraldo / LNF-INFN Frascati J. Marton / SMI, Wien P. Kienle / TUM Garching W. Weise / TUM Garching

9 Relativistic description of two- and three-body systems in nuclear physics Organizers:G. Salme / INFN Roma T. Frederico / Instituto Tecnologico de Aeronautica M. Viviani / INFN Pisa Many-body open quantum systems: from atomic nuclei to quantum dots Organizers:J. Vaagen / University of Bergen W. Schleich / University of Ulm Orbital angular momentum of partons in hadrons Organizers:M. Burkardt / New Mexico State University G. Schnell / DESY

10 Scientific activities at ECT* Workshops (approval pending) for 2009 Electroweak interactions with nuclei and QGP physics: many-body techniques at high energies and temperatures Organizers:M.B. Barbaro / University of Turin T.W. Donnelly / MIT A. Molinari / University of Turin Diffractive and electromagnetic processes at the LHC Organizers:R. Schicker / Physic Insitution Heildelberg R. Prava Helsinki / Institution of Physic L. Jenkovszky / Bogolyubov Institute for Theoretical Physics Dissipation and flow in heavy ion collisions Organizer:C. Greiner / University of Frankfurt Pilot project for further joint ECT*/HIC for FAIR Workshops

11 Scientific activities at ECT* Joint Colloquium with the BEC and the Physics Department November 19, 2008 Ettore Fiorini Universita Milano Bicocca An unusual application of the Physics of Rare Events: the mystery of the death of Napoleon


13 ECT* Doctoral Training Programme 2009 March 29 – June 19 Programme coordinators: Gordon Baym (University of Illinois), Christopher Pethick (NORDITA), Sandro Stringari (University of Trento) Strongly Correlated Quantum Systems Student coordinator and adviser: Georges Ripka (Saclay and ECT*) Main topics: Nuclear physics Quark-gluon plasmas Heavy ion collisions Condensed matter physics Neutron stars and supernovae Ultracold atoms G. Baym (University of Illinois) J. Dobaczewski (U. of Warsaw, U. of Jyaskyla) T. Giamarchi (University of Geneva) T. Hatsuda (University of Tokio) A. Richter ( TU Darmstadt and ECT*) A. Watts (University of Amsterdam) P. Braun-Munzinger (GSI) S. Fantoni (SISSA, Trieste) S. Giorgini (University of Trento) C. Pethick (NORDITA) S. Stringari (University of Trento) M. Zwierlein (MIT) Lecturers:

14 ECT* Doctoral Training Programme 2009 March 29 – June 19 Strongly Correlated Quantum Systems Participants 1 fromCroatia 3 Finland 2 Germany 1 Great Britain 2 India 3 Italy 2 Japan 1 Lithuania 2 Poland 1 U.S.A. 18

15 Postdocs in 2009 May 31 Dec 31 Sep 30 A. Lisetsky (Senior Res. Ass. : Nucl. Phys) Until NN L. Fortunato C. Fernandez-Ramirez From: Senior Res. Ass. : Hadron Physics Jun 01 / Sep 01 Oct 01 J.L. Albacete D. Binosi (Qurope / ECT*) L. Scorzato (BEN AURORA / ECT*) Bingwei Long V. Lenski Jun 01 Announced resp. filled:

16 Budget and Status of Funding Proposal for the scientific activities of ECT* and the related financial budget for 2009 – 2013 submitted November 20, 2008 to the FBK Preamble Upon the request of November 04, 2008 from the President Andrea Zanotti of the Fondazione Bruno Kessler (FBK) the following document summarizes the proposed scientific activities of the ECT* and the related financial budget for 2009 – 2013 under the Accordo di Programma. This proposal contains projects which are intended to be co-financed by the Autonomous Province of Trento within the L.p August 2 nd, 2005, n.14 and outside sources specified below. The budget of 2009 is presented in detail and a projection for the years 2010 – 2013 is given. After 15 years of existence of the ECT*, the present document illustrates both the scientific benchmarks of the Centre and the related benefits for the Province Full text of the document Board Area

17 PAT / FBK: Accordo di Programma is expected to be put in effect soon until then we have to work within 80 % of the budget of 2008 EURONS: Final report has been submitted to the EC in Brussels. (responsible for it is still Renzo Leonardi) FP7: The official fixed start date of the Hadron Physics 2 project has been 01/01/2009. ECT* will be able to use 450.000 for transnational access, i.e. any workshop, within the next two and a half years. Budget and Status of Funding

18 Status Signatures MOU + POA (08/-1/09)

19 Contributions from Funding Agencies 2003 - present

20 New Statutes of ECT* Signed by President Zanotti of the FBK and me on December 19, 2008 Are now posted on the ECT* web page

21 The European Centre for Theoretical Studies in Nuclear Physics and Related Areas (ECT*) was established by the Board of Directors of the Foundation Bruno Kessler (FBK) on October 17th, 2008 as a natural continuation of the initiative undertaken by ITC on December 17th, 1992 and established on January 1st, 1993. This document updates the statutes of ECT* in order to make them compatible with the rules of the FBK which administer the Center. By appointment of the European Science Foundation, ECT* is an institutional member of ESF-Expert Committee NuPECC (Nuclear Physics European Collaboration Committee). Its membership in, and representation on, NuPECC is governed by the Terms of Reference of NuPECC. The Centre carries out autonomously the activities scheduled in the multi annual programme enacted by the FBK Board of Directors (CdA), making efforts to act coherently in the framework of the general goals of the Foundation. REGULATIONS - STATUTES EUROPEAN CENTRE FOR THEORETICAL STUDIES IN NUCLEAR PHYSICS AND RELATED AREAS - (ECT*) FOUNDATION BRUNO KESSLER PREAMBLE

22 European Science Foundation letter to Professor Zanotti

23 European Science Foundation letter to Minister Salvatori

24 Final Remark With the new Regulations – Statutes the ECT* is now fully integrated and operational within the FBK. At the same time, however, a 15 year period of Renzo Leonardi as Scientific Secretary has come to an end. We all know that ECT* owes much of its existence to Renzos early vision, political skillfulness, persistence and tremendous personal commitment. The ECT*, the Board and the whole community are thus very grateful to him for what he has achieved during his 15 years in office. We all wish him the best and every possible success in his new effort to get the first proton therapy facility in the PAT built and into operation and at the same time look forward to a good and lasting relation with the ECT*.

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