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How computers work Learning objective 2: Explain the four basic functions of a computer.

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1 How computers work Learning objective 2: Explain the four basic functions of a computer

2 How do I turn on my computer? Some computers have more than one switch… turn on the monitor, printer, speakers and finally the computer. Notebook or tablet computers… one switch turns on the entire computer system. Takes a minute to warm up. Prompted with User ID and Password (PW).

3 Why do I need a user ID and PW? Security reasons School Lab setting Lastnamefirstthreelettersofyourfirstnam e Password: student number Never share your PW with anyone.

4 What does it mean to “run a program”? To start a program. The instructions that tell a computer how to carry out the processing tasks are called the computer program or “program”. On mobile devices programs are referred to as “Apps” (Applications).

5 How do I tell a computer what I want it to do? By interacting with it…using a keyboard to type commands and other text. Use a mouse to access menus, as well as click buttons and icons. Computers with touch screens, you touch and drag icons. Many devices have on screen keyboards. THIS IS INPUT.

6 Input can be supplied: A person By the environment Or by another computer Once information is input into the computer, it becomes data.

7 What do computers do with the data? Computers process in many different ways. Most processing takes place in the processor (aka microprocessor). The main processor is called the CPU or central processing unit. The CPU is the “brain of the computer.”

8 What does a computer do with processed data? Stores the data (SAVES the data). Outputs the data as information.

9 What’s the difference between computer memory and computer storage? Memory TEMPORARILY holds computer data waiting to be processed, stored or output. Storage holds computer data on a permanent basis. While you are working on a document it is in memory. It is not in storage until you save it for the first time.

10 Computer storage After saving for the first time as a computer file, it is stored on the hard drive or some other medium such as a flash drive. It is also still in the memory until you save, exit or turn off the computer.

11 What are computer files? Computer file or just plain “file” is a named collection of data that exists on a storage medium, such as a disk drive, CD, DVD or flash drive. Every file has a filename.., which should provide meaningful information about the file contents.

12 Filenames Filename has two parts: The filename The file extension An example of a filename is: Tulip.jpg The name that you give the file is to the left of the period… “tulip” The file extension is to the right of the period….jpg Tornado.doc

13 What is output and how do I use it? Output is the processed results produced by a computer. It is the information you want: Reports, documents, music, graphs and pictures. An output device which is a peripheral device (monitor, speakers or printer) displays, prints, or transmits the results of the processing.

14 Do all computers have internet and network access? Most computers include built-in technology for wired and wireless connections to a computer network. Network technology is useful for constructing a home network, connecting one or more computers to share devices or connecting to public networks as the Internet.

15 Understanding the importance of stored programs Many computers use stored programs… the instructions for a computing task are stored on the computer so they can be quickly loaded into a computer’s memory when needed. Enables you to work on more than one task at a time.

16 Cloud computing Programs can be stored locally on your computer or they can be stored in the cloud. The cloud is remote storage on remote computers. Cloud computing refers to “working in the cloud”.

17 How do I turn off my computer? Give your computer a command to “shutdown”. Microsoft Windows… click “start”, and then click Shut down. For tablet, such as iPad, press and hold the sleep/wake button for a few seconds, then slide the slider to turn off the device. NEVER turn off a computer by pressing the power switch unless instructed to do so.

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